This is the linked page to the password protected BluePrint for marketing online.  I have been teaching LO’s and Mortgage Broker’s for years to use social media to increase their online presence.  By creating a “Branding” strategy you will learn how to push and pull the most effective messages to increase your SALES!!

That’s what this is about.  I did the whole “The Mortgage Juiceman” FREE, for years now.  I’ve never paid for an ad.  However, what I did do was help other LO’s and Broker’s create organic free ads, and paid ads and they work hand in hand.  The paid ads perform better when there is an organic branding behind them.  I just never had a bunch of money for ads to start.  So what I did was learn to push and pull my messages free first.  Then as I helped others do it, I ran B2C paid ads beside the organic post strategy.

IT WORKED BIG TIME!  And we created some of the best performing ads with low cost per click and high click through rates as a result.

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