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Whacked Out Wednesday – 10 Days of Pain!

#WhackedOutWednesday – The “Gold” is in the follow up!  #LeadWeek – We’ve been going over what you need to know, and be doing to help you gain more leads online and off this week.  Today I go over the perfect anatomy of a well rounded campaign to generate leads. From start to finish.  I’m also “giving away” the 10 days of pain email campaign, that’s proven to work and convert.  All I suggest is you add your virtual application to the emails and work the leads.

#TodaysTool – Is the best platform to use to create the advertisements, and embed your 10 days of pain follow up emails to all leads.  All in one.  It’s #Phonesites!  I even made an investment campaign ad just yesterday for one of my broker’s.  My suggestion, use this software to make small and larger campaigns on an ongoing basis.  You can use it to boost listings, to open houses, to any event you do, or just direct mortgage ads or a first time home buyer funnel.  This is it — CLICK HERE!

When it comes down to it.  There’s people that get it, people that don’t want to do the work and would rather have someone else do all the marketing, and people that want to learn to do it themselves.  I am offering “major discounts” on a complete done-4-you system this week.  I’ll highlight that tomorrow.  hint hint.  But if you’re looking to do ads and gain leads, don’t let costs of setting it all up stop you.  Hit me up here – Email me  No joke, it’s Whacked out Wednesday, people either do the ads on their page (and waste money) or don’t have a converting follow up system to help them.  (I’m giving that 10 days of pain email follow up free – again email me)

I want more #MortgageBrokers seeing success with leads that we can generate business from together.  Remember I provide wholesale lender options for loans.  #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg! Of course – Click here to sign up!

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Whacked Out Wednesday -FHA DTI Buckets!!

#WhackedOutWednesday – FHA DTI Buckets are the most commonly asked about question in the last several months.  It never gets old going over this.  DU has these numbers embedded in it.  So if you follow the general rules here, you can look at a 1008 and determine if you have a loan without even running DU.  Know these three buckets inside and out.

Sure FHA allows up to 57 DTI, or 56.999, BUT, that’s not going to fly with a 585 FICO, it just isn’t.  The second bucket would be your magic number more than likely, or something close to it.  ↓

Get with the pro’s already to help you structure your loan, and actually close it.  After all funding loans is what gets you paid!! $$ Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close, structure it right in the beginning.  #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg!  CLICK HERE to sign up and be the newest Mortgage Partner to our wholesale family!  #LetsDoBusiness

I’m in the office helping LO’s structure and close loans.  All new LO’s that send in their first deal in April get an additional .25 price incentive. (excludes Non-Agency and must be locked by April 3oth)

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Whacked Out Wednesday – LOE/LOX

#WhackedOutWednesday – LOE/LOX – I don’t care what you call it, I call it a story.  Each loan has one, and sometimes individual conditions require more explanation.  Why not LOE/LOX it?  More LO’s need to do this with conjunction with their processors.

It’s “Whacked Out” that more LOE’s are not in loans.  I’m a fan of making sense out of things, and helping the underwriters “see the light”.  Help them by telling the story ya’ll.  The more you do this with your loans (easy one’s or hard one’s) the more loans you will close.

In some cases, less is more, see your AE if you question what information should be inside a LOE/LOX.  I’m always here to help!

Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close! That’s the theme right, LOE/LOX it! Maybe it will make the underwriter feel all warm and fuzzy!  GOT AN I GOTTA GUY QUESTION??

Text the word “Juiceman” to 33655 and download my app.  Then submit away on any scenario and I will help you.  Or just CLICK HERE and send me an email! 🙂

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#LOEwell #SellWell

Whacked Out Wednesday = Why Mortgage Broker’s are Better!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Why Mortgage Brokers are Better!! Today I go over 5 advantages of working with a #MortgageBroker for everyone to know.  Tomorrow I’ll go deep into one of these advantages.  Today I wanted to highlight a few things that stick out to me that the general public and LO’s at banks should know.  These are reason’s why a #BrokerisBetter.

If you’re a mortgage Broker and want to #GetOnPoint with a #WholesaleLender that can add #Niche programs to your lending arsenal – CLICK HERE  For me I try to add value many ways, not just know guidelines and help get a loan funded.  I help my broker partners build their business.  #LetsDoBusiness #BluePointMtg

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Whacked OUT Wednesday – Guideline Week!

#WhackedOUTWednesday – #GuidelineWeek – With the most frequently asked questions about #FHALoans we will have the “whacked out” part all integrated with today’s episode.  LOL.. Seriously these are the guidelines you want to know on FHA for time lines.  I go over many more in the next two days.  But this is the area of 80% of questions monthly.  BK’s and Foreclosures and of course student loans, collections and disputes.

I’m talking to more and more to LO’s all the time about what the difference is between Retail and Broker.  If you’re a LO and want to know about the #Wholesale side of things feel free to reach out to me.  I’m #HereToHelp!

I’m helping rock stars become Brokers, helping LO’s turn into rock star producers, and getting more and more loans done every month.  Want to talk about growth together?

Don’t be Whacked OUT and not reach out, send me your Whacked OUT scenarios, I’m in the office helping Whacked OUT loans comes to life! 🙂

Text the word Juiceman to 33655, download the app and you can send me various messages.  Via App, text, email heck you can even call me.  If you wanted to price a loan out you can use that app too.  Go ahead compare your retail rates to my wholesale rates.  My products and program matrices are even open portal.  Feel free to poke around.  All located on the app.  Send your #WhackedOUT scenarios thru the app too.  Go head, text that word – “Juiceman” to the number 33655.

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Whacked Out Wednesday – Buyers are Liars!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Buyer’s are Liars!! Yep I said it! It’s whacked out but the truth.  And the biggest part of the lending equation that LO’s need to check up on.  I teach and preach best practices for lending in the mortgage industry.  My goal is to help you get to the closing table.  So when your taking an application and inputting what the Liar says, you have to remember to go back and validate everything.  This is what underwriting does anyhow.  So might as well prevent issues in underwriting yourself.  This means everything in my book.  You need to look at the bank statement balances and deposits, you need to analyze the pay stub for deductions, you need to calculate the income yourself, you need to read the title report, inspection and appraisal.

While some of this is mortgage 101, the fact remains many just take an app, gain the supporting docs and shove it in the file without ever reading it.  Remember buyer’s are liars! ↓

I have this group of badass originators that collectively help each other, and many different posts on tools and discussions on marketing occur.  Feel free to join Sales Talk with Mortgage Pros group on Facebook today! My goal really is to provide as much value as I can to the everyday originators in the trenches making it happen.

I do this various ways and my main gig is helping #MortgageBrokers close more loans.  I do this on a wholesale sales level with an awesome wholesale niche lender to offer more options for your clients.  Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close! #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg today.  Partnering with Mortgage Broker’s across the country everyday to make an impact in pipelines.  GET SIGNED UP HERE!

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Whacked Out Wednesday – Best Practice Mortgage 101

#WhackedOutWednesday – Best Practice Mortgage 101~!! The whole whacked out wednesday theme came about talking with a LO about the stuff that happens with loans.  We were actually laughing at some of the most common mistakes and “Gary” said this to me, that’s Whacked Out Wednesday for ya… So right then I called it and knew I was going to brand it.  So all my Whacked Out Wednesday video’s have been centered around helping LO’s know what not to do.  What best practices there are and mortgage basics to help the LO community.

Today is not an exception, and one I’ve gone over periodically as it seems many  LO’s seem to skip one of the most important steps.  Retail, Wholesale, it doesn’t matter.  This is a mortgage 101, best practice that you should implement.  ↓

When I was an LO at Ameriquest and at QuickenLoans I will tell you that this was a requirement to close the loan.  The LO had to sign and “approve” the HUD-1.  Now days the last item breaking down the fee’s and structure of a loan is a CD.  It’s still all the same and a best practice to make sure the LO is the one that is approving the CD.

NOT JUST THE LENDER!!!  – In fact in most verbiage of a package sent to escrow/title companies from any wholesale lender, it does say just that.  That the LO should be approving the transaction.  It’s just overlooked, and many escrow/title’s send the CD to be approved back to the “Lender” prior to sending it the the LO/Broker for approval.  That’s backwards in my opinion.  And YOU need to be accountable for what you “sold” the client.

Make it a best practice to sign off on the final CD yourself.

As always –


Whacked Out Wednesday – #MindsetMatters

#WhackedOutWednesday – #MindsetMatters!! It’s funny I see this all over, and at the beginning of the year it’s all in the feeds everywhere.  Congratulate “Johnny” he began @ XYZ Mortgage Co.  – Why people why?  Stick to one place and rock it out.  The grass is only as green as you make it in your visions.  Mindset Matters big time, and you have the ability to manifest your own success.  The matter of a good day or a bad day exists in your own mind FIRST!

The #WhackedOut part is people stop inches from gold all the time.  Just carried a 99 yard run, and stop on the one yard line right before the end zone.  Don’t do this, focus on what works and work what you can.  Sure there’s things outside of your control, but you can control more than you think.  You see when you doubt your power is when you give power to your doubt.

I’m in the office taking turn downs and turning them into funded loans.  Gotta full file on the side of your desk?  I ♥ “I gotta guy” questions.  Email me today – CLICK HERE

As always – Paint the picture in your mind first, then make it happen!


Whacked Out Wednesday – Start Branding YOU!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Start “Branding” you, and start with registering for the webinar I have tomorrow! I show you how to create campaigns, what types of campaigns to do, what to post, how to post, when to post and ultimately what will grow your local presence and help you double your business!  We’re even giving away the “10 days of pain” follow up email campaign you can use just for coming!

I know there’s several “common” problems that I solve in this webinar.  The biggest issue I get asked or see, is that LO’s go to post and “don’t know what to do”.  We teach the 5 P’s of posts on this webinar that help you segment your messages.  We teach LO’s how to use social engagement to add value to their referral partners.  We provide instant solutions to just about every common “marketing” problem you can think of.  And I’m giving away some marketing secrets that others may not want you to know.


As I always say, share, interact, like repeat!  There’s a reason for that.  🙂



#WhackedOutWednesday – Is back, and I fully dress the part!! It’s the #Ruleof25! If you struggle with getting consistent deals from partners it’s probably because that partner isn’t in the 25% segment you think they are.  There’s four parts to the rule of 25!

Here you go –

Here’s the rule, it has 4 parts:
1. 25% of the people LOVE YOU no matter what you do. Now of course we need to close on time, give great communication during the loan process and follow up on their leads, but these people are the dream to work with and will forgive you of the occasional “Oopps!” (we all have those from time to time)
2. 25% of the people DON’T like you, no matter what you do. Even if you toss these people gold coins, they’ll complain that you are throwing something at them.
3. 25% of the people LIKE YOU, but are on the fence, and at the whiff of an issue of any sort or size, they fall into the camp of “DON’T LIKE YOU”. These are the referral partners where “you are only as good as your last deal.”
4. 25% of the people DON’T like you, but are on the fence, that if you juggle just enough bowling balls, they like you for a period of time, but soon as you drop one of the balls, they don’t like you again.
The secret to this is to find and hang out with the 25% that love you no matter what! This applies to a lot in life, but we’ll keep it business centered.
The referral partners in this segment, nurture, and do what you can to add as much value to.  These referral partners will be long term and lead to a business life of Happy, Joyous, and Freedom. $$$$
Working with and getting referrals from the other 75% is wasted effort, and leads to a life full of Restless, Irritable, and Discontent.  Basically each group has it’s “segment of what’s tolerated”.  And there’s no real relationship grown no matter what you do.
They key to all this is identifying who is in which group, which takes a bit of time.
I have found that to do this requires a bit of patience and requires strategies that put you in front of prospective referral partners as it’s all a numbers game.. I’ll be going over some of these strategies on my WEBINAR next week.  The secret is to GO WIDE!
The more agents/brokers you meet with, the more of the “25% that will love you no matter what” you will find.  Keep in mind that each referral partner that sends you a deal per month, and assuming you make $2,000 per closed loan, is worth about $24,000 per year in personal income for you as an LO. From an AE perspective the math can be similar with more quantity of loans.
Want to make an extra $100,000 next year, just find 4 of them (More Partners)… See how easy this is!!  And when you find those that fall into your 25% “Love You no matter what” category, it’s just the coolest thing ever!  Business is fun, and can be very rewarding.
Just wanted to share with you the 25% rule so you can have an even more epic mortgage business with referral partners of all sorts in 2019.  This applies to all referral types and business no matter what b2b or b2c. 🙂  #AEs Take note.
As Always –