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Weekend Call to Action – Create campaigns for a niche!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Create campaigns for a niche! This is how the most effective marketing campaigns get you results.  Don’t just state your a jack of a trades and master of none, segment in your marketing.  This is what will draw all types of loans.

All this week I went over #StrikeZones for me and #TeamNDM, while we have others, I focused on our strong suits and the loans that create the best campaigns on purpose.  This weekend I suggest you do the same.  Don’t just “pick a niche” and then find an audience.  Do it backwards.  Find the audience you want to market too, then market to them what can be a solution for them.  That’s “niche” marketing at it’s finest.

I am in the office taking “I gotta guy” questions all day! – If you don’t have an Lender Rep that can help you close loans and source new business, let’s connect! Fill in below and I’ll call you next!

As always – #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Ask for Referrals!

#WeekendCalltoAction – This is the wrap up of #ProcessingWeek and hope you enjoyed the videos and blog this week on tips and tricks to close your loans in 10 days or less.  Funny thing is I have one loan right now where the LO didn’t “read” the DU and sent in more than what was needed, and that might kill the loan.  (we’ll see).  I wish there was a magic sauce to help everyone increase their business, but the reality is – it takes work.  You actually have to “do” something.  Just like getting loans closed quickly you have to take certain steps along the way!

If you do these things, and communicate with your borrowers, there’s no reason why you are not obtaining multiple referrals along the process of a loan.  Especially if you plant the right seeds, paint the pictures of the process and help the clients truly “understand” what’s in their best interest.  At the closing table you should be getting your second or third referral.  Or a list for that matter! 🙂

#WeekendCalltoAction – Call every client you have in process and ask for any warm referrals.  If they say no, ask for them to send you an email of people that you can call without mentioning their name! – Any way you can, get a name to call!

Today, I will be in the office taking “I gotta guy” questions to help others close the loans they have.  If you are scarce on loans, let’s connect, I have some JUICE that can help you generate more business.  Call me in the office.  304-901-2798 is the office line.



Weekend Call to Action – Build Your Audience on Social!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Build Your audience on social media this weekend.  I go over a few key things in this video, but the main thoughts to focus on is whom are you connected with?  Are you growing your target market?

Think of this way, you get 5000 people max to connect with on Facebook, are you topped out?  Better yet are the majority of your connections in the States that your licensed in?  – If your using “LinkedIn” to connect with professionals, are you growing your referral network on there?  Just thoughts I see and suggest people to do all the time.

Grow your audience and whom you are marketing too.  Plain and simple #WeekendCalltoAction! If you want a great support staff for you wholesale loans, click below, I’m still growing! Fill in below, the next Broker Package we approve could be yours! #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Good Friday to start networking with RE Agents!

#WeekendCalltoAction – It’s a great time to start networking with RE Agents as it gets HOT in the markets across the country.  Snows melting, builders are breaking ground and more and more “open houses” are happening each weekend.  Are you networking with RE Agents and offering to help them promote their listing or accompany them at the open house?  Adding value first is key.

Ultimately just the offer sometimes goes a long way.  If possible use the resources you have with social and various websites to grow your list of potential referral partners.  Do this now, do not wait! It’s a #GoodFriday to get started!

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Weekend Call to Action – Like your Friends Page Already!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Like your “friends” page I bet there’s a RE agent in there that you have done business with that could be wanting to network with you on social media.  Funny thing is Facebook and LinkedIn are now the “search engines” before google for me.  Might as well see who’s in your area to network with, you might just be able to expand your referral network! #GreatIdea

Try this, and let me know how it goes.  I bet you find a Realtor you’re not networked with and you can start with “liking” their page.  Then “friend” them, and social sell backwards to help yourself expand whom you have as a referral partner.

If your looking for an AE to help you source new deals and help you close loans hit me up! We give leads back to you when your past clients have their credit pulled in the future.  Great mix of products including a NINA investor loan! – Great rate special on all Government loans 680+ FICO this month.  (.375 extra)!  Let’s Do Business!

Weekend Call to Action – There’s GOLD in them lists!

#WeekendCalltoAction – There’s GOLD in them lists you develop! You have to go back and update them, add to them constantly, re-market them and stay in front of them!

If you’re in the mortgage industry for any length of time I’d suggest you go back through your lists and update them, reconnect and re-market your database.  A great in is to know or “remember’ what each person does, and that person may be able to open a new networking opportunity for you.  Even if it’s being the newest addition to some corporate benefits program at some corporate USA role your past client is at.  You’ll never know if you don’t market to them.

Especially those “self employed” borrowers and offering to help their employee’s get a home too! There’s GOLD in them lists, you just have to market to them with a little tenacity.  Consistency is key in everything, even email marketing.  There is definately something to be said about those that build and develop a list over time.  If you go back and maintain that list, add to it and retarget them periodically you will be surprised at what “bites” you get.  It may not be them looking, but it’s a great way to gain referrals and keep your name top of mind when it comes to home loans.

Hope you find some GOLD at the end of the rainbow too! Happy St. Patty’s day weekend ya’ll – #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Follow Up Friday

#WeekendCalltoAction – Follow Up Friday – Today’s installment is just like any other weekend call to action, but instead of an idea to find a new referral partner or client, I give you an idea to follow up with your existing pillars.  When done correctly, this can be the difference in making your message heard by the masses.

You know who does this well – UWM.  We AE’s would all follow up with our clients and mention a specific product on every phone call.  I’m not sure if they do this now, but we would mark that product we talked about in our CRM so we knew we had talked about it.  It was a way to get a message out to the masses.  And a GREAT way to follow up with client business partners.  So instead of just saying hey send me a loan, AE’s had a product or guideline or process to go over.  You should do this same thing.  In fact you should have your whole team do it as a collaboration.

You can follow up on Friday with referral partners and let them know about a great new product or a guideline that may help them.  More often than not, just by mentioning it I would find more than one person tell me, I just ran into that.  Besides when you follow up on Friday, most people are in a good mood! #SellWell

I am coming back back to Cali Cali – Oh yeah.  Next week, I will be traveling to California.  If you are in Santa Ana area and want to meet, PM me I will have some time to visit.  If you have not joined the group Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s yet, feel free to join.  There’s over 4000 mortgage pro’s talking all about mortgage stuff.  #SellWell and #TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday!

Weekend Call to Action – Do this!

#WeekendCalltoAction – #TGIF – Ya’ll! Hope the week was good for you.  I have to bring light to something as I see a lot of people “Grinding” and when there is a pattern of others getting burnt out, I have to say something.  This weekend, put a few business cards in your pocket, and go out and enjoy your family.  Do something to enjoy the people, and pets that you work so hard for.

I typically give out ideas to help you source business of Friday, but noticed a few things, and even had a personal friend fall very ill this past week.  Preserve your youth, your health and your family.  Enjoy them this weekend, take your dog for a walk or kids to the movies.  Do something that helps you energize for next week.  That’s my weekend call to action.  It of course doesn’t hurt to leave a few business cards behind somewhere or pass them out to an overheard conversation you might encounter.  But the point is enjoy whom you work so hard for.  In the mortgage industry I know people work hard and play hard, go out and do something fun for yourself.

While your relaxing this weekend, feel free to complete that Broker Package to sign up to work with me.  Technically you can #TryBeforeYouSignUp, so if you have a file, and want to experience the stellar service we’re about, hit me up! I will send you a #Ratesheet and a #Submissionform —  #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Try it! It’s easy! Facebook Algorithms explained!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Facebook’s new algorithms explained! Facebook recently changed algorithms on Fan pages so you see more of your friends and family.  And less business page posts.  – Unless, you either follow that page and assign to see posts first, and or you are friends with someone that posts it on their personal profile.  Or you are tagged in the post on the fan page.  Either or, will do it I’ve found.

So what’s all this mean! – It means you can’t just post on your Fan page and expect enormous reach without pushing or pulling your message organically or with a paid targeted ad.  (Boosted Post).   The weekend’s call to action is to help you plan post actions.  For example you should schedule a post that allows you to “tag” your other team mates.  I call it a “PEOPLE POST”.  Like in the middle of the week do a picture of your office or a post that describes your culture.  *(remember all posts do not have to be selling – make it fun) Then tag all teammates in the picture or that work in your office on it.  When the posts shows up, ask those teammates to engage with it.

Here’s another one, make a post of a “selling bullet” you have, could be anything.  Then once that hits, plan to “share” that post to your own personal page from your fan page.  Make a small comment when you do and ask your followers on your personal page what they think.

The concept is simple, PUSH or PULL your messages.  This is technically marketing 101, however it starts with a phone call for many to spread their message.  Now a days you can get your messages or campaigns seen by many from driving campaigns online this way.  You have to have a plan and then execute on it.  It’s the actions after the planned post that matters.  Many just post, and have lost exposure since the new changes.  This is why.  #SellWell


When you want to know how to do this yourself I have #TheBLUEPRINT for you.  If you don’t want to learn it and just want someone else to do the campaigning for you, there’s a service for that too! 🙂 The BLUEPRINT is here!

Weekend Call to Action – Throwback Week!

#ThrowbackWeek has been a success, what a great week on the blog.  I didn’t even post on facebook the video’s this week (I will today) and it was great.  What’s funny is just like today’s video even from 12-11 months ago each video still applies.  Today’s WEEKEND CALL TO ACTION is perfect.  I highly suggest you start thinking of “cash out” and whom you can network with to get cash out.  The idea is to think outside the box.

Deck companies, excavating company perhaps, maybe a fence company a builder or construction crew.  Get these types of companies to know you can help their clients get the cash to pay them.  🙂   Having a purchase pipeline is a must, but having a good mix of cash-out loans in the middle of the summer is icing on the cake for your pipeline.  My suggestion, start thinking “cash-out” this weekend and make a list of companies or people to reach out to next week.  Start now, don’t wait.

Just like RIGHT now is the time for setting up new lending relationships.  What I do for my broker’s is above and beyond the call of duty.  I help my broker’s that want to strategize with me on how to source more business in their area.  I help them on and off social media to source business with various campaigns.  All I ask is for a few loans in the process! Want a true business partner this year, that helps you with lead generation, recruiting, advertising and marketing, guidelines and closings loans?  #LetsDoBusiness has been my new hashtag online this month.  I am building out relationships here in the beginning of the year and want to impact as many as I can.  If your a broker, let’s work together to grow your company!

As always #SellWell