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Two for Tuesday – DU Updates and IPC’s

#TwoforTuesday – DU is being updated this coming weekend and we discuss a commonly asked question about Interested Party Contributions.  The loan limits have been increased in 2018, are you promoting that?  And this weekend DU Updates to programming will install the final programming for FHA loan limits and VA loan limits will be programmed.  Great to know.  Something like 3000 counties went up this year in loan limit and shouldn’t affect any DU approvals, but if you were waiting for official time to run it, Monday will be it.  Second, Interested Party Contributions seems to be a commonly asked question regards to RE Agents or other parties in a transaction giving gifts.  Or contributions to the borrower in other words.  Well if you are involved in the transaction on the RE side, Fannie Mae doesn’t like it.  So builders, this includes you.  This includes developers and Real Estate Agents as well.

For example, the borrowers Mother is a RE Agent on the home being sold, and they want to gift a down payment monies to their son.  Can’t do it.  Just know these rules on Interested Party Contributions as there is a line that can’t be crossed.

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Two for Tuesday – Installment and Revolving accounts!

#TwoforTuesday – So many people fall into this trap and attempt to qualify a client with 10 payments or less and omit that debt.  Make sure you do make sure that the payment is 5% or less of the overall income of the borrower.  If it is, and has 10 months or less that’s when you can omit that debt.  Revolving accounts that are paid off monthly are also a good one, yes, you can omit those.  As long as you can prove that every single month for the last 12 months the client paid off, completely.

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Two for Tuesday – Bitcoin and New Guidelines!

Happy New Year Everyone! Back at it, and today we jump right in to two new guidelines that you need to know about.  If you and your teams need an AE (Wholesale Account Executive) that can help you close more loans by not only a product mix, but by suggestions and marketing help to source business, let’s connect!  NOW’s the time to adjust your lender arsenal to help you teams do more in 2018!!

My team is growing, and we are helping more and more Banks and Credit Unions alleviate their risk on neighborhood watch by getting signed up as a non-delegated sponsor for FHA loans.  By doing so, this can open the doors to allow FHA/VA loans as low as 500 FICO if the bank wanted.  Most banks have an OVERLAY to help maintain a healthy rank on FHA for example, this allows them to offer it as a solution to their sales team, without harming the health of the company! Reach out to me for more details if your a bank that only goes down to 620 FICO or something like that.  We can open the doors for your business in many ways.  #LetsChat

Ok back to #TwoforTuesday, yeah I found out if BITCOIN can be used in a mortgage transaction.  And once sourced and turned into cash, sure it can.  See the short video of the day below! #SellWell – Oh yeah no more once a cash out, always a cash out too!

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Two for Tuesday – & a new VIDEO Opener!

I think you’re gonna like this!!  #TwoforTuesday – Fun edition – I got creative in the last week and got a new video opener!  I am sure it will help Pump you up, and get ready for the day! Join Us In Creating Excitement and get the JUICE’s flowing!  You’re in sales right?  – #JUICE

Two for Tuesday as I always have branded is two tips on guidelines or something mortgage related that you can take with you in the field.  Today’s topic – VOE’s and Pay Check Stubs!  Yep, both are needed to calculate the right income, and both work coherently together.  Supporting each other! #CheckItOut ↓

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Two for Tuesday – Noah & Luke – My Story Part 2.

#HappyHalloween – #TwoforTuesday – My story part 2, loving this story as this is where all the marketing started, almost 10 years ago.  I wanted to make a special shout out to two people that helped me develop my legacy, Jay Shienbuam and Tony Nuckles.  I probably spelled their names wrong.  We always used to just refer to Toe-Knee-Knuckles. – Hands down what a great experience at this time, the ISM’s of the Quicken culture I still embed in my business today.  In fact, I’ve helped develop culture at other places in my career and they all had a similar focuses.

My Legacy is this; I am the possibility of other people living the life they desire – through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.

It is through a passion behind other people that helped me do what I’ve done and continue to do what I do.  (more on that tomorrow)!  The best thing I had in my origination game working for me was the skill to work my LOA, and to read the information given to me.  See the video.  We used to make 100 calls per day, with a goal of pulling 4 credit reports and gaining 1 deal.  100-4-1! That was the average we aimed for.  To hustle like that with leads any decent sales guy had a potential to rack in 20-30 deals per month.  It was just very time consuming.  And eventually I left to help my TWO FOR TUESDAY’s that had just been born.  Noah and Luke my identical twin boys.

When I stopped working at the Q, I took some time and wrote my first book, “Persuasion as an Art”.  – Grab a copy today!  – If anything the subliminal messages today, invest in yourself, create content, and always be learning.  And second if not the more important one for you LO’s out there, READ the conditions prior to sending them in to underwriters.  Read your title work, read the appraisal.  Look at it of issues that may stick out.  It can help you avoid pitfalls.  #knockwell today!