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Thursdays Thoughts – Investor Loan Highlights #JUICY

#ThursdaysThoughts – Each lender has their product mix for an angle to help you mortgage brokers.  My non-qm product is advantageous for INVESTOR loans BIG TIME! Today I highlight some advantages on this program.

When filling your brokerage with a lending roster to help you close all types of deals you want to evaluate who does what in regards to the BRAWL movement.  Yesterday was a big webinar on the “score cards” for this.  A great webinar given by a fellow colleague and head of the movement, Anthony Casa.  Great guy, and did a really good job breaking down what Broker’s should be looking for in regards to lenders.

Well guess what, I’m one of the “Good Guys” and on this list.  No I don’t flaunt and advertise my home base brand too often, but this is where the mortgage JUICEman started.  And I’m glad to be back at a lender that cares about the vary businesses I help grow, Broker’s.  To me, one of the biggest things that has made me successful is offering tools for the teams that I help.  If your a mortgage Broker and you want a lender that will help you retain your clients, and advocate for your business.  Hit me up, we are a great addition to the finance team you have on your lender roster.


Check out the video today, I go over a ton of cool guidelines quickly and can help you know the in’s on the program.  To view the full product mix today, click here!

If your interested in having the mortgage JUICEman help you and your team close more loans with great rates, fantastic service and the ability to help you generate more loans click here! – I’ll call you next!


Thursdays Thoughts – Guideline Week

#ThursdaysThoughts – Some great guidelines this whole week we’ve had.  Today’s installment I kept raw, a first take and said umm quite a bit.  LOL.  I want to encourage everyone I can to break out of their comfort zone and do a video, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  This week we had a lot of videos to honor a LO that spread his wings.  During this past Tuesday a TON of LO’s did video’s some for the first time.  EVER.

The thing is, consistency gets you better at them, today I just winged it.  First take and just minimal thought into it.  Not my best one for sure, but what I want to reiterate towards others is that YOU can do this too.  Create a market presence with video marketing in your area.  It’s proven to work, and all my exposure is from organic videos, this blog, and my charismatic persona online.  I don’t pay for ads, I don’t pay for anything but like 45 dollars for this domain yearly.

You can do this! NO JOKE! Oh, and the guidelines today are good too 🙂 I do go over EAD cards and what to do if there’s an expired one.   Also I highlight an Investor Advantage loan that I have to offer you LO’s and Broker’s out there.  Check it out below ↓

All you need to do is stick your neck out there and spread a message you believe in.  There’s not really much to all this marketing stuff.  Many just are afraid.  I want to encourage each of you to try and try again.  Do it consistently for 1 week, and you will see yourself evolve.  – #SellWell (no link today) 🙂

Thursdays Thoughts – LPC election

#ThursdaysThoughts – Today I stick my neck out there for what I believe in.  Because I love helping brokers set up their businesses to win.  I help mortgage Broker’s grow all aspects of their business.  From expanding their lender roster (partnering with me) to helping them recruit LO’s, to close current loans, to even business set up and lead generation.  I am more than just an AE to partner with.  One of the most misunderstood aspects of Brokering loans would be that a Lender Paid Compensation plan needing to be selected for each lender has to be the same amount.

This is in my opinion (I am not a lawyer) 100% false.  And a business owner (broker) can absolutely align themself with various compensation plans with various lenders to be competitive on all products in their market.  FHA business is different in pricing, qualification etc, than conventional business.  Same with JUMBO loans and non-qm products.  I do recommend you align your business LPC with what will be competitive offerings in your area.  You DO NOT need to align every lender paid comp plan at the same level.  There’s been some talks online about this recently and I wanted to give my input.

Disparate Impact occurs when a policy or practice is applied equally to all applicants but has a disproportionate, adverse impact on applicants from a protected group.  That’s the definition, however when dealing with loans, don’t just think “protected group” think of everyone.  If you do this at all times you will be doing the right thing for clients.  In my example, if you were to be making all LPC agreements at 2.75% because you do primarily FHA loans in your area, you may be having a negative impact to those that are not FHA loan applicants.  So when you get an A+ client, now your “rates” align with a comp plan focused around a different product.  And your rates could potentially be “not competitive”.  Have you had disparate impact to those conventional clients?  Again I’m not a lawyer, but to me this isn’t doing the right thing for your business or potential clients that fall into this category.  Weather they are a protected class or not, you should think of everyone.  That’s my advice.  And you should align yourself to be doing the appropriate business with each lender that they specialize in.  Some may be more of a conventional lender, align yourself with a LPC plan that will make your rates competitive in your area.  You do not need to make your LPC the same as another lender that does “government” business at a higher comp rate or vise versa.  Infact, to me if you do that, you’re effectively doing a “disservice” to your potential clients.  This is the FREEDOM that BROKERS have.  And allows them to align their pricing just like a retail bank does with different margins on different products.  There is no difference in my opinion.

As long as you look to be aligning your business in the best interest of offering your prospects in your area the best deals you can – and be a profitable business – there’s no wrong doing.  Some will say the opposite of this that all brokers need the same comp, to you, I then ask, is all your margins on a secondary level the same?  Because if not as a lender your profiting more on certain products versus others, are you creating disparate impact inadvertently?  Most will say no and that it’s not the same as a Broker, some will argue it’s the business owners discretion to set profit margins.  The broker is doing that very same thing.  So no, you do not need to set all compensations across all your lenders the same.  You would NOT be doing the right thing for your clients.  Especially when you have options.   Align compensation plans with the products you will use with that particular lender.  But don’t tell me 2.75% across the board is the best for all borrowers.  IT’S NOT! #RantOver #SellWell

Thursdays Thoughts – How’s your SEO?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Today you should do as I suggest in the video and search your key words.  Do you show up?  Most people don’t utilize this tool enough, some overdue it.  There is a finesse in using this, and these go great with active campaigns any marketing department would have.

If you do an employee giveback event, or an event for your community or charity, hashtag that phrase or word that best describes it.  Pound sign, number sign, hashtag, whatever you know it by, then type the word.  It’s that simple.  SEO on social media is free, easy to use and understand.  All you need to do is use key words you want to show up in searches for with a little consistency.   Thursday’s thoughts are – where is your SEO at, have you searched your relevancy lately?  How’s your SEO? ↓

I help mortgage companies create social media campaigns all the time now.  I’m officially a digital strategist that helps you make campaigns to source business.  That’s how I build a pipeline with Broker’s, by not only knowing guidelines and asking what’s on the corner of your desk? – But by rather helping my clients source business.  I do this as a partnership to my brokers.  My goal is to help your company grow, in social presence to current marketing campaigns, that way you can do more business, recruit more LO’s and grow a brand.  Why not partner up with me? – I’m taking on new relationships with mortgage Broker’s all across the US now.  #LetsDoBusiness

As Always – #SellWell

Thursdays Thoughts – JUICY List Week

#ThursdaysThoughts – Join Us In Creating Yes’s all week long.  – Today I go over three categories as well, 1003 applications, groups for networking, and done for you marketing solutions.  Wow, did I miss a lot.  The feedback has been great this week and I will be adding two home security companies that can be”given” as part of your white glove treatment to your clients.  Also will be adding some additional resources to the list next week, stay tuned.

Today to start, I have to reiterate that LO’s should have some trackable app they pass on that acts as a business card.  Oh yeah, that’s number #1 thing on the JUICY list.  (see Monday’s video for that) The point is you can take an virtual 1003 app link and embed that link to a button on the card.  SWEET!  It’s a way to have a client fill out a 1003 without you as an LO actually!  These applications walk a client through the 1003 questions asking (more and or better) questions than you – Yep they’re designed that way.  Perfect LO and Pre-App 1003 are the applications.  And they are fantastic tools for a Loan Officer in today’s day and age.

Next I talk about groups for networking.  You see each and every LO out there, should have multiple ways to generate a deal.  Not just online, not just referrals from past clients or RE Agents.  You need to diversify.  A well rounded marketing plan to source business from many angles is needed.  I talk about these on my Friday, #WeekendCalltoAction video’s all the time.  Today, I mention the best groups, and they are LBN, BNI and Chamber or Commerce groups.  And they exist is pretty much every county and city across America.  Get in one, start networking.  If you’re a LO, it’s just all apart of the plan for local area dominance.

Last and definitely not least today, I have surrounded myself with marketing pro’s for years, and I follow trends all the time.  I was an early adapter to marketing funnels on Facebook years ago, and spent the time learning them.  Now, I’ve surrounded myself with the teams that have the best done for you solutions for Facebook marketing.  I’m talking the real pro’s, with a full scale agency that can switch on lead flow in a week for you.  Including provide a CRM, a 6 month email drip campaign and even make you a community page.  In short, there’s two types of “programs” for this, one a simple buyer/seller lead campaign.  It can be directly for a RE Agent, or you as LO’s can help obtain leads (pre-qualify them) and pass them on to your best referral partners.  From a marketing stand point people want a home, not a mortgage.  From a compliance stand point, it’s easier to “advertise” a list you can give someone, versus worry about advertising a rate or other compliance disclaimers in the ad.  However, some do want a custom funnel to go after VA leads, or a Jumbo lead campaign due to their area.  We have a solution for custom built funnels as well!

No matter what, some of these companies and things on the JUICY list this week you LO’s should embrace and take advantage of.  As always #SellWell

Thursdays Thoughts – Testimonials and Culture

#ThursdaysThoughts – Are you working with a company that has an awesome culture?  Are the walls painted orange, yellow or blue?  Do you have motivational quotes or some mission statement that is often heard in the meetings.  How about any type of community events?  Do you do those?

You see now days people don’t want to work with just a “company” they want to work with “PEOPLE” that they know like and trust, more than ever.  And expressing your people centric focus internally with culture is a great idea to share.  People want to hear these stories.  Same with testimonials.  When was the last time you gained a testimonial on any social page and shared it on your personal profile.  Or perhaps make light of it in any way shape or form?

Again it’s the “fact” that facts tell, stories sell.  And I encourage you to embrace your company culture if you have one, and tell others about it.  Get testimonials and share stories of how you impacted someone’s life.  This is a difference maker and will be what creates more reach for you than saying you have the programs or lowest rate.

I embrace all of this and would love to show you how as well.  I teach social selling in a whole new way to those LO’s that want to level up their game.  Hit me up personally today, you’ll be glad you did come purchase season.


Thursday’s Thoughts – Create goals or Action plans?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Have you thought about your goals for 2018 yet?  How about your management, have they asked you about this yet?  It’s all fine and dandy to write down you will do 100 Million or something like that as results, but the real secret sauce to obtaining those goals is writing an ACTION PLAN to hit them.  Yep, I wonder how some are going to “hit” these goals they speak of without a social media presence or plan of attack at least.

For the longest time in the wholesale world I’ve helped LO’s and Broker’s create campaigns to source business.  It was the “how” to help them get a loan in the door.  Now this year I opened this skill of mine to help others not in my network.  The social media BLUEPRINT I have has helped others “stay” in business.  Results are a aftermath of the action plan put to work.  Do you have an action plan yet?

If not, I’m available to help you create campaigns to drive business and build branding in 2018 for you planners out there!  One thing I’m certain of, the more people I help, the better results I have.  My action plan is to go wide fast, I want to help LO’s all across the nation, I want to provide added value for the community of LO’s that want action steps to help them achieve their goals.  It all starts with my BLUEPRINT I’ve put together to help others.  Whatever you do, do a “Power Move” to help you get on track!

Thursday Thoughts – Leverage of Social Media is a must!

#ThursdayThoughts – The leveraging of social media presence and advertising is a must in 2018! The odd part about it is so many still do not do this properly.  Or are not doing it at all.  I could even turn on a faucet of leads for the LO’s at my company.

Not everyone understands that marketing is a fine art, and attracting the masses with a message is as good as the medium itself.  At one point news papers used to be a go to medium because people read them, and your message was “seen”.  Radio is still a viable medium and it can help your messages be heard.  I believe radio is stronger than TV in some cents.  Unless your advertising on a major network for television at prime time advertising, the so called bang for your buck is gone there.  Radio will give you higher ROI for marketing dollars in most cases.  But in the last decade a shift became prevalent with social media users and the ability to have a message seen.  Now, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter these are all the new mediums.

And guess what? They are TV!  More people “watch” and “read” posts than watch a television in their living room.  People will “watch” a screen that’s a fraction of the size of a TV, while sitting next to a 55 inch flat screen and not see what’s playing on it.  People get to engage and comment their opinions and beliefs creating the best form of interaction any advertiser can get.  Yet some still haven’t shifted their focus or medium concentration.  Heck just five short years ago, websites were “hot”.  Google ad words was still relevant and how you ranked on a website was important.  Not any more.  Websites are still relevant in a way, but they are dying slowly.  Especially if they are not a true “landing page” designed to capture the audience, book an order or an appointment for example.

Funny thing is, I’ve been told multiple times by other’s, “I see you on TV all the time”.. I ♥ your videos! Blushing of course I love to do them.  And aim to add quick value to the mortgage broker world.  But now it’s gone beyond that, and my ‘marketing tips’ and tricks are seen as viable worldwide in almost any industry.

I have surrounded myself with the pro’s that offer the management of the Facebook advertising that can turn on faucets of leads for anyone.  The power of social media is real, and weather you learn to do it organically or jump into paid advertising, the results will net better ROI than most other mediums now.  Why aren’t you taking advantage?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Last thoughts on the matter, if you’re not using Facebook as a business, and it’s all friends and family still, you’re doing it wrong.  Especially if your in sales.  Change the way you view social media and change your sales game up.  If you want help, I have the gateway to turning the faucet of leads on! I offer done for you solutions for any sales team in any industry at this point, to take advantage of Facebook Marketing.  Click below ↓ #SellWell

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Thursday’s Thoughts! – My Story day 4

#ThursdayThoughts – Are you slow? Are you looking to gain more leads?  Is business where you want it? More importantly, are you getting paid what your worth?

Some good questions!  When I made a switch in employment to another wholesale lender my aim was to go wide fast.  Get as many accounts to give me a shot!  And all the while I continued to add value to those in my network above and beyond the call of duty.  Sure, I’m great with guidelines, and have helped lot’s of loans close.  But the real value is in helping my partners double or triple their business!  #ThisISit

A little over 2 years ago I started this blog, and I had to invest in myself first to learn to do these things.  I was/am an action taker.  That’s what has always made me good at sales.  But I knew there was more, and I had to learn to leverage social media in a new way.  So the birth of The Mortgage JUICEman came.  And I began helping LO’s and Broker’s in my network manage their Facebook fan to create leads.  So other’s were also action takers, so where not.

In fact, I managed a bunch of other fan pages for my brokers, and during this time I created my own “Blueprint” to help me advertise for that Broker.  Over time I perfected the best push and pull techniques to use on a fan page without spending any money.  And I group’d them in categories of posts, what I call now the 5 P’s of Posts.

It was so effective I knew I was on to something and needed to create a BLUEPRINT that anyone can follow.  I just was managing to many pages myself.  I needed something to show others how to do it.  So that’s what I did, and it’s through this push and pull organic campaign that can open the doors to many more leads for you and your company.

#TheBLUEPRINT is here! Schedule your first call with me this weekend.  I would entertain helping any action taker in any industry that wants to learn to leverage their Facebook fan page the right way.  The way that generates business!

#SellWell – If you are a LO, would you be interested in turning 250 dollars into over 3000 dollars in less than 60 days?  – The BLUEPRINT can help!