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Thursdays Thoughts – GOT GRIT?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Got GRIT?  – What is GRIT to you?  Do you have it?  Today I go over what makes up GRIT and the personality types that go along with it! Do you exemplify GRIT in this way?  I am on a mission and have a need to achieve more than ever before, my competitiveness is healthy (and I want to build others up, not step on people to get there) and my optimism is beaming out my ears!

I have goals, BIG ONE’s and the best thing I do for me is remind myself of them daily.  Do you have a dream space?  A picture of a car or bike or vacation you want to take that fuels you?  I encourage you to pick up one and put it in your cubicle.  Do you have an internal competitiveness that keeps you modest, but has you taking notes every time someone better than you speaks?  Do you chant that old folk tale in your head, “I think I can, I think I can”…. That’s the kind of optimistic GRIT mindset that you need to manifest your own destiny.  I encourage you to pick up the phone with the best GRIT you have today, don’t take NO as an answer, see it before it happens, add value and express your passion to help whomever your speaking too.  It just may land you the sale! #SellWell #EnvisiontheYes

SellWell – And display your best GRIT today!  I’m in the office helping Broker’s expand their pipelines all day! PM me, Text me, Email me, Call me – Whatever you do, reach out – #LetsDoBusiness

Thursday’s Thoughts! – My Story day 4

#ThursdayThoughts – Are you slow? Are you looking to gain more leads?  Is business where you want it? More importantly, are you getting paid what your worth?

Some good questions!  When I made a switch in employment to another wholesale lender my aim was to go wide fast.  Get as many accounts to give me a shot!  And all the while I continued to add value to those in my network above and beyond the call of duty.  Sure, I’m great with guidelines, and have helped lot’s of loans close.  But the real value is in helping my partners double or triple their business!  #ThisISit

A little over 2 years ago I started this blog, and I had to invest in myself first to learn to do these things.  I was/am an action taker.  That’s what has always made me good at sales.  But I knew there was more, and I had to learn to leverage social media in a new way.  So the birth of The Mortgage JUICEman came.  And I began helping LO’s and Broker’s in my network manage their Facebook fan to create leads.  So other’s were also action takers, so where not.

In fact, I managed a bunch of other fan pages for my brokers, and during this time I created my own “Blueprint” to help me advertise for that Broker.  Over time I perfected the best push and pull techniques to use on a fan page without spending any money.  And I group’d them in categories of posts, what I call now the 5 P’s of Posts.

It was so effective I knew I was on to something and needed to create a BLUEPRINT that anyone can follow.  I just was managing to many pages myself.  I needed something to show others how to do it.  So that’s what I did, and it’s through this push and pull organic campaign that can open the doors to many more leads for you and your company.

#TheBLUEPRINT is here! Schedule your first call with me this weekend.  I would entertain helping any action taker in any industry that wants to learn to leverage their Facebook fan page the right way.  The way that generates business!

#SellWell – If you are a LO, would you be interested in turning 250 dollars into over 3000 dollars in less than 60 days?  – The BLUEPRINT can help!