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Weekend Call 2 Action – Create Value for your Audiences!

#WeekendCall2Action – Create value for your audiences! Now’s the time to be doing this.  What am I talking about?  Well here’s a few ideas, how about a First Time Home Buyer Seminar?  What about going to visit open houses and network with Realtors?  What about highlighting Realtors and their open houses on Facebook?  What about going to meet up with a bunch of Lawyers to do a presentation at their monthly meeting?  The ideas are endless, you have to “think outside the box” LO’s.  NOW’S THE TIME TO ADD VALUE! Because if you wait till June you’ve missed the boat to network!

Today I want everyone to know doing something like this is easy.  All you need to do is stick your neck out there.  #ActionJackson is where it’s at.  It’s the weekend CALL 2 action.  Get #ListingBooster and start doing a “Live show of homes” in your area!  Go WIDE, do it NOW!  Thank me later.  GET LISTING BOOSTER HERE! (and we’ll hook you up with the presentation to use to do this)

It all starts with taking action.  The referrals, the clients, the exposure, the fun all come as a byproduct of your efforts.  Start now! And if you have any “I gotta guy” questions I ♥ those.  CLICK HERE and shoot me a “scenario”!

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Weekend Call to Action – Realtor Survival Kit!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Realtor survival kit! One of the best ways to make a first impression is to offer help to the RE Agents if possible.  And in the past week, I’ve seen a few things that remind me that each RE Agent is open to having someone accompany them at an open house.  You just have to ask.  I bet you’d be surprised.  If you don’t get one that is open to having you, find a few that are having open houses and drop off a Realtor survival kit while they are there.  I promise they will remember you next week when you follow up!

2 minutes or less all week with the video’s.  It was great to go short and sweet, got a lot of views as a result too.  Are you doing video?  Might be a good idea to do in your follow up routine, send a text of a short video to your prospects.  Make your message a personable one.

WANT MORE IDEAS to grow your business?  We have a group for that – Mortgage Marketing Syndicates – For 9.97 a month starting in July you can obtain all types of ideas, pics, ad copy and things to do to pump up your pipeline.  We even hashtag #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit on posts you can use!

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