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Mondays Motivation – The fresh new feeling!

#MondaysMotivation – The fresh new feeling! It’s BACK TO SCHOOL today! WHOOHOOO!! I’ll have the office uninterrupted, can’t wait! The kids, Mom, Dad, cats and dogs, everyone is up super early and ready to rock because they have school.  The smell of “new” backpacks and shoes enter the lives of kids all across the Nation at this time.  The spirits are high, attitudes are great, and everyone is ready to learn.

When was the last time you did something to give your “work life” that new feeling?  That energy of excitement that makes you jump out of bed?  Was it a desk change, a promotion, or maybe just when you “began” years ago!  The point is to do just that, go a different way home than the way you went to work.  Spruce up your desk space or get all excited some other way.  Bottom line is bring the fresh new feeling again to your life, and you can do this with you’re career without changing jobs.  It’s a mind game, and when you focus with excitement amazing things happen.  Get out of the comfort zone and complacent movements and get that “fresh new feeling” again in your life.

Want a fresh start to social media?  How about help on what to do when, and content to copy?  Many in the mortgage field know they should be using social more to grow their presence but just haven’t.  I have had a training that teaches “organic” growth to help you get to the paid advertising side.  You can go straight to the paid side, but you won’t have the same results if you don’t embrace online “with the fresh new feeling”.  lol   It’s called #TheBluePrint and I’ve taught LO’s this for over three years now.  This has developed and now I’ve syndicated with other marketing pro’s and we provide content even that LO’s can #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit.  This is a LO group that is a paid membership (cost of a Whooper meal) to aid and help with content and engaging posts to LO’s for just that.  If you want in, here’s the link – Mortgage Marketing Syndicates 

As Always – #SellWell

Monday’s Motivation – “The Best of”

#MondaysMotivation – This week I highlight “The Best Of” Whacked Out Wednesday as these are one of my favorite of all videos.  Today’s favorite is the best of explanation on keeping it real.  Avoid the #BythewayBomb!

Get partnered with a lender that helps you get to the finish line.  Price might be great to get you in the door but if that lender you’re working with lacks processes or speed or service there’s the inevitable #BythewayBomb often – It’s time to get on POINT!

Get on Point with BluePoint! Partner with a BRAWL friendly lender that helps you achieve your goals.  That will help you push a pipeline, and look at the file right the first time! Avoid the bombs already, let’s connect – CLICK HERE 

In the office all week training AE’s, partnering with Brokers, answering “I gotta guy” questions and closing loans.   How can I help?

As always – #SellWell


Mondays Motivation – Non-Agency Tid Bits

#MondaysMotivation – Non-Agency tid bits of guidelines this week.  Non-Agency has a better ring to it than Non-Qm, and some may have a negative cogitation to the word.  However, more than 50% of all Non-Agency loans are in fact full doc.  While we boost bank statement loans, and you see investor options coming out, the important thing to remember is great options for your borrowers.

Weather self employed, or just had some event happen in the past that shouldn’t prevent a qualified borrower otherwise to have to wait 2, 3, 4 or even 7 years to buy a home.   Non Agency guidelines help make dreams come true.  Get on point with BluePoint here – CLICK HERE! We have 9 different non-agency options that you can add to your product mix!

Great guidelines to know, and a way to “make the loan happen” when reserves or a gift is needed.  There are plenty of good loans in the non-agency arena and these are just some tid bits (Guidelines) I’ll go over this week to help them shine.

As always – #SellWell

Monday’s Motivation – Guideline Week!

#MondaysMotivation – Guideline week, I ♥ guidelines!  Knowledge is value that dollars follow.  I suggest anyone in the craft of originating loans learn to create value by studying the guidelines of various programs.  To be able to recite the guidelines you know when you need them, or at the least be able to look them up at your fingertips.

No matter what, knowing the guidelines is what can help you structure the loans the right way and experience less issues.  Today I start the week off with two simple but missed guidelines quite often.  If you balance a file correctly at the beginning you can pick to not finance the UFMIP and use the credit associated with the file to cover it.  Same with business debts, knowing what to gain and how they must be portrayed to exclude from DTI is power.  Structure FHA loans to win.  I’m in for any “I gotta guy” question this week.  Contact me on Facebook here!

If you’re not signed up with #BluePoint we are here to help you #GetOnPoint!

CLICK HERE – And let’s do business!  We ♥ FHA loans and go by the guidelines.  We have one overlay basically.  That’s the fact we only allow as low as 550 FICO.  Remember 550-579 FICO would be 10% down or 90% LTV anyway.  We allow manuals and would refer to the handbook 4000.1 for guidelines.  If you want to have access to the newest version on the 4000.1 – feel free to CLICK HERE!

As Always #SellWell


Mondays Motivation – Get JUICY all week!

#MondaysMotivation – Join Us In Creating Yes’s all week long.  This week I will talk about tools that help my Broker Partners grow their business.  As part of my career in Wholesale Mortgage’s, as a lender rep, I always looked to add value to my Broker Partners to help them grow their company.

Over the years, I endorse or helped others with use of certain tools.  Weather it be a website, or a way to build a list, a CRM, or a mobile application.  Credit repair or ways to retain your clients.  I looked to give recommendations to my LO’s to help them do more loans.  And in the process help them close some of those deals! #GetOnPoint!

Get on Point with #BluePointMortgage! – We are a great up and coming wholesale lender that is focused on niche’s to help Broker’s grow their pipelines.  We have over 9 different programs on Non-QM and we love government loans.  Yes our pricing is fantastic on Conventional as well, feel free to price us out on any program!  FHA/VA down to 550 FICO and our Non-QM rates are rock solid.  CLICK HERE If you want to price a Non-QM loan please reach out, I will do that for you personally.  Otherwise, get on point with BluePoint here! And get a copy of #PERFECTLO for yourself, you will take better applications that way!Click here to schedule a webinar/free trial Let’s partner together to get more done!

As Always – #SellWell

Monday’s Motivation – Create Urgency!

#MondaysMotivation – Create urgency with your clients, now’s the time! Think about it, since Trump has been in office things have been “going well”! Stocks are up, unemployment is down, and the overall economy is booming again in the US of A! Explain this to your clients, while there are a bunch of things that affect “rates”, the predominant thing is the overall look of the health of our country.  And we’re kickin it in high gear across the Nation.

While there are other factors, such as the government buying less bonds, the trade issues with other countries that could “affect” business.  The general consensus is that appreciation is happening, inflation is taking place, and rates are going up! What’s that mean?  Well – If you wait to buy a home, the amount of home you will “qualify” for will be less in the future than it is now.  Rates are going to go up, and home values are going to go up.  Use this information to help borrower’s or prospects get off the fence.  Now’s the time to create URGENCY within your business.

Creating URGENCY is best done with a limited amount of “TIME” or limited amount of quantity.  Well in the case of homes this year you actually HAVE BOTH!  Use this to help drive business today!

And while your at it, partner with a Lender that can help  you #GetonPoint with your transactions.  Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close.  Let’s help you create options for your borrowers – CLICK HERE!

As Always #SellWell

Mondays Motivation – Get On Point!

#MondaysMotivation – #GetOnPoint with a new month, new goals and new opportunity! The best time to begin with 10 years ago, the next best time is now! I wish I could motivate everyone, I am so pumped this am, this week is going to be huge.  I can feel it.  I am affirming it now.  And I’m already taking action for it.  Are you?  Did you prep for this week?  Or just figure out where your going on July 4th?

Today’s a realist post, an opportunist best friend.  It’s called positive energy, affirmation, and seeing it before it happens.  While many managers are collecting “goals” at the first of the month, execution to a plan is worshiped.  Be action takers all month and it will change your pipeline and change your business. Don’t let yourself slow down, push with extra effort to network more, connect more, and do more business.  #ThatsAChallenge

The Great “new” feeling you can create yourself.  You know that same feeling when you get the “new car smell”.  That same excitement bring to the table with this new month, and new week.  It will present itself with new opportunity if you take action on it.  #NewFeelWell I mean #SellWell!

I’m expanding all month long in July and can’t wait to help those that I’ve helped in the past and new relationships I’ve developed.  Fill in below, let’s close some loans!

Let’s get on point together – CLICK HERE!


Mondays Motivation – Mid Monday Motivation!!

Mid Monday Motivation – Get the week started off? – I hope so, here’s a message worth hearing.  What you focus on you find.  So if you’re B2B/B2C it doesn’t matter, work your LOA!  As for today – Well – I’ve been on the phone.  🙂  – I am focusing on just that.  And what do you know! – You should too!

With the focus at hand on converting leads, you (just like me) should be using some form of lead capture and lead cadence to help your audience.  Weather that contact is a prospect or past client, focus on conversion activities.  What’s the goal? Me = Drive more Broker’s to the website to use my wholesaler! You = Drive more clients to the closing table.  How, you focus on generating leads and prospecting to qualify people upfront.  The more conversations you have, the more credits you pull, the more loans you can pitch.  = The more loans that enter the pipeline.  🙂   Here’s a clue; You need to capture more potential prospects to talk too.  Use this tool – PhoneSites! 


Mondays Motivation – Competence Challenge!

#MondaysMotivation – Get Competent! There are stages to this competence thing, and I challenge you to identify what you need help with and ask for help, training or something on your own.  Understanding the stages is a start to help yourself get better at what you do!  You don’t become a pro overnight!

A professional gets paid for what they do yes, but how they do it and to what degree of competence is key.  And it happens over time, as your skill increases.  And you have experience.  Here they are, the four stages of competence:

  1. Unconsciously Incompetent
  2. Consciously Incompetent
  3. Consciously competent
  4. Unconsciously competent

Which stage are you at?  Now break down the various steps of a loan and ask yourself where are you in reading title, or appraisal or helping your files close faster?  – Then increase your knowledge of that part this week, that’s what I challenge you to do!

What I find is when I focus on something I want to do better, I practice it hands on and then after a few repetitions I get better.  Half the battle is identifying where a weakness exists.  Since there are so many moving parts in the mortgage field there’s always something to learn.  Pick something and increase your competence this week.

PS>. If it happens to be marketing you want to know more about, this is a good strong suit of mine and I can help you create a whole marketing plan.  —CLICK HERE 

#SellWell 🙂


Mondays Motivation – Optimistic to make impact!

#MondaysMotivation – Optimistic to make impact! This week is #JUICYList week! Join Us In Creating Yes’s is a list of companies and tools, websites or trainings that are all designed to compliment #TheBLUEPRINT I have.  I am optimistic you will get something out of it, something this week will trigger you to take #Action! As all of these on the JUICY List are designed to help you increase your business!

Short and Sweet to start the week! #GoGetIt If you’re not partnered with a #WholesaleLender that can help you grow your book of business, here’s a form to fill out.  I’ll call you next to determine how we (I) can be a difference maker for your company!