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Mondays Motivation – Competence Challenge!

#MondaysMotivation – Get Competent! There are stages to this competence thing, and I challenge you to identify what you need help with and ask for help, training or something on your own.  Understanding the stages is a start to help yourself get better at what you do!  You don’t become a pro overnight!

A professional gets paid for what they do yes, but how they do it and to what degree of competence is key.  And it happens over time, as your skill increases.  And you have experience.  Here they are, the four stages of competence:

  1. Unconsciously Incompetent
  2. Consciously Incompetent
  3. Consciously competent
  4. Unconsciously competent

Which stage are you at?  Now break down the various steps of a loan and ask yourself where are you in reading title, or appraisal or helping your files close faster?  – Then increase your knowledge of that part this week, that’s what I challenge you to do!

What I find is when I focus on something I want to do better, I practice it hands on and then after a few repetitions I get better.  Half the battle is identifying where a weakness exists.  Since there are so many moving parts in the mortgage field there’s always something to learn.  Pick something and increase your competence this week.

PS>. If it happens to be marketing you want to know more about, this is a good strong suit of mine and I can help you create a whole marketing plan.  —CLICK HERE 

#SellWell 🙂


Mondays Motivation – Optimistic to make impact!

#MondaysMotivation – Optimistic to make impact! This week is #JUICYList week! Join Us In Creating Yes’s is a list of companies and tools, websites or trainings that are all designed to compliment #TheBLUEPRINT I have.  I am optimistic you will get something out of it, something this week will trigger you to take #Action! As all of these on the JUICY List are designed to help you increase your business!

Short and Sweet to start the week! #GoGetIt If you’re not partnered with a #WholesaleLender that can help you grow your book of business, here’s a form to fill out.  I’ll call you next to determine how we (I) can be a difference maker for your company!

Mondays Motivation – Strong Suits for Business!

#MondaysMotivation – Strong suits for business to start the week! – One of my strongest products I help mortgage broker’s close is FHA!  I ♥ FHA loans! We specialize in 203B, 203H and 203K loans! This week I will highlight some strike zones and niches we specialize in to help our Broker partners.

While I like guidelines, they are always changing.  So feel free to chime in this week with any guideline questions to help you get a loan in the door.  I will be doing more in the next month to help my signed up clients get access to the tools I have to help you double your business.  If you’re a broker, let’s connect and #LetsDoBusiness!

Mondays Motivation – Strategy to get JUICY!

#MondaysMotivation – Join Us In Creating Excitement – With strategy to do it.  This week is strategy week, and I go over the JUICY LIST! A list of companies that are a part of a mortgage industry tool that can help you increase business.  Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your pipeline this week as I go over them.

I start off the week by going over the top three; Perfect LO application, 700 Credit Repair, and Card Tapp App.  I am also offering FREE STRATEGY CALLS to any LO that wants one.

For my Broker partners I do this all the time.  The worst thing I want to do as a #LenderRep (AE) is call an account and say, “what’s on the corner of your desk Bob”? Funny as it sounds, that’s the harsh reality.  I NEED MORE ACTION TAKERS! And train and give out ideas to help LO’s generate and source new business all the time.  I’m like a free consultant to any of my accounts that want to use me that way.  I help business build a #Brand.  If you want a free strategy call, to know more on how you could increase your business and brand awareness, CLICK HERE

Happy Monday


Mondays Motivation – A Face Lift for the JUICE!

#MondaysMotivation – A face lift without the facetime? Yep, no video can direct you to blog better than a catchy subject line! I updated the banner ads on the site this past weekend.  With more partnerships for you LO’s to take advantage of to grow your business!

First up is one of my favorites, Perfect LO app, this is an interactive application that can help you take a 1003 in multiple languages and then transcribe back to english for you! It perfects the 1003 in a way that many LO’s forget to ask the “important questions”, and this walks your clients right through it.  Great tool located on the left side of the blog, go ahead click the banner ad! 🙂

Second, is the newest of all affiliations, and it’s HOT! HOT as in making leads happen all day every day for your Real Estate partners on autopilot.  It’s LISTING BOOSTER! Check out this mega tool that you LO’s can capitalize on to help your RE partners gain more leads for new listings.  Do it now, and you will change your pipeline for the best summer ever.  CLICK the banner ad on the top right of the site!

Next is a tool in response to BRAWL! I support mortgage Brokers as you know, and believe in sales regardless of “which wholesaler” you use, the LO is responsible for retaining their own client.  You should check this out if you have a large client list, it’s a way to monitor past clients credit for a mortgage inquiry and get notified when the IRON’s hot to strike.  It’s RETAIN YOUR CLIENT – a mortgage retention service that helps you maintain a presence in front of past clients looking for financing solutions.  Weather you helped them years ago, or just six months ago, this option can help you stay relevant to your client list.

The next few banner ads on the left have been on there a while, however always a notable mention for mortgage broker websites, and lead pages.  From Click funnels, to LeadPops to the Lender Home Page, these options are on here because they can help you with exposure and help you gain leads!

More leads = More opportunity for business.  #SellWell the first Monslay day of the week, I’m in helping Broker partners of mine get their loans done.  If you want to work with an AE that can provide tools, be a tool, and help you move your own tools to CTC – 🙂 – That’s ME! #LetsDoBusiness

Mondays Motivation – Get Video Marketing!

#MondaysMotivation – Video marketing is a great tool.  I’d suggest it for just about everything.  From prospecting, to pitching, to asking for referrals.  You could even use it to help expand your referral network by showing your office or culture in a video.  People want to work with “interesting people” whom can add value to them.  Start standing out yourself, turning your phone sideways and hitting the record button is not hard.

Do you need a fancy smancy video openner? – No I didn’t have one for two years and it still helped me.  Do you need to be perfect? – No, in fact, be imperfect on purpose, show you are real.  It will help you get past being video shy.  Video is the way to make impact and I would suggest you try it to client by maybe doing a video follow up.  Instead of calling give your client a pipeline follow up and let them know how their loan is going – In a short video.  Send it to their email, text and IM.  And at the end ask for a referral.

I bet you see some action from doing this.  You will notice your message is received and you will have fun doing it.  Video marketing can be used for just about any part of the process in a mortgage, and the more you embrace to use it, the more business automation it can help you have.  You can make one video as a body to deliver the said message on a loan or process, and just create a custom intro so it’s tailored for the client/prospect.

If you do this right, it’s a home run in a many ways.  If you do nothing, you’ll soon see a video from your competitor in the area.  – I promise.  Get video marketing, start today!

As always #SellWell – For your start in the BLUEPRINT to help you have a place to put your “video’s” – hit me up! – I have the Facebook fan page blueprint to help you gain exposure, and do it FREE.

The Blueprint – Ultimate Facebook Fan page Marketing campaign guide ↓