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Monday Motivation – Your WHY (s) & LOA

#MondayMotivation – Great day to discuss, as we start the week! – YOUR WHY?  Or in my case Whys, as today is the Twin’s bday.  Noah and Luke are 10 years old! WOW! I’ll never forget the day I left Quickenloans right before a “Power hour” to go to the doctors with my wife.  She was expecting a C -Section in the coming days, and while I had skipped a few appointments she had, she told me she had a feeling this was it.  We even went to the visit with our “special bag” all packed up just in case.  Sure enough, Luke was stealing from Noah (food) and she was low on ambiotic fluid.  While being pregnant with twins she was considered High RISK! So naturally everything was very sensative at this time.  I didn’t have a choice.  I remember walking out and others saying go gett’em daddy-o!

Sure enough, they were delivered on this day mid afternoon.  That whole story we can save for another day.  Today, is obviously about the WHY! I suggest you create some vision board or some “why” you can keep in front of you daily in sales and use that as your own #MondayMotivation over and over.   I’ve done it with “things” to pictures of my kids.  Your WHY should drive you to keep pushing in sales.  It’s always a numbers game.  Maybe the numbers where in my favor when I had the kids as identical twins are not hereditary, it’s the luck of the draw!

Work your Law of Averages everyday to the best of your ability and you will create your own LUCK! Luck comes to those that work for it.  It’s always worked this way, and if you attempt to work for your luck, you can create your own luckiest days!  Today I challenge you to create a collage or make a picture, or find a snip from a magazine of something you want.  It can be your why, your motivation, and your reason to work your LOA everyday! Law of Averages are created when your subconscious mind see’s the goal, even if you don’t think about! You see it and your mind will help you work for it to create your own luck.  #SellWell

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Monday’s Motivation – Loans R Us

#MondayMotivation – Loans R Us – Get excited like a kid does when they walk into Toy’s R Us and have that same skip to your step!  Trust me I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but if you’re surrounding yourself with others seeing success, that low appraisal or fall out won’t matter!

Keep going, feed the front end of the pipeline and the backend comes out great! In our industry of mortgages you can’t help not to come up with roadblocks! It’s all part of the game.  What I suggest is you try to prescreen the best you can the things that can make or break a loan upfront.  When taking apps, make sure you’re asking a handful of questions to prevent things from happening!

  1. Where did your refund check go to last year from the IRS – What address?  (that’s the address that goes on the 4506-T form) And this probes that they filed taxes!
  2. Is there any job gaps greater than 30 days in the last two years? (part of employment section)
  3. What are homes selling for in your area? (Probe what they think their house is worth and use this as a guide to help research with them, what other “similar” homes have been sold for in the last 3 months) – Search this with the client.  Set the right expectation “range” and then structure the “refi” deal with the lower end of the spectrum.
  4. When we start this process of your home loan Mr. Client, I need to remind you to NOT do a few things! (List 10 commandments)
  5. Ask what the clients long term and short term goals are, you’ll be surprised sometimes and they will tell you a way to custom tailor their mortgage the best!  What was a rate and term, could be in fact a cash-out opportunity!
  6. Review their credit with them, teach the client about credit based on what you see on the report.  Some tid bits of knowledge on how having multiple open lines, revolving smaller balances etc are all apart of the bigger picture for clients.  Educate them based on what you see.  (this part is something LO’s develop over time, my suggestion read an article or two about credit)

Now’s it’s time to network, and start planting all the seeds you can to harvest later! My suggestion, start using social media for your prospecting as well as closed deals that can give you a RAVING REVIEW!  This week I challenge you to gain a testimonial on your business Fan page on social media.  Use it as a catalyst to help you gain more leads and deals.  #SellWell


Monday Motivation – What I do well!

#MondayMotivation – What I do well is close FHA/VA loans.  I ♥ these loans.  I coined the “I gotta guy” questions for a reason.  While I have a full suite of products these are my strong suits.  I also help LO’s learn how to advertise on Facebook and JUICE their pipelines big time.  Focus on what you do well!

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Monday’s Motivation – Believe it, Before you see it!

#MondaysMotivation – You have to “believe it” before you “see it”! In all cases of sales, you have to have a plan, and then take massive action on that PLAN!  The “doing” is what will make you see it as you have in your mind.  There is no doubt, I have seen many new LO’s come in and absolutely CRUSH IT, while those that have been in the game a while are slow! WHY?  Well they aren’t setting up automation, sales funnels or landing pages or out there GRINDING!!! Take massive action this week.  That’s #MondaysMotivation for you.

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