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Weekend Call to Action – Call Reports are Gold!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Are you HOT or “warming” up yet?  – If not give this a try! Most people have no problem making a warm call to someone they have spoken too in the past.  Pull your turn downs, or call reports from the last 24 months and find out if that “one client” did anything! If you’re not online doing Lead generation yet, I have a bulk order of RE funnels I am making today, reach out to me! More than likely those who do will have the best summer they’ve ever had! #SellWell

Get leads, grow your company, gain guidance on loans, help with scenarios, and answers to guidelines all while pushing your current pipeline to the table, with me! #LetsDoBusiness – As a wholesale REP, I want to be more than the guy that asks what’s on the corner of your desk! – Let’s connect, and create a game plan together!

As always – #SellWell

Whacked Out Wednesday – Appraisal Costs, Mortgage Fraud, and Marketing

#WhackedOutWednesday – Some great info in today’s video.  Be sure to watch it below.  On the content of marketing this week, one of the biggest problems I see is that LO’s attempt to do Facebook ads, and do not get the results they wanted.  The biggest problem with this is running a paid ad without any real knowledge of how to advertise themselves.  Organically.  You can do it several places, as mentioned yesterday you should have a fan page that you do organic posting and campaigns on.  If you learn to push and pull your messages you can increase your click through rates and lower your costs per click with organic exposure on your own paid ads.

What I suggest is to know at least something on how to increase your own results online BEFORE you go spend money on paid ads.  While it’s enticing to have leads exclusive to you to show up in your CRM or email box immediately, don’t waste your money without knowing some basics of how to make the paid ad perform better yourself.  Even if you pay someone else to do it.  This is called optimizing your ad.  And can be done through re-targeting and with organic exposure.  What I suggest is to know the difference on what types of “ads” to do.  There are direct campaigns and indirect campaigns a mortgage company can do.  A indirect campaign is a one that goes after anything but a mortgage straight up.  A home, a divorce attorney, a new home build, a tax preparer, any other than a mortgage.  A direct campaign is just that, a direct marketing message for interest in a mortgage.  Simple.  My rate’s awesome, click here.  (maybe not that verbiage but you get the point)

There are a ton of tools that allow you to do these types of campaigns, click funnels, lead pops, lead pages etc.  They are all viable for you to create a campaign.  To capture a lead you can use a wufoo form, or use a service that helps do it all like listing booster.  What I did in the beginning is used all the FREE tools that I could.  That way I had leads and loans closing in order to invest.  If you research these “funnels” and ads and what it takes to put a big campaign like this together, you will quickly see it costs a pretty penny.  So what I did was put together a way to help others start with the organic side of things.  That way YOU can gain leads FREE and use tools to help you capture an audience all FREE.  Instead of spending hundreds a month for each application.  What I put together was a training called the BLUEPRINT, where I help others learn to generate business online.  I teach various different types of posts to do and how to structure them to help you grow.  FREE, without paid ads.  The BLUEPRINT is a way to get started – Click here!


Call me for all I gotta guy questions! If you are a mortgage broker and want great options for products pricing and AMC’s (as I mentioned) fill in below!


Thursday’s Thoughts! – My Story day 4

#ThursdayThoughts – Are you slow? Are you looking to gain more leads?  Is business where you want it? More importantly, are you getting paid what your worth?

Some good questions!  When I made a switch in employment to another wholesale lender my aim was to go wide fast.  Get as many accounts to give me a shot!  And all the while I continued to add value to those in my network above and beyond the call of duty.  Sure, I’m great with guidelines, and have helped lot’s of loans close.  But the real value is in helping my partners double or triple their business!  #ThisISit

A little over 2 years ago I started this blog, and I had to invest in myself first to learn to do these things.  I was/am an action taker.  That’s what has always made me good at sales.  But I knew there was more, and I had to learn to leverage social media in a new way.  So the birth of The Mortgage JUICEman came.  And I began helping LO’s and Broker’s in my network manage their Facebook fan to create leads.  So other’s were also action takers, so where not.

In fact, I managed a bunch of other fan pages for my brokers, and during this time I created my own “Blueprint” to help me advertise for that Broker.  Over time I perfected the best push and pull techniques to use on a fan page without spending any money.  And I group’d them in categories of posts, what I call now the 5 P’s of Posts.

It was so effective I knew I was on to something and needed to create a BLUEPRINT that anyone can follow.  I just was managing to many pages myself.  I needed something to show others how to do it.  So that’s what I did, and it’s through this push and pull organic campaign that can open the doors to many more leads for you and your company.

#TheBLUEPRINT is here! Schedule your first call with me this weekend.  I would entertain helping any action taker in any industry that wants to learn to leverage their Facebook fan page the right way.  The way that generates business!

#SellWell – If you are a LO, would you be interested in turning 250 dollars into over 3000 dollars in less than 60 days?  – The BLUEPRINT can help!

Wisdom Wednesday – Segment your marketing to your geographic area

#WisdomWednesday – If you look at your demographics and geographic make up in your area and custom tailor a marketing plan, you will see better results.  Hands down this is the way to do it.  Zoom out on your area, determine what type of businesses you have around you, or collaborate it with one of your products or benefits, you will add more value and gain more interest.  Simple as that.  Follow trends, follow natural occurences that could be due to “routine” from people to something out of the ordinary.  There’s always a way to make a spin on something to help those in need.  If your selling something, anything this should be “how you” target, and determine what type of campaign to do.  For example, don’t do an USDA campaign if you don’t have a USDA zone near you….that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.  However if you have VA bases within 50 miles from your office and you don’t do VA loans, that would be a way to market.  Starting yesterday 🙂  #SellWell

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Two for Tuesday – Segmenting the 203h loan!

I’ve been getting all types of questions on the 203h FHA 100% LTV loan.  For those in the area’s affected by recent natural disasters, this is a great loan to segment and campaign for applications.  You can really help others in a bind with it!  There is two types a refi, and a purchase, however I will go into detail on how these could potentially play out and which scenario I believe is the #sweetspot!

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Thursdays Trick – Home warranty value add!

#ThursdaysTrick – Here’s another trick for Thursday to add more value to your clients and referral sources.  #Checkitout