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Mondays Motivation – Get Video Marketing!

#MondaysMotivation – Video marketing is a great tool.  I’d suggest it for just about everything.  From prospecting, to pitching, to asking for referrals.  You could even use it to help expand your referral network by showing your office or culture in a video.  People want to work with “interesting people” whom can add value to them.  Start standing out yourself, turning your phone sideways and hitting the record button is not hard.

Do you need a fancy smancy video openner? – No I didn’t have one for two years and it still helped me.  Do you need to be perfect? – No, in fact, be imperfect on purpose, show you are real.  It will help you get past being video shy.  Video is the way to make impact and I would suggest you try it to client by maybe doing a video follow up.  Instead of calling give your client a pipeline follow up and let them know how their loan is going – In a short video.  Send it to their email, text and IM.  And at the end ask for a referral.

I bet you see some action from doing this.  You will notice your message is received and you will have fun doing it.  Video marketing can be used for just about any part of the process in a mortgage, and the more you embrace to use it, the more business automation it can help you have.  You can make one video as a body to deliver the said message on a loan or process, and just create a custom intro so it’s tailored for the client/prospect.

If you do this right, it’s a home run in a many ways.  If you do nothing, you’ll soon see a video from your competitor in the area.  – I promise.  Get video marketing, start today!

As always #SellWell – For your start in the BLUEPRINT to help you have a place to put your “video’s” – hit me up! – I have the Facebook fan page blueprint to help you gain exposure, and do it FREE.

The Blueprint – Ultimate Facebook Fan page Marketing campaign guide ↓

Weekend Call to Action – There’s GOLD in them lists!

#WeekendCalltoAction – There’s GOLD in them lists you develop! You have to go back and update them, add to them constantly, re-market them and stay in front of them!

If you’re in the mortgage industry for any length of time I’d suggest you go back through your lists and update them, reconnect and re-market your database.  A great in is to know or “remember’ what each person does, and that person may be able to open a new networking opportunity for you.  Even if it’s being the newest addition to some corporate benefits program at some corporate USA role your past client is at.  You’ll never know if you don’t market to them.

Especially those “self employed” borrowers and offering to help their employee’s get a home too! There’s GOLD in them lists, you just have to market to them with a little tenacity.  Consistency is key in everything, even email marketing.  There is definately something to be said about those that build and develop a list over time.  If you go back and maintain that list, add to it and retarget them periodically you will be surprised at what “bites” you get.  It may not be them looking, but it’s a great way to gain referrals and keep your name top of mind when it comes to home loans.

Hope you find some GOLD at the end of the rainbow too! Happy St. Patty’s day weekend ya’ll – #SellWell

Thursdays Thoughts – Investor Loan Highlights #JUICY

#ThursdaysThoughts – Each lender has their product mix for an angle to help you mortgage brokers.  My non-qm product is advantageous for INVESTOR loans BIG TIME! Today I highlight some advantages on this program.

When filling your brokerage with a lending roster to help you close all types of deals you want to evaluate who does what in regards to the BRAWL movement.  Yesterday was a big webinar on the “score cards” for this.  A great webinar given by a fellow colleague and head of the movement, Anthony Casa.  Great guy, and did a really good job breaking down what Broker’s should be looking for in regards to lenders.

Well guess what, I’m one of the “Good Guys” and on this list.  No I don’t flaunt and advertise my home base brand too often, but this is where the mortgage JUICEman started.  And I’m glad to be back at a lender that cares about the vary businesses I help grow, Broker’s.  To me, one of the biggest things that has made me successful is offering tools for the teams that I help.  If your a mortgage Broker and you want a lender that will help you retain your clients, and advocate for your business.  Hit me up, we are a great addition to the finance team you have on your lender roster.


Check out the video today, I go over a ton of cool guidelines quickly and can help you know the in’s on the program.  To view the full product mix today, click here!

If your interested in having the mortgage JUICEman help you and your team close more loans with great rates, fantastic service and the ability to help you generate more loans click here! – I’ll call you next!


Whacked Out Wednesday – *WATCH THIS – Objection handling and a guideline!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Objection Edition – Yep it’s whacked out that people just understand that rates will not be far from each other.  Anywhere they go.  But that’s the consumers right to “shop around” right?  Here’s what I used to say all the time in handling objections at the time of origination.  When pitching there are 3 main points I used to go over on every call.  PLUS in this edition I go over a guideline that I forgot about!

What I suggest is you use some form of this in some way.  You acknowledge the request for more information (objection), you respond as a human with understanding, and you explain what you’ve found over your experience.  ARC/ARP (Acknowledge Respond Pivot or Close) What I used was this Feel Felt Found approach a lot.  It helped me gather my thoughts quickly and respond.

When answering questions and addressing objections I paint pictures and assume ownership along the way.  What allowed me to do this the best, was understanding the WHY?  As funny as it sounds I know LO’s don’t really truly know the “why” behind the client buying, refi’ing or getting cash out all the time.  If you dig deep during the application stages you will find out your clients WHY.  Then push the bruise a little and show them how your custom tailored mortgage solutions helps them achieve their goal.

While doing all this in the process of the pitch or the 1003 information gathering stage I would slip in three statements that often times was the keys to differentiate myself and earn the sale.

  1.  Number 1 complaint in the mortgage industry
  2. 1/3 rule and 5% will actually deliver
  3. Average person does 10 loans in their life time

I hope the structure and bonus guideline helps you today to acknowledge, respond and close a client that we can work on helping together.  If you want to know more about how to work with me, click here!

As always – #SellWell

-JUICEman (Join Us In Creating Excitement)

Two for Tuesday – DU 10.2 updates

#TwoforTuesday – Some great things are coming with DU updates in the next week it looks like.  As Fannie Mae updates the DU programming on March 17th they will be helping DTI’s in the 45-50% across several FICO buckets become more “approve-able”.

Seems FNMA and the programmers understand the behaviors of those getting loans.  And there will be more programming to prevent someone with multiple “apps” out there to rig the system.  You won’t be able to get an appraisal at one lender and a PIW with another.  If the appraisal is registered inside the fannie system, DU will kick out the PIW from the approval it looks like.

Some great updates that actually make sense, there was a couple more and I will recap those as more information becomes available.

Today’s SWWEEEEEETTTT Spot!  600-680 Fico FHA/VA loan is on point.  Also 680+ FICO with 80% LTV or more on the homeready program is also stellar pricing right now! Here’s an open link, you want to “compare” me, go right ahead, price your deal out and let me know how I stand —-> Quick Pricer


Weekend Call to Action – Follow Up Friday

#WeekendCalltoAction – Follow Up Friday – Today’s installment is just like any other weekend call to action, but instead of an idea to find a new referral partner or client, I give you an idea to follow up with your existing pillars.  When done correctly, this can be the difference in making your message heard by the masses.

You know who does this well – UWM.  We AE’s would all follow up with our clients and mention a specific product on every phone call.  I’m not sure if they do this now, but we would mark that product we talked about in our CRM so we knew we had talked about it.  It was a way to get a message out to the masses.  And a GREAT way to follow up with client business partners.  So instead of just saying hey send me a loan, AE’s had a product or guideline or process to go over.  You should do this same thing.  In fact you should have your whole team do it as a collaboration.

You can follow up on Friday with referral partners and let them know about a great new product or a guideline that may help them.  More often than not, just by mentioning it I would find more than one person tell me, I just ran into that.  Besides when you follow up on Friday, most people are in a good mood! #SellWell

I am coming back back to Cali Cali – Oh yeah.  Next week, I will be traveling to California.  If you are in Santa Ana area and want to meet, PM me I will have some time to visit.  If you have not joined the group Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s yet, feel free to join.  There’s over 4000 mortgage pro’s talking all about mortgage stuff.  #SellWell and #TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday!

Thursdays Thoughts – Guideline Week

#ThursdaysThoughts – Some great guidelines this whole week we’ve had.  Today’s installment I kept raw, a first take and said umm quite a bit.  LOL.  I want to encourage everyone I can to break out of their comfort zone and do a video, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  This week we had a lot of videos to honor a LO that spread his wings.  During this past Tuesday a TON of LO’s did video’s some for the first time.  EVER.

The thing is, consistency gets you better at them, today I just winged it.  First take and just minimal thought into it.  Not my best one for sure, but what I want to reiterate towards others is that YOU can do this too.  Create a market presence with video marketing in your area.  It’s proven to work, and all my exposure is from organic videos, this blog, and my charismatic persona online.  I don’t pay for ads, I don’t pay for anything but like 45 dollars for this domain yearly.

You can do this! NO JOKE! Oh, and the guidelines today are good too 🙂 I do go over EAD cards and what to do if there’s an expired one.   Also I highlight an Investor Advantage loan that I have to offer you LO’s and Broker’s out there.  Check it out below ↓

All you need to do is stick your neck out there and spread a message you believe in.  There’s not really much to all this marketing stuff.  Many just are afraid.  I want to encourage each of you to try and try again.  Do it consistently for 1 week, and you will see yourself evolve.  – #SellWell (no link today) 🙂

Tuesdays Tip – Guideline Awareness Week!

#TuesdaysTip – Will now be branded forever.  Complete with the way “Steve” used to wave at the camera.  Today I honor a colleague that left us too soon. Weather suicide or another factor, I don’t know the story, what I do know is this is something real.  If you don’t have the best of month in mortgages and or are thinking suicidial please reach out.  Do not let it build up inside you.  **Suicide Prevention Hotline** 1-800-273-8255 (Talk)

Today I go over guidelines for co-signed debts on both FHA and Conventional.  One allows that you can just prove the “other” party is paying the debt, the other needs that, and the “other” person on the original note.  #CheckitOut

To those that knew “Steve”, and to Friends and Family, I am sorry for your loss.  To those in the mortgage industry, I look to use my interactions with him as a catalyst to help others.  Any way I can I partner with people, even Steve, I talked about doing videos with.  I can partner with you as a broker or LO, to help you source more business.  The blueprint I have made makes impact and does wonders to your exposure and referral partner list.  Click here for the Blueprint – #SellWell


Monday Motivation – Guideline Week!

#MondaysMotivation – A guideline week! I haven’t had one of these in a minute so I figured to share some fun guidelines and common questions and answers to the “I gotta guy” questions I get.  If you have an “I gotta guy” question, hit me up this week, I’d love to hear from you.

Today’s guideline that is unique that I find that Broker’s like, is we can go as high as 50% DTI on a manual underwrite on a VA loan with no compensating factors.  My goal is to offer a stellar service as an Account Executive, (Lender Rep) and not only close the loans you send, but do it timely, with great pricing and the ability to help move a file when it counts.  Our turn times are 1 day, I can’t stress enough on how fun it is to close loans in 10 days! (or less).  It happens all the time, we closed a loan in 10 days with one submitted on the 8th, subtract the 19th (presidents day) and we CTC’d it in 10 days.

Rates are great, turn times are great, and I love love love ♥ marketing.  So together if you partner with me, I can teach you and your team tricks and tips to developing effective campaigns to help you source business.  Let’s chat, I’m in the office all this week, #LetsDoBusiness!

Guideline week – Gotta love it, if you don’t have an AE whom can answer your scenario questions, help you price out loans, or help you gain more business fill in below! Let’s go business! Click here! #SellWell


Weekend Call to Action – Do this!

#WeekendCalltoAction – #TGIF – Ya’ll! Hope the week was good for you.  I have to bring light to something as I see a lot of people “Grinding” and when there is a pattern of others getting burnt out, I have to say something.  This weekend, put a few business cards in your pocket, and go out and enjoy your family.  Do something to enjoy the people, and pets that you work so hard for.

I typically give out ideas to help you source business of Friday, but noticed a few things, and even had a personal friend fall very ill this past week.  Preserve your youth, your health and your family.  Enjoy them this weekend, take your dog for a walk or kids to the movies.  Do something that helps you energize for next week.  That’s my weekend call to action.  It of course doesn’t hurt to leave a few business cards behind somewhere or pass them out to an overheard conversation you might encounter.  But the point is enjoy whom you work so hard for.  In the mortgage industry I know people work hard and play hard, go out and do something fun for yourself.

While your relaxing this weekend, feel free to complete that Broker Package to sign up to work with me.  Technically you can #TryBeforeYouSignUp, so if you have a file, and want to experience the stellar service we’re about, hit me up! I will send you a #Ratesheet and a #Submissionform —  #SellWell