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Who needs a change? Non QM products?

We all do, as all change should be viewed as good, and should be embraced.  I have some great news for my business partners, and anyone originating mortgage loans.  I have partnered with a new wholesale lender that offers a WAVE of new products on the NON QM market side, and provide all the agency loans your used too with NO OVERLAYS!!.

Manual underwriting and manufactured properties available on all products.  Even a 1st/2nd combo (Double WAVE) loan that goes up to 1,125,000.  NO DOC investor loans are back, up to 75% LTV.   1 Year self employed program, and 12-24 month BANK STATEMENT programs are available.  A 70% LTV Foreign National program, and a program that requires NO SEASONING on BK’s/Foreclosures and Short Sales.  WOW!  And the list goes on…

85% LTV with a 560 FICO up to 2 Million.  Yep your reading this right.  THE LOAN WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET JUICY!  A program that allows for 60% LTV on loan amounts greater than 1 Million with a  500 FICO!  Did I mention 80% LTV on a non owner occupied home with 12 month Bank Statements?  Up to 2 Million.  There is even  a program up to 90% LTV on a bank statement program available.

In all my missions I have in life I carry the passion and excitement to help others. This specifically helps me partner with Broker’s and relationships I’ve had for over a decade in this industry.  The Mortgage Juice is flowing, come Join Us In Creating Excitement.  Accepting resumes for sales candidates and Broker packages now!!

I can’t wait to help you close more loans.  Happy Originations – The Juiceman




I’m back Jack, and will do my best to serve the wonderful community of Mortgage pro’s every where in 2017 and beyond.  As I always have I’ve come with passion, excitement and the inherent feeling of success in helping others succeed.  I’ve been blessed in so many ways in this wonderful mortgage industry for over a decade now.  What I know is I have created a band, a following of BAD ASS LO’s that seek guidance and help on deals.  I became known as a go to guy and always kept it real.  If I don’t know something I will find out.  I set the expectations correct, and deliver for my mortgage partners.  And I always surrounded myself with others that looked to do the same.  In the last 10 months I’ve been challenged and created more for myself than imagined.  And now it’s time to share.

Expect videos, my youtube channel is coming back, we will do Motivational Monday, Two for Tuesday (guideline tricks) and Whacked out Wednesday (mortgage pains and how to avoid them), to Thankful Thursday and TGIF again.  I am on a mission to grow a mortgage group of badassery for loan originators to over 10,000 people by the end of the year.  On Facebook that group is called; Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s.  Come join in on the fun.  I have some heavy hitters in there that offer training, to tools and success stories to help you get more deals.  I have a file folder with scripts to condo cheat sheets and much more.  It’s a community of people who are on a mission to help others with the biggest purchase they have.

RE agents, lead buy companies, credit repair guru’s, commercial leads, CRM companies, mortgage education, CPA’s, insurance pro’s you name it.  We have a great foundation with over 2500 people in there now.  Come Join Us In Creating Excitement (JUICE) and let’s help as many homeowners as possible.

Follow “The Mortgage Juiceman” for the latest industry guidelines, tips and tricks.  I look forward to serving you, the industry leaders as we embark another year full of change.

Got ideas or topics you want to see written about.  Feel free to comment.

Shawn -“the mortgage Juiceman” for life – Devlin.