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Monday’s Motivation – Create Urgency!

#MondaysMotivation – Create urgency with your clients, now’s the time! Think about it, since Trump has been in office things have been “going well”! Stocks are up, unemployment is down, and the overall economy is booming again in the US of A! Explain this to your clients, while there are a bunch of things that affect “rates”, the predominant thing is the overall look of the health of our country.  And we’re kickin it in high gear across the Nation.

While there are other factors, such as the government buying less bonds, the trade issues with other countries that could “affect” business.  The general consensus is that appreciation is happening, inflation is taking place, and rates are going up! What’s that mean?  Well – If you wait to buy a home, the amount of home you will “qualify” for will be less in the future than it is now.  Rates are going to go up, and home values are going to go up.  Use this information to help borrower’s or prospects get off the fence.  Now’s the time to create URGENCY within your business.

Creating URGENCY is best done with a limited amount of “TIME” or limited amount of quantity.  Well in the case of homes this year you actually HAVE BOTH!  Use this to help drive business today!

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As Always #SellWell

Monday’s Motivation – Create Urgency with the times!

#MondaysMotivation – Creating urgency to help clients get off the fence and start with you is an art.  A form of persuasion at it’s finest in the sales industry.  One of the best ways in the mortgage industry to do this is with the rates.  What you quote you want to be able to deliver.  But if a client hangs on to your quote for two weeks and comes back to you things could be different.  We are in a rising rate environment at this point.  The trend is upward.  This isn’t a new thing, but rather just more “noticeable” recently.

Explain just that to your clients.  What they get quoted today will be different tomorrow.  In almost all mortgage situations.  Things change daily, us mortgage pro’s know that.  But your clients do not.  Use the “changing times” to create urgency within your pitch and gain a commitment to do business!

I always sell in ranges when quoting rate(s), but now more than ever it’s important to explain how things can potentially change, and advise your clients to commit and move forward with you!

When in doubt, ask for the business again.  Don’t hesitate to say your going to do your best to deliver on what you show them today, but it’s important that they act now! The only way you solidify costs is with real invoices from all third party fees and a locked rate.  Simply state; “Lets start the process today!” #SellWell