Monday’s Motivation – The Challenge and two new mortgage terms!

The Challenge – You are a Loan Officer, and you solve problems clients didn’t even know they had!  The challenge is to ask questions and dig deep this week to see if you can find those problems to solve for your clients.  Also, as continued, the mortgage industry is changing and we have two new terms starting today!  #SellWell

Two for Tuesday – Spread the word on DUAL markets

I want to help stimulate the market by educating the consumers and businesses on the DUAL market opportunity that presents itself in times today.  This market has NOT been around for over 40 years, and if you are a homeowner, watch this video!  Seriously consider getting a “move up” analysis from your local mortgage broker!  I can help connect the dots, and if your looking for someone that can help you, let me know, I will refer you to the best mortgage Brokers across the US.  #SellWell – has a new meaning today 🙂

Monday Motivation – Looking for two things!

Looking for these two things this week – 1. Two new Broker’s to help, close more loans, and generate business with.  2. Two things on a refinance, equitable interest and vested interest.  Check it out below;


Thankful Thursday – Social Media Sphere and helping others!

Helping others succeed was always the goal.  And whom I surrounded myself with has helped me gain knowledge to pass on to others.  Today, I am thankful for the things I did over 2 years ago in investing in myself, to implementing what I learned, and now get to share these tips with others.  Today at 12:30 PM EST I have a webinar, I encourage you to join if you want to learn how to leverage social media for exposure and gain leads to help you grow your business.  Click this link to join; Last minute WEBINAR registration – Don’t miss out CLICK HERE

#SellWell #JUICE Join Us In Creating Excitement Today! #Short&Sweet #Seeyouthere

Whacked Out Wednesday! – Credit updating issues with old collections?

Maybe a credit expert can explain “why” this happening.  All I know is I’ve gotten more than 2 calls with stories recently from LO’s that are saying its hard to get the bureau’s to update a paid off collection now! Seems to be a trending topic.  What insight can you provide credit experts…See the scoop below;

Oh and did you register for the WEBINAR tomorrow yet?  If you’re not closing 10+ deals a month, this is what you need to do to set yourself up for success!  Learn how to generate leads from your social media fan page for free!  Here’s the link;



Monday Motivation – Preparation Sets up SUCCESS!

That time of the month to focus and don’t slow down!  It’s still before the 15th of the month, did you spend time organizing and preparing for the week?  Now’s the time to make impact for those that want to grow their business in 2017!  Preparation sets up success!  See you on Thursday!

The community in Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s is growing daily and we have now almost surpassed over 3k people in it.  Join Us In Creating Excitement and join in on the mortgage discussions.

Have a great start to the week!

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Weekend Call to Action – Find Pillars with pages!

Yep, find Pillar referral partners with fan pages on facebook.  Why?  Well I will show you next week in a webinar.  Don’t miss it next Thursday.  In the interim set yourself up for success.  Make sure you have an active fan page, and an active list of referral partners that have one too.  You want to be on social media now.  Like yesterday.  In a rising rate environment where inventory is scarce it’s imperative to stand out.  If you don’t understand the why, let me help you understand.  Organic reach, getting others not in your network to view your page is why.  It’s a way to generate leads!  And if your not on this band wagon yet, take the weekend and create a page for yourself.  #thetimeisnow


Throwback Thursday – Guidelines Galore

Some JUICY things to help you create “yes’s” are in effect today or coming soon.  #ThrowbackThursday as Fannie and Freddie open up the guidelines again.  Some great announcements on guides below.  If you do loans in Michigan you will want to know this too.  #GoGet’em #SellWell  I’m in the office all day to help with your “I GOTTA GUY” questions.  Have a great day.

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