Whacked Out Wednesday – How to count!

How about how to make it count!  I had my internet go down yesterday and had to do some things to make a hot spot or get to wifi to make online work.  It’s inevitable that things will happen, remember it’s how you deal with them to make a positive out of it that matters.  Ok, never mind my internet, let’s get to it, it’s #WHACKEDOUTWEDNESDAY and it’s about counting.  Yeah counting.  It’s funny in a way, but many don’t know this.  How to count on the LE and CD are actually different.  #Checkitout


Still looking for Broker’s who want to increase business.  #Letsgo #BrokerPackageonrequest

Two for Tuesday – Simple, Effective, FREE

SWEET! I can’t wait to help more Broker’s really looking to take their business to the next level.  I have been actively doing this for years, however this year, the game changed.  And with it was me sharing a lot of strategy and marketing campaigns that work! AND ARE FREE!  I’m looking for those that want to double their business.  If your a broker closing less than 5 deals every month.  Let’s work together and double if not triple your business.  Oh yeah here’s the #TwoforTuesday video today.  Link is below the video to learn more about GAINING FREE LEADS FROM YOUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!


In the comments click the link to learn about gaining FREE leads on your FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!



Weekend CALL to ACTION – Fit tip Friday

Willpower – It’s like a muscle, the more you use it, the STRONGER it gets!  This weekend take time to evaluate your targeting, your segmenting, your plan.  Plan Do Check Act.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Thanks for my team that helped knock out the loans we did.  I know our mission is to be better next month.  #Checkoutthevideo #FittipFriday #TGIF

Throwback Thursday – We’re in a bubble

Take a look at this chart I found.  This details the housing from a year ago today basically.  What’s your take?

Yep, #ThrowbackThursday to about a decade ago, and I see a trend here.  Could be opportunity again for investment purchases in the next the year or so is what I see.  This could also actually stimulate the economy, not necessarily hurt it in my opinion.  I personally think “people are waiting” to buy investments again when the time is right.  That time is about to come.  What’s your take?



Two for Tuesday – Must know FHA guidelines!

#TwoforTuesday – Must know FHA guides that can help you save a loan and get it closed.  You need to know these guides to avoid issues on a loan upfront.  Ton’s of questions on these two things recently.  I’m here for “I gotta guy” questions.  Let’s get a loan done together! #SellWell #TheSalesJUICE

Monday’s Motivation – The Challenge and two new mortgage terms!

The Challenge – You are a Loan Officer, and you solve problems clients didn’t even know they had!  The challenge is to ask questions and dig deep this week to see if you can find those problems to solve for your clients.  Also, as continued, the mortgage industry is changing and we have two new terms starting today!  #SellWell

Two for Tuesday – Spread the word on DUAL markets

I want to help stimulate the market by educating the consumers and businesses on the DUAL market opportunity that presents itself in times today.  This market has NOT been around for over 40 years, and if you are a homeowner, watch this video!  Seriously consider getting a “move up” analysis from your local mortgage broker!  I can help connect the dots, and if your looking for someone that can help you, let me know, I will refer you to the best mortgage Brokers across the US.  #SellWell – has a new meaning today 🙂

Monday Motivation – Looking for two things!

Looking for these two things this week – 1. Two new Broker’s to help, close more loans, and generate business with.  2. Two things on a refinance, equitable interest and vested interest.  Check it out below;


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