Motivational Monday – 5 things to kick start the week.

I had a great time with my parents and family this weekend as I had visitors from out of town.  I was able to use the help to make a vision come to life.  I had in the previous few months been plotting out making a patio in my backyard.  I first visualized it, I then wrote it down, and then made it happen by taking action.  In sales of any kind, there are 5 things that come to my mind as a result of completing this vision that I had.

  1.  Don’t let set back’s control you.  – In sales and in life.  Keep pushing forward.  Monday the day to come full throttle. 🙂
  2.  Never be intimidated at the “job” at hand.  In your career, or in life, we all come across potential cross roads that can be intimidating.  Never let that stop you.  Keep pushing forward.
  3.  Stay committed to your goals, your vision and your career.  In sales again, there are ups and downs, the more committed you are to obtaining your goals, the more likely they are to happen.  It’s funny the more you stay committed the more small things happen to help you reach your end goals.
  4.  Tap into motivational resources, or any resources that can help you in your career.  I look up video’s all the time.
  5.  If it’s ment to be, it’s up to me!  Take ownership in your sales.  And it’s amazing what happens.

Happy Monday!  #SellWell

Here’s the video that goes with this;

Weekend Call To ACTION – Segment Big loans

Segmenting is a great way to target market.  And if I was an LO, I’d be networked with all the RE Agents with the larger listings.  I’d network with RE Agents that segment a product too.  (ie they help Veterans all the time).  The idea is to think outside the box.  By doing so you can segment whom you gain referrals from with any of your referral partners (Pillars as I call them).  #SellWell #WeekendCalltoAction #TGIF


Whacked Out Wednesday – Use the resources and take action!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Get out of your comfort zone, utilize the resources in front of you, and TAKE ACTION!!  That’s really all you need to do to be successful in the mortgage industry.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s actually called the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”.  And the more you utilize resources given to you, and keep trying to take action, you will get there.  Join a group on Facebook that I’ve created over time for Mortgage Pro’s.  In the files tab there is scripts, there are condo cheat sheets, and I have ton’s of resources in there to help you grow your mortgage company.  From lead buy companies, to CRM’s, to website development discounts, to LIVE LEAD TRANSFERS, and more.  All of this is designed to help broker’s expand and grow their mortgage company.  #WhackedoutPart is some people don’t take advantage of this.  Make sure you are using resources in front of you and take action, over and over again.  Join Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s group on Facebook today; Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s

#SellWell #TakeAction

Monday’s Motivation – 1 Minute!

1 Minute, that’s all you have to take.  On Monday, what I suggest you do is go to a pillar partners fan page.  Look at some engaging post they did last week and share it.  Share it onto your fan page.  Tag that referral partner in the post where you are bragging about “their” business!  Like some older post, comment on a new one.  Take 1 minute to do this to two or three pillar referral partners you have.  Then later in the week it sets the tone for you to be able to follow up with them.  Do it today, follow up tomorrow.  Take 1 minute and watch this:

Two for Tuesday! – Two ways to disclose!

#TwoforTuesday – Yep, WHOLESALE TPO, Broker’s of the world have two options to submit loans with just about every lender out there.  *Including Me 🙂

After TRID, there’s two ways to do it typically, and to alleviate some headache Broker’s can have the “Wholesale” lender disclose.  My favorite way myself.  Check it out, pick your way and let’s do some business. #SellWell

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