Weekend Call To Action

Thanks so much for those that reached out this week.  Glad to be back doing these as well.  I will quote my favorite saying today, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!” This weekend’s call to action is to do just that, create a plan of attack for next week.  Invest in yourself and spend time getting better at what you do.  What ever it is for you, spend the time this weekend to get better.  #SalesJUICE #TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday (and the weekend) Have a great wrap up to your week.

A Doctor and Investigator

Yes, both.  Odd, but this is the closest thing to real truth in the Sales industry.  You need to be both in Sales, a doctor and investigator and here’s why.

The question you need to ask yourself in sales is what is it that your prospect “could” be looking for?  YOU need to be an investigator.  Asking questions is a great way to investigate, and you should mix it up with closed and opened ended questions.  Get the prospect to engage with you.  By asking the right series of questions that person will open up and tell you exactly what they are looking for.  You need to be the investigator to get it out.   Also you need to investigate and look at the prospects profiles, business model and know their products or services of interest.  If your B2B then know what your client sells or does the most, know their niche.

Then ask yourself what could be their immediate needs based on your investigation, and do they have wants they publicly share?  Investigate what they are about, where they hang out, and how they interact.  (what medium)  That way once you actually know about them, their potential needs and wants, and how to communicate best to reach them, you can create an effective advertising message.  What you should look at is what it is that can help that person with using your product/service.

Then paint pictures to the prospect about how your benefits can help the other person be more effective, or be more productive using your product/service.  The intentional recommendations could be at first base on your initial investigation. Then by being a doctor you may probe enough to find out how you can help solve a problem for them.

Most people don’t want a mortgage, they need the financing to buy the home.  They don’t want the Toyota Prius, it’s just affordable and is a means to the end goal.  To have transportation to work.  (no pun intended car guys).  The bottom line is by investigating and digging deep, ask questions, typically the client will tell you what comforts them best.  (what they want).  That then gives you the ability to custom tailor a solution.

BE a Dr.  By being a doctor your prescribing solutions to the “problems” they have.  You’re just not in a white lab coat.  And don’t have the patient spilling their guts making it easy for you to diagnose their problem.  This is why you need to be both a Doctor, and an Investigator.  If you get the “patient” to open up, they will tell you what is “wrong”.

By asking probing questions and seeking to understand before your understood will allow you to aim your responses the best way to custom tailor a solution.  To give them a “prescription”.  Those responses I view as bullets.  Pulling the right bullets out at the right time is part of the art of selling.  To many times in selling people bring too many out all at once.  What is called “info dumping”.  This is typically because the person selling is trying to do just that.  Sell.  Not prescribe.  Stop selling so much, and try prescribing a solution.  If you feel yourself doing this at any time, stop, and ask another question.  If you ask the right questions you can have that “patient” guide the sale along.  Especially when they start to describe features and benefits of what you have.  Cars, mortgages, t-shirts, whatever it may be.

When I did this is when my big “ahhh ha” moment of sales kicked in.  You see it’s not how you see your product fitting in their hands, its how the client see’s it helping them accomplish an end goal.  You need to really dig sometimes and ask questions to understand any prospects wants/needs/desires.  This takes investigating, and once you do that, it becomes easy to pull out the right bullet in your arsenal to “highlight” how you can assist them.  Your prescribing a remedy.  A solution to help them obtain the end desire.

I see this all the time with home loans.  Loan officers ask about rate, costs and sell the program to fit their needs.  But never go deep enough to know that the cash out was to pay for their kids college perhaps. (an example) Dig really deep, and knowing how you can bridge the gap to creating URGENCY in your “offers”.  If you do this, their “why” may be big enough to warrant a decision today, instead of waiting.  So by knowing what they are trying to accomplish, the reason they should have your product becomes easier to identify.  And then using that reason to help push the urgency buttons to gain a commitment is easier.  (the sale)  When executed correctly, your not pushy, your not sales-y, your caring.  Your highlighting how much faster you can help them reach the goal.  That type of urgency is the best way to “sell”. This goes hand in hand with my Thankful Thursday video, Thankful Thursday. Know what makes others tick and then find a way to appeal to that.

I aim to be a helpful resource for all those reading this.  Sometimes it’s sales tips, or tricks or objection responses.  Sometimes my content could be about mortgage guidelines or lead generation opportunities.  I aim to fill my blog posts and videos with content you can use and apply.  I am looking for opportunity to help others grow, and I will promote others that have tools to help you achieve the end goals.  A sale.  I surround myself with power players in the world of sales on purpose.  From that I learn what is working and what is not.  And in my sphere’s of influence those best practices are shared.  Today, I present a book, Elevator to the Top, which is a best seller, to those that are looking for sales tips.  Get it free by clicking the link below;

Elevator to the Top

More Sales JUICE to come.

-The Mortgage JUICEman (Join Us In Creating Excitement)


Thankful Thursday

Don’t worry if you’re not where you want to be. Great things take time.  Be thankful for what you have presently, while you work on what you want.  Find out what makes other’s tick today, find out their inspiration, and what their thankful for.  It could be just the button to push to help aid them in a decision that can help them achieve their goals.  #SellWell


Making resources to help sales people

Right now in the market place of trainers, if a sales person wanted to seek training, or additional education to help themselves generate more business the options are endless.  Almost too many, in fact it’s somewhat confusing.  Who do you listen too for sales tips?  Who would teach the best most innovative way to take sales up a notch?  Who’s the most impact-full coach or mentor?  When seeking additional tools, how do you know which one’s are “worth it”?

Seriously, never have I ever had a corporate “training” or “sales event” make a difference unless that content was paid for.  You can only get so much “free” content that will help you go forward in the world of sales.  That’s because the field of marketing and selling is always changing.  I’ve seen lot’s of trainers in action in my career in sales and not one person that ever made an impact wasn’t paid for.  It was always a special speaker, or a guest, or an outside source that I paid for directly, that made me better at my craft of sales.  You have to do this if your top 20% producer.  You must invest in yourself to learn more, about prospecting, advertising, handling objections or closing. Some aspect of your business I encourage you to invest in yourself.

Sales people often times are not one’s to ask for help unfortunately.  And if they “think” they need help, they will typically seek an outside source.  Someone they don’t know, or is recommended to them.  Or they find in a Google search.  I think there is a need for this, a hub of resources for sales pro’s.  A solution that’s the JUICE of all sales training’s.  Who can Join Us In Creating Excitement?  Who is the best sales trainer out right then when your asking?  Who to seek training with to learn lead generation, or whom makes the best websites for mortgage pro’s.  Who specializes in live lead transfers that are legit?  Which CRM’s (and other tools) are made for mortgage pro’s best?  A hub that will guide those with a fire to achieve in all the right directions.  I see a need for this, with so much saturation in the market of guru’s, there no third party that sources who is who, or what specialty is taught more at one persons training versus another.  A third voice that helps highlight those sales training’s that are “worth it”.  If you can’t hire Tony Robbin’s, who’s the next best pick?  Who could have the most sales impact?

I aim to be a helpful resource for all those reading daily, and will actively seek to answer some of these questions to help guide others out there seeking to be better at sales.. Sometimes I will share sales tips, or tricks or objection responses.  Sometimes my content could be about mortgage guidelines or lead generation opportunities.  I will actively look to recommend others I learned from or would learn from to help all those in sales.  I aim to fill my blog posts and videos with content you can use and apply.  I am actively looking for opportunity to help others grow, and I will promote others that have tools to help you achieve the end goal.  A sale!

I will also surround myself with power players in the world of sales on purpose.  From that I learn what is working and what is not. I encourage you to do the same.  And in my sphere’s of influence have best practices that are shared.  As a recommendation here’s a group that shares a lot of this knowledge for those in the mortgage industry; Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s

Asking a probing question below, I encourage you to share your thoughts so I can make recommendations in future articles on whom to seek knowledge from.  What tools are best to have, and how to generate more leads to make more sales, as some of the topics ahead.   So what’s most important to you?

Motivational Monday – CRM use!

Motivational Monday – Video and My virtual Business Card.

This week’s motivation is to use your CRM to it’s fullest potential, make notes, log calls, fill in birthday’s and record interests.  You will get out of it what you put into it.


Weekend Call to Action – Video

TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday’s… and the weekend.  I do these weekend calls to action to share ways to source business and help LO’s everywhere.  Mine are typically requiring you to get off your buttocks and do something… But every once and a while I’ll suggest to spend money on something to have a high rate of return.  If your an LO, and you are not thinking about ways to STICK YOUR NECK OUT THERE, your missing the boat.  You are in a big referral business, and the only way to succeed in the loan world is to open your mouth.

You gotta reach out and attempt to make contact.  You have to build relationships everywhere.  And with the recent turmoil on the MSA baloney I had mentioned how Builder’s are WIDE OPEN FOR THE TAKING.  Mark my word, some LO that doesn’t care what others think is opening his/her mouth and networking with potential builders right now.  It’s happening.  And builders read my blog, trust me a ton of people did.  I suggest you get out of your “comfort zone” and start networking with builders.

GAS STATIONS ARE HUGE.  No joke every town has one.  And every morning between the times of 5 am to like 9 am trucks full of construction workers stop at the Mom and Pop shop gas station and fill up on snack cakes and gatorade.  No joke, they all have a sign on the side of the trucks they drive, it’s obvious.  And you see them at stop lights all day during commutes.  Shout out, ask them, “hey really quick, I’m interested to help to help you obtain more clients for home improvements.”.  WHAT! You will catch an ear real fast.  I’ve done it myself.  And then say, “I get others looking for cash-out all the time to do home improvements and can refer you clients”.  Just as they could potentially visit a clients home that is looking to do repairs or upgrades and then refer that client to you to solidify the money source.

This is out of the box thinking, however I paint the picture cause it’s as easy as that.  Watch the video below, I have another opportunity I paint a picture for to help you LO’s on networking with builders.  I would suggest again just sticking your neck out there and making a wave.  Call a bunch of builders in town, start networking, linking with them on social media to start build a relationship.  As the year goes on, check in, follow up, and if your half way good at sales I bet you get a bite.  And some builder will refer you a client.  It all starts with you taking action.  This weekend, prepare yourself for Monday, make a list of builders to call and then take action.  Nobody is forcing you to succeed… lol.. Hope you do that yourself.

Here’s the video;

Sell Well and have a great weekend.

New Videos start next week, so stay tuned.



-The Mortgage Juiceman


CFPB is changing the game.

Yet again… And for MSA’s BIG TIME.  I think this will affect Builder’s BIG TIME, right as the ground softens.  Winter’s not over, but a cold front just waved through.  And if you didn’t know, I’m referring to the most irritating, hardest objection to get around if your an originator.  It’s when Builders give incentives to have a client go through “their” preferred lender or forfeit certain incentives. TOTALLY STEERING.

Recently the CFPB slapped the wrist of yet another mortgage company.  And this time the Real Estate firms associated with the “deal” get slapped too.  And it’s all because the RE listing suggests that a certain lenders pre-approval is preferred and had kickbacks or marketing “budget” that was moved around monthly.  Let me ask you originators, have you ever come across a lead and the prospect says their shopping compared to a “builders lender”?  Every LO’s face just cringed.  It’s the worst, and as an LO even if you offer a better rate or lower costs, if that prospect uses you, they lose out on certain “upgrades”.  And benefits for their builder deal.  I’ve seen it time and time again.

Well the CFBP is sending a crystal clear message with this case.  And I bet, mark my word that some builder that steers clients to a certain “lender” or they forfeit certain benefits, will be going down next.  Big time.  It’s the worst thing an LO hears, they already know they can’t win against the builder’s lender and feel trapped.  For years this has been the case.  This summer might be a different story.  The kickback or benefits of using preferred lenders in some Marketing Service Agreement (MSA) will be a no no going forward.  Wait that was the way it was designed in RESPA years ago…. Oh, yeah, people are still trying to find holes or cracks to slide through… I also think more of the public eye and consumers as a whole (even RE and LO’s) are reporting these kind of practices that make for an unfair advantage.  Heard that’s how this happened, a competitor of the mortgage company snitched on them.  Good.  I think the CFBP has got it right on the preferred MSA’s out there and how they are wrong.  But I don’t see anyone bring up the builders benefit aspect.

In my opinion as long as the LO and RE agents are diversifying themselves and not doing all their business with one person, then they should be ok.  Never make it even look like your steering loans to one place.  The old saying, never have all your eggs in one basket right.  Just don’t put something on the NMLS listing that says all offers must be pre-approved by XYZ bank.  Or from an LO perspective never advertise conjointly with a RE agent and have exchanges of value.  Keep things generic and or a representation of the company that sponsors you. This is a great move technically and in turn helps the consumers and level’s the playing field.  No one person or lender is “preferred” or should be advertised that way in my opinion.  All approvals or pre-approvals are taken at face value of what they are, and lenders are expected to perform if they issue it.  I think it’s a win win to have this, and really  this kind of action was needed more than 5 years ago.

Builders are the worst in offering incentives and or taking them away if that “preferred partnership” is not used.  As far as RE agents go I don’t see someone saying they won’t show a house to someone, or they won’t accept an offer if not using that preferred party.  I am not a RE agent and don’t know how they could “take away a benefit” if that lender was not used.  However if they place it in a written ad on NMLS stating all pre-approval’s need to be through XYZ Mortgage Co.  Well then you have steering.  Stay away from that is my suggestion.  Still builders are and have been the worst at this.  And I think this new message could have lasting affects with not just kickbacks, but the taking away benefits to a client for not using a “preferred lender” they have a MSA with..  And for the better.

We’ll see this summer.  Everyone should be on the look out for a builder that says use my company or forfeit some aspect of potential gain on the building of the clients new house…. I hope builders get the message and it spreads.  That’s a new no no.  Well there you have it. The CFPB is changing the game again.  Nobody is preferred, or compensated for steering loans towards a certain lender partner.  Makes sense.  Clear cut and dry.  Message and Law has been around for a while (RESPA).  Why are people still trying to cut corners is what I ask myself…

AS A RESULT. What I see is opportunity.  If I was originating loans, I would be using this as education for those builders that “have a MSA” or preferred lender and educate them.  Partner with them NOW, and offer to be a balance to their portfolio.  The last thing a builder should want is a track record of having all their closings with one entity.   (hardly any LO’s network with builders)…. This is key.  And wide open for the taking.  That’s cause they all had “their lender” they steer clients too.  And LO’s know this.  All you need to do is start adding value to them by education on this.  New “partnerships” are about to be born, hopefully with no MSA attached.  lol.  No one should be preferred any more.  My suggestion, stay away from even the looks of steering.  RE agents you should network with at least 3 LO’s from different companies.  LO’s you should network with 30 RE agents. 🙂  And builders you should have at least 3 lenders you can recommend.  No one person/lender from RE to Builders should be “preferred” and no benefits taken away if those partnerships are not used.  It’s not fair to the consumer.

Happy Origination’s

Happy Builder partnering

-The Mortgage Juiceman


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