Thankful Thursday – No video, straight check-up time!

#ThankfulThursday – No video sorry! LOL.. I like switching it up from time to time.  You know this is how you gain exposure as well.  Today is social media Thursday.  My buddy whom owns a brokerage does the best out there for his LO’s.  I see nothing like it from anyone else.  He actually has a group for his LO’s and he posts tools and resources to help that team.  He is a great broker in Michigan that I have in my network.

I am thankful to have partners that help other people with the same passion I do for others building their business.  I am thankful for my existing partners and sometimes wish more were “action takers”.  But there’s a rhyme and reason to everyone’s beat.  Some just have more GRIT than others.  If you have GRIT, you have to consistently be pushing yourself.  You ask how can I, not why should it.  You attempt to get out of your comfort zone and help yourself grow daily.  GRIT is the secret ingredient to the successful.  No doubt about it.  There are studies now on students that display the most GRIT seem to get the furthest out of life.

I am extremely thankful for all my experiences, the companies I’ve worked for and the surroundings I have enclosed myself with.  It is through these, that my drive for satisfaction really probably won’t ever be 100% complete.  I will always want more.  It is my Dad that helped me develop my work ethic and dedication to take a consultative approach to continuous improvement.  It’s my mother that I get my true passion for helping others from.  🙂

My point today is to help you expand your why, your level of GRIT and your want to achieve more.  That need for achievement drives me big time.  And I am only beginning.  Today I encourage you to try this, post a version of this on your own business page or wall on social media;  Social Media Thursday post;  ♥ it.

Copy Paste Post – Reword if needed;

You know, I talk to people all the time about Real Estate, buying a new home, fixing their credit or acquiring investment properties.  ONE thing that really bothers me is when people are clearly not in the right mortgage to help them get to their financial goals.

You see a mortgage is a wealth vehicle. It’s actually an investment vehicle to help you achieve your financial goals.  Assuming your in the right one, it can compliment and be custom tailored to help you reach your life’s goals.  Weather that’s to take money and invest in a business, or send your kids to college.  Or even pay for your daughters wedding.

Right now, is a perfect time to get a mortgage check-up to see how you are leveraging your wealth vehicle and equity to help you achieve your life’s goals.  Everyone is different.  And just like a doctor recommends you getting yearly check ups, I suggest the same for your credit, mortgage and equity situation.  It’s a perfect time to see how you could lower your overall debt situation perhaps, or just plan for the unexpected.

I have set some time aside over the next week with holiday’s fast approaching to help others at least look into it.  FREE, and of course you get my expertise to advise if there’s a way to help you generate more wealth in 2018.  It takes less than 15 minutes and I invite you to reach out to me personally.  You don’t even need to like this post, just message me privately if needed.

Just like a doctor my role is to make sure everything is in working order!  Reach out to me, it may just be the best thing you did in a long time! 🙂

Signed the #kickbuttLO that you are!

Post this and grow.  Or a version of your own.  No matter what, My GRIT to help is deep and would welcome each and everyone of you the ability to work with me as well.  I am always looking for ACTION TAKERS whom want a great rep to help them grow their business.  #FillinBELOW ↓


Wonderful Wednesday – LO Tools galore

#WonderfulWednesday – What happened to “Whacked Out Wednesday”?  Well it’s both today, in a Wonderful way!  A friend of mine asked me to train LO’s how to gain more business online, and I was able to refer to ton’s of tools I have readily available to help new LO’s.

What’s next, I’ll tell you! Never tell them your next move, show them.  Well, I have made this over a year ago, and have yet to publish it.  It will go live after Thanksgiving and my ultimate goal is to hub just about everything a LO would need in a tool box.  I’ve created these trainings to help train AE’s actually.  Now it’s been formatted to be more of a B2B guide for LO’s.  The “whacked out” part is I’ve been giving this value FREE to people for so long.  Some realize it, some do not.  But if your in Mortgages, my fan page is designed to be a tool box for you.  Go HERE and steal a bunch of pictures to use for your own advertising campaign.  You can also go to the group Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s to check out the files tab yourself.  Some of the links and tools will be taken down after the new year.  Grab your copies now!

The BLUEPRINT just started, and most don’t know where it’s going.  So here it is, a tool that can help LO’s expand with on-going marketing suggestions and campaigns to program weekly to gain free leads.  Yep, the whole enchilada! I already have the application flow sheets, the objection responses, the software tools to help, and cheat sheets galore to help LO’s calculate income or prescreen condos.  Now I’m placing more tools than ever before including creating a membership site for LO’s and Broker’s that want free strategies to implement weekly.

The early adopters and clients of the BLUEPRINT will see the most value.  As they will be added Free upfront.  Ongoing, this cost will be minimal, like 5 to 10 dollars a month if that.  My suggestion, get the BLUEPRINT now! I will help you learn to use social selling to a whole new level.  Even if you have a paid ad campaign, having organic traffic helps those ads perform.  This is what the BLUEPRINT does, it shows you how to set up a fan page and actually leverage it to gain leads.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to get started!!

Two for Tuesday – Push & Pull

#TwoforTuesday – Push and Pull marketing is where it’s at! If you don’t have an organic push campaign at the least your not doing marketing right.  Well you might not be in sales.  lol  Having some Fan page, or online presence on several social medium platforms is a must.  Not just a personal account, I’m talking about a business fan page.  Something that you can actually “program” to do work for you! Yep, just about everything you see me do on social media is scheduled, I’m actually rarely on it during the day.  Because I’m on the phone calling the leads that the posts and interaction give me.

So here’s the thing, if you ever tried a paid marketing campaign on FB and failed one of two things existed.  1, you do suck at sales and maybe need to go do processing work.  Or 2, you didn’t have a combination of someone optimizing those ads to help them gain leads or you didn’t have an organic campaign running beside the paid ad.  Yes, that is by definition having a Push & Pull campaign working beside each other.  When I spoke to someone just yesterday they mentioned they had a bad experience running ads, and when I asked about what was done to help the ads gain leads, they said nothing.  They really didn’t know!

I’m not here to sell you a paid ad campaign (yes I am) but it all starts with having some organic Push campaign.  Sure you can have no business fan page on FB and run ads, but if you do the person running them better be an economic’s geek that can optimize that ad to reach more people.  Meaning re-target the advertising to gain more clicks and you gain more leads.  There’s definitely a skill to that.  And I don’t do it.  I lean on the Pro’s that have been doing it for years.  In fact, I offer the ad copy that has the best conversion rates out there in almost any sales field.  Not just mortgages.  And these guys help optimize the advertisement to literally have you swimming in leads.  No joke.  Here’s a campaign result for you.  Just one small one.  Started mid week, and with 30 dollars in ad spend generated 14 leads.  Do that math, that’s 2.15 a lead!


But hey, again I’m not here to “sell” you into doing them.  I only offer them to those that are serious about NOT BUYING LEADS ANYMORE, but rather CREATING A LEAD GENERATION MACHINE!  You see for years I’ve helped my Broker’s actually gain leads organically.  And now have my own digital product I sell to help others in or out of my network start a BLUEPRINT to help themselves generate leads FREE!  Then when they want to up their game up and do paid ads, I have the open door to the best ad copy and the best management service for those that want to run paid advertising campaign.  #jussayin 🙂

If you want to start but don’t know where to start, the best place to do it is with your own Facebook business fan page.  I have a BLUEPRINT that shows you how to set up your page, and what type of posts to do to organically to push and pull your messages to social media land.  CLICK HERE FOR THE BLUEPRINT!

For those of you with an advertising budget that want to immediately see some results like above, CLICK HERE FOR PAID ADVERTISING AD MANAGEMENT

My advice, no matter what you should be Pushing & Pulling your marketing to help yourself gain more exposure!  I didn’t make this up, it’s in the marketing books! 🙂  I just got really good and doing them.  And I’m for hire to help you.  If your a Broker in my network you get even more perks with me helping you grow your business! Fill in Below, let’s work together on many levels! ↓ #SellWell

Monday Motivation – 10 New LO’s

#MondayMotivation – 10 New LO’s to do the BLUEPRINT this week.  That’s what I’m looking for! I got an awesome testimonial on Friday and more are on the way!  The success stories are pouring in.  I had one Broker partner double their fan page likes and engagement in 1 week.  Another gained 17 leads in his first week.  The BLUEPRINT not only works, it’s teaching LO’s to LEVEL-UP!


With a slower time going on for most, the LO’s that make strides are the one’s developing new relationships now.  What better way to start a new relationship with a RE Agent than giving them a lead.  You become an authority that way.  And your not begging for business.  You come with business setting yourself up for success.  Now’s the time to network for next year.  Many in this industry “wind down” around the Holiday’s and don’t return to work until mid January.

What the BLUEPRINT can do for you is help you start using social selling in your daily routine and help you start networking like never before.  As a result you will learn to drive leads to your page organically! Yep, FREE LEADS ANYONE?  This is not rocket science but rather just work like you would do with going to RE Agents, but without leaving your office.

More importantly what the BLUEPRINT can do for you is help you develop the fan page relevancy that you can use to rippen your page for paid ads, that’s where you get leads hands over fist!  But no matter what there is no “set it and forget it” in being a king at lead generation.  If you want to dominate your local area, you have to put in the work.  Let the BLUEPRINT show you a step by step guide on how to do just this.

Get the BLUEPRINT here

Weekend Call to Action – Segmentation (VA Loans) – Happy Veterans Day

#WeekendCalltoAction – This weekend if you write loans, the number one thing I would do is campaign for VA loans!  Heck I would’ve done that all week long, but that’s just me.  When it comes to loans, segment!  And USE these HOLIDAYS to help you! There’s nothing wrong with that, why not thank a VET and help them get into a home with NO MONEY DOWN!!!?

You see this is called planned MARKETING – And if your not doing it your missing the boat!  BIG TIME!  I can teach anyone that wants to know how to start with social media to learn to do these things! I teach LO’s how to segment and advertise on a business fan page on Facebook to gain free leads.  Meaning without having to do a paid ad or facebook funnel advertising.  If you’re not leveraging social media as I mentioned earlier in the week, click here – we can get you started!

What I suggest is that you do some educational tips for VA loans and mention a guideline on your page! Do a video even as a tribute to Vets in the local area.  If you had already an organic presence on social media I can plug you in with PAID ADVERTISING DONE FOR YOU SOLUTIONS! (And target all the VFW Halls in your area, or Military bases near you) Click here if you have a marketing budget to buy leads.  STOP BUYING LEADS and start your own machine that can help you create leads.  There’s a BIG difference between buying leads, and having the ability to create your own exclusive leads!  This is where it’s at – Paid ads.  I graduate my students from free ads to paid ads.  Most small broker’s don’t have a budget for immediate marketing funnel results.

Again what I suggest, is that you take advantage of the month of November and aim to direct all marketing to segment VA loans as a whole.  PS – My lender is like 4th in the Nation for VA rates :)!!  We have minimal overlays and I’m always building my network of Mortgage Brokers to help get these loans done.  My underwriting team rocks!


I grow my lists this time of the year because I earn my right to stay in lending rosters across the Nation with small banks, credit unions and mortgage broker’s that need great service, rates, and a responsive AE to help them.  My specialty, I help my partners actually drum up loans.  #WeekendCalltoAction – I just don’t ask “what’s on the corner of your desk?”!   If you like the idea of having a wholesale/non-del REP that can help you actually grow your business, teach your sales team to sell and structure loans, my forte’ is getting loans done.  (Difficult one’s too)  *Heck I coined the “I gotta guy” questions.  Let’s rock, stop procrastinating, let’s work together!  I’ll email you a Broker Package or a Non-Del package after you fill in below.  #SellWell


Thursday Thoughts – Leverage of Social Media is a must!

#ThursdayThoughts – The leveraging of social media presence and advertising is a must in 2018! The odd part about it is so many still do not do this properly.  Or are not doing it at all.  I could even turn on a faucet of leads for the LO’s at my company.

Not everyone understands that marketing is a fine art, and attracting the masses with a message is as good as the medium itself.  At one point news papers used to be a go to medium because people read them, and your message was “seen”.  Radio is still a viable medium and it can help your messages be heard.  I believe radio is stronger than TV in some cents.  Unless your advertising on a major network for television at prime time advertising, the so called bang for your buck is gone there.  Radio will give you higher ROI for marketing dollars in most cases.  But in the last decade a shift became prevalent with social media users and the ability to have a message seen.  Now, on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter these are all the new mediums.

And guess what? They are TV!  More people “watch” and “read” posts than watch a television in their living room.  People will “watch” a screen that’s a fraction of the size of a TV, while sitting next to a 55 inch flat screen and not see what’s playing on it.  People get to engage and comment their opinions and beliefs creating the best form of interaction any advertiser can get.  Yet some still haven’t shifted their focus or medium concentration.  Heck just five short years ago, websites were “hot”.  Google ad words was still relevant and how you ranked on a website was important.  Not any more.  Websites are still relevant in a way, but they are dying slowly.  Especially if they are not a true “landing page” designed to capture the audience, book an order or an appointment for example.

Funny thing is, I’ve been told multiple times by other’s, “I see you on TV all the time”.. I ♥ your videos! Blushing of course I love to do them.  And aim to add quick value to the mortgage broker world.  But now it’s gone beyond that, and my ‘marketing tips’ and tricks are seen as viable worldwide in almost any industry.

I have surrounded myself with the pro’s that offer the management of the Facebook advertising that can turn on faucets of leads for anyone.  The power of social media is real, and weather you learn to do it organically or jump into paid advertising, the results will net better ROI than most other mediums now.  Why aren’t you taking advantage?

#ThursdaysThoughts – Last thoughts on the matter, if you’re not using Facebook as a business, and it’s all friends and family still, you’re doing it wrong.  Especially if your in sales.  Change the way you view social media and change your sales game up.  If you want help, I have the gateway to turning the faucet of leads on! I offer done for you solutions for any sales team in any industry at this point, to take advantage of Facebook Marketing.  Click below ↓ #SellWell

Ready to explode your sales? CLICK HERE


Whacked Out Wednesday – Not always what it seems!

#WhackedOutWednesday – No, not everything is always what it seems! It is “whacked out” sometimes.  For example, depending on where you are in the Nation, Zillow house values can be 10,000 less than what they say your house is worth, or 20.000 more!  Credit Karma is another example, they show you a 680 FICO but that is really your “educational score” not your consumer debt score.  It’s typically 50 points lower.

This applies to business in my ways, especially if you are an LO whom gives leads to your referral partners.  Are you actively following up to ensure that partner is calling those leads?  How do you track that they actually are helping you?  Or what about documents, like credit, and paycheck stubs, you know those have an expiration date?

How about HOI, this one is really “whacked out”, if I have HOI coverage in a file and the loan doesn’t close in this calendar month and rolls over to the 1st of next month, the lender won’t accept insurance effective on the 30th? It has to be effective the same month the loan closes!  Here’s another good one, title work, why is it that fee’s change based on loan amount! You quote fees on a +/- 250k transaction just because the loan amount goes up by 1k or something the fees should change! (there should be a tolerance rule to this, like plus or minus 10k fees stay the same).

Bottom line is there are a ton of moving parts in mortgages, and each from credit, to appraisals, to HOI, these moving parts through out the working of putting together a mortgage need your help.  “Whacked Out” or not, YOU are the missing link.  The more educated you are on each of these topics as an LO, the better you get at putting together loans.  When was the last time YOU read an appraisal report, or title report?  Did you just forward to your processor and let them send it in?  (WHACKED OUT)

Knowing what to do when, and if this, then that is key to doing mortgages in bulk for sure.  And as an AE that’s my job to help.  Sometimes people don’t know when to do what, but if your not sure, ASK!!!!!! #SellWell #Silencekillsdeals (now that’s Whacked Out)

Stop being mediocre and start stepping up your game.  I can show you how to do more loans in so many ways.  I even help others not even in my lender roster! (not whacked out)  If you are looking for an AE that can help you put together loans, get them done, and help you with generating more deals in many ways, then reach out.  I am seeking action takers!  #ActionJackson Fill in the below form, I’ll call you right away! Let’s go, lets make 2018 your best year yet!  Broker or Banker, doesn’t matter I can help the VP/CEO or the LO individually! What’s stopping you? – Fill in below ↓

Two for Tuesday – Application Guidelines

#TwoforTuesday – Application guidelines today! And a cheat sheet for FHA UFMIP refunds!  Got to ♥ it! Lender paid and Borrower paid I will be posting more of and how you Broker’s can WIN every deal no matter what any direct lender gives the client.

As a mortgage Broker owner, you should know how to go both ways, Borrower paid or Lender paid.  If done correctly, you can effectively meet and beat any offer any “bank” gives your client.  Rates are Rates, and more and more clients realize that there are combinations of rates and fees that go into loans.  (well more LO’s are teaching this now more than ever before – Great work)

When a client asks for ARM pricing (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) you as an LO, must show certain things to them upon “Interest” and or applying for an ARM loan.  Great Application guidelines to know! #Checkitout ↓

**Sponsor of the week – Lender Home Page – Get your done for you website solution here –>> Lender Home Page – Website offer

#SELLWELL – How did I forget to say that – 🙂   #StilllookingforBrokers


Monday’s Motivation – Marketshare Mafia

#MondayMotivation – Are you getting ready to diversify your referral portfolio?  Are you gaining leads from multiple sources or multiple channels?  Good time to do so.

I have several Broker partners doing things this year that will help them have the best 2018 ahead of them.  One is partnering with a local radio station and gaining exposure that way! One of my partners is doing TV ads, and another one of my partners is doing everything they can on social media!  The common denominator is that every one of these partners started with online exposure on FB and other social mediums to gain exposure organically (FREE) and then used their profits off a deal or two and invested in paid ads.  Weather on TV, Radio or Online, paid advertisements can have a great ROI if you plan it out.  If you market it as well.  ONLINE!

You see Facebook is where you would have the best exposure off a business fan page that works beside the paid ads that you do.  I am a big believer in organic exposure and teach others how to use their own business fan page in a way that makes social media work for you.  I do offer the done for you solutions when you’re ready to step up your game, 🙂 but you have to take action first.

Here’s today’s tip on marketing, if you have a business fan page and the button at the top of the page doesn’t say “SIGN UP”, change it.  I see ton’s of these pages all the time, and the number 1 common thing I see is “Call now”.  While the website and phone number are displayed just inches below the button.  Make your call to action align with your audience and the habits they have.  You see facebook is for “thumbs” and now for calling people.  Most don’t go to Facebook to dial a number, however, if a page is intriguing enough someone will fill out a form.  Which is why I suggest as someone is scrolling and they see your page, promote a message button, or a sign up button to allow someone to enter their name, phone and email if interested.  Capture leads already! That is what you want your page to do right?  Set it up that way.  #SellWell

When your ready to start utilizing Facebook for organic FREE exposure call me, I’ll show you how to turn 250 dollars into several thousand dollars within 45 days or less. Then you can too, be investing profits into paid advertising.  Click below for #TheBLUEPRINT ↓






TGIF – My Story Part 5

#TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday – Thanks to all that have been following my story this week.  We’ll be back at it with tips, tricks and guidelines to help you gain more business and close more loans next week.  It all started with me investing in myself.  If your in sales, you have stay GREEN AND GROWING! And through doing this, I started this blog, the mortgage JUICEman (Join Us In Creating Excitement), and surrounded myself with the pro’s running and creating the best ad campaigns on Facebook.

You can too, all you would need to do is invest in yourself.  You can learn from the same group I did at the “HardCore Closer”. Break Free Academy is full of all the knowledge from how to blog, to how to run ads on Facebook.  While I didn’t focus on ad spend and did grow my following and exposure “organically” I now have a plug for you.  You can learn with #TheBLUEPRINT to do the same, and gain leads with a FREE marketing campaign on Facebook.  But if you want to really turn on the faucet of leads that could be coming in for you, I have access to the best “DONE FOR YOU” solutions when it comes to running Facebook ads.

Complete with a CRM, an email drip campaign, funnel to capture leads and the best OPTIMIZATION and MANAGEMENT of that funnel out there.  THE SAME PRO’S THAT TAUGHT ME! This is where it’s at, and what I do is show others how to generate a free lead, then reinvest their profits in a paid ad campaign and really change the “coma’s” in their pay checks.  In most cases add a few digits.  🙂

Get a copy of the book, the Sales JUICE here!  Get the training and learn how to do facebook advertising yourself, or just fill in below and get the “DONE FOR YOU” solution that’s changing the game for many.  I can’t wait to help you!  #SELLWELL

LET’S WORK TOGETHER! Be apart of my network and I take a personal approach to helping you learn! Fill in below ↓

Mortgage sales expert. Helping mortgages close everyday.

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