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Same Day Service, creating URGENCY

Remember that is what a mortgage is a “bond” that changes.  You know rates go up and down.  Well paint that picture.  Painting the picture that to the client you send all the application too, they need to actually SIGN IT and SEND IT BACK… Rather quickly.  It’s not a sit on it and analyze it type of thing for two weeks.  You don’t ponder a mortgage decision on a refinance.  A purchase ok take your time, when your ready come back to me and I’ll refer you a realtor with a pre-approval letter.

With Bonds or should I say mortgages there is a price associated on a LE that is sent in an environment of rates at a specific date in time.  You and I know rates come out daily.  Paint that picture, that fact that remains the exact price to the penny will not be the same exact price on the loan assuming it’s not locked at time of initial disclosures.  That’s a fact and part of our industry.  And why CREATING URGENCY is actually really easy in the mortgage business.  I never understood why other originators wouldn’t get their “books” back.  Book = Complete loan package SIGNED with supporting information needed.  I remember a time in the call center days we would “ring” literally a bell on the floor to create excitement.  Once a day I’d make it a goal to go over and ring that bell.  lol.

You know it all came down to “painting the picture”.  Shopper or not I stressed the fact that rates change daily and that either market (rising or lowering) that is link between the myth that what your promised and what a client gets are two different things.  (in the mortgage industry) The majority of people who say that where promised something one day, held on to something too long, the rates changed and when they locked that price was different.  They paid more for the same rate.  ENTER the one call close, what we called “Same Day Service”

When I used “rocket” before it was known, I would take the app in a conversation, scrub their credit, and “rocket” the loan for decision inside of 40 minutes most of the time.  I would give that client a consultative approach to solutions for their need, whatever it was.  I always dug deep.  And when the time came to push the buttons to generate the docs, I would offer a special same day discount of some sort.  All they needed to do was allow me to explain the docs one by one to them.  Which I did, I walked clients through each form, told them which lending law associated with each document, and then had them sign it.  Right on the phone.  And afterward I would attempt to offer to lock the loan in, if they could send me the supporting docs same day.  Boom 1 out of 10 would do it.  Most people I would call in the morning. Paint the picture of importance to get the book back, push the bruise (the why they are doing this to begin with, remember I dug deep) and gain a commitment on a time I would have it back by.

My ratios ended up being that 80% of the people hold on to the docs 24 hours or less and really do move to get supporting docs rather quickly.  10% ended up shopping and out of that approximately 2% would come back to me and say, I totally understand now.  The teeter tooter effect of price and cost and how they relate they either understood better and or trusted me.  And would do business.  The rest was same day or not at all.  Win some lose some.

Today originators do TWO things for me.  First place a big sign in front of you that says S W to the 3rd power.  SW3.  Some Will, Some Won’t, So What NEXT.  And try today to take as many applications all the way to “book back” in one call.  Achieve Same Day Service.

If you’ve done SAME DAY SERVICE, like the article.

Happy Origination’s.




100 calls 4 credits 1 deal

Two for Tuesday!

Yep there coming back, and next week the new video’s start.  Want to see a cheat sheet for DTI associated with FHA loans.  Click the link below.  While I made the video a year ago, the same concepts still apply.  Plus DU was just reprogrammed again.  Give your feedback on what DTI is giving as results, is it more sensitive to DTI in 2017 already?  QM exemption is coming to an end for GSE’s. And during the Trump reign we’ll see GSE’s have to conform to the 43% rule.  Remember they were only exempt for 7 years when it all started.  That means more scrutiny to DTI in the near future.  Great idea to start conforming and not just over extending your pre-approval letters to the max.  Make it so clients can buy a house and live.  #ThemortgageJuiceman


Success gravitates towards speed

You know what’s funny.  Is I’ve done this several times in my professional marketing and sales career where I just totally “burst” with success as a result of my actions.  Like the feeling of that first sales job where you put your head down and have a burst of energy that leads to your launch.  Whatever, launch that may be.  It’s absolutely like an airplane taking off.  That arch of a half pipe in the X games.  A burst of energy is what launches you.

From recruiting to sales in B2B where that relationship is based on a reoccurring sale and service provided, the bulk of your “business” pipeline is broken down to a handful of prime accounts.  The 80/20 rule.  80% of the business is generated by 20% of the accounts.  Same with the source of where that business is coming from.  80% of the business is generated by the top 20% of the sales force.  So what makes the difference?

Speed!  I am sure of it.  If you know me I’m the guy you would think is drinking red bull all day.  Totally a “BURST” of energy.  Especially when starting something new or beginning a new marketing campaign.  I used to love when a mortgage company would come out with something new.  I remember being in several positions when the “product” just came out.  And the “burst” of energy upfront from all the sales people generated a lot of momentum.

That is called “taking off”.  The arch I was talking about.  And if you come in to win it like it’s your first 30-60-90 days and really put forth effort.  You will see some form of success.  Success gravitates toward Speed.  And if you apply this to your ventures, your marketing strategy, culture and sales efforts, you will see success.

Not long ago I had a big “burst” of energy where I signed up a bunch of wholesale accounts all at once.  Then that burst helped me service those accounts and generate a revolving 20-30 Million dollar pipeline monthly.  What made me sustain that success over longer periods of time than most is that energy I would turn on and off.  Like an airplane, you back off the throttle when you get to a certain point and then service it.  Even put it on autopilot.  lol  Means alot in that analogy with today’s auto-responders.  As I look back at it, it was a small, 30-60-90 day plan that I kept pushing myself to do.  I used to write quarterly reports and in it always placed my schedule.  I blocked my time.  And each quarter I shifted WHERE I HAD MY ENERGY SPENT.  I spent time focusing on training others at certain segments in time in both my retail and wholesale experience.   I spent certain times focused soley on continued education or expanding my product knowledge.  I spent certain time focusing on prospecting and at certain times was sourcing additional business.  By doing this in little bursts of energy and focus on different aspects of my business, I was always one of the most consistent guys.  Maybe not 1 or 2, but always in the top 10 or 20 in production and falling into the top 20% tier.  In all of the sales I’ve done.  Analyzing how I did it, made me realize, it was a consistent drive of “bursts” of energy on any one focus in my business.

Speed generates success, when success is gravitating towards speed.  When that burst is diversified to accompany various aspects of whatever you do.  Over as period of time, that 30 day plan to work on one aspect is a bigger 60 day plan that comes to life.  And the final 90 days of that period is where you would identify as the launch.  I bet most reading this that are top performers can relate to what I’m saying.  They can remember a “burst” of activity they did at one time or another that generates 80% of their business or relationships.  Funny I’ve done this same thing when I originated loans.  I look back at all the times there was any awards won or testimonials or stories that stick out in my sales career.  In each that I remember there was a “burst” or take off moment that is momentum that creates more momentum.  The saying the best time to sell something is when you just sold something.  Couldn’t be more true for most sales people.  Just some fail to bring that energy when it would’ve counted.  They never “launched”.  And in the cases where I sold the most and saw the most success I can always remember an energy about me.  So I try to come with it daily.  He we are on the last day of Jan 2017, you going to have momentum to burst into February? How bout your goals this month, did you put in enough energy to hit them?

Mr Motivator today

The JUICE is Loose

-The Mortgage Juiceman


Sales guru’s and coaches, everywhere

Is it just me or is it that more and more people are showing up on Social Media branding themselves?  Branding that they are an expert.  Or sales guru or coach.  I see this from a stance of new beginning for me, yet again publishing the Mortgage Juiceman. Having stopped was the worst decision I made.  Now being at it again, and executing from a plan of strategy, I see a lot of others all the sudden come out of the wood works and have a shoot from the hip strategy.  Every year on social media this seems to happen for a month or two and then a bunch of people will quit.

Hmmm, makes me think about social proof and what I see from a marketing stand point.  Does that person have a banner, branding that company, how about a facebook fan page?  Does that person have articles or publications that endorse them?  Do you see them on VIDEO, and do they have “authority” in groups or social media platforms.  Do they have social proof of success, perhaps testimonials?  This is all apart of “branding” as a whole. And my message today for all in sales.

If channeled right that authority on social media can be/ and is driven by social proof in the numbers, endorsements, recommendations or even engagements if you will.  Also by having a following in the case of a “raving fan base” is the best form of Social Proof and authority you can create with social media marketing.  For example, I saw a broker not to long ago start using his social media to grow his “brand” and suggested that he create a fan page for his mortgage company and when he posts “testimonials” from closings and positive remarks on his staff, that he place them on that page.  Then share it on his own page with hashtags associated.  That way it gains social media “attention” from followers on the business page, as well as friends on his page.  It would be branded with the social media page, and was a share using a hashtag to help facebook seo so to speak.  So in the case of the building that brand for others to see, the testimonial that was highlighted under the company was foreshadowed (it’s above the shared content) by a short one sentence to promote the success to his friends.  That can even be shared in groups if that business person wanted too that way.  Over time with consistency that broker would create a “brand” following for that company they own.  A raving fan base if you will.  (And they are doing this well).

To go further on creating a following and a band of “raving fans” that promote your product or service, would be creating videos.  Again can be used to highlight testimonials.  I’ve yet to see a mortgage company do this, but a form of this example can be done…A video of perhaps of the LO handing over keys to a house for a client that just signed.  As in they are getting up from the closing table.  Short sweet, congrats yet another happy client and then you see them shake hands and smile.  I can picture it.  25 second, infomercial if you will. Have everyone sign whatever waiver needed, the idea that I point out is that will generate that movement, that raving fan base to engage in your companies social media.  And create authority at the same time.

One of the biggest fears of all is the “presentation”.  A lot of the business is done over the phone now days, so some get to hide behind the phone line.  It’s when you stick your neck out and do video, or live presentations (go live during a test drive you car sales guys) or record a short testimonial for marketing purposes.  The fear of public speaking is over, you either have to get into it or have your email marketing slowly DIE in it’s open rate.  This is how you develop a raving fan base, testimonials in the form of social proof, and be seen as a guru in anything.  It’s marketing 101.  Then through not only helping clients solve problems and fulfill a need, they can show case their talent and be seen as a GURU.

Haha, I’m typing this and the Hardcore Closer guy goes live…lol That’s branding folks.

The idea is the same as me picking the picture above, to show social proof.  Nobody believes you are a guru unless they see the proof.  Nobody follows your company unless you post content and do it consistently.  And post good content that can be used.  Some of the best companies creating social movements include some that I’ve worked at, from UWM to Quickenloans.  I see Movement Mortgage in there too, great branding going on.  However, where’s the videos, where’s the raving fan bases at?  Each Loan Officer out there should have a fan page (with their NMLS number on it) and be creating their own raving fan base.  Are you creating your own raving fan base? (question of the day)

More Mortgage Juice to come, let me ask you, what are your pains right now?  What do you experience as the biggest headache right now in the mortgage industry?  (Is it service? Is it lead gen?  Is it getting a CD out?  What?)  Let me know in the comments.  I’ll make a video of potential solutions on your pains next week.

#iJUICE your Brand too!

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Motivational Monday

Funny I made this video over a year ago, and still applies today for sure.  The Mortgage JUICE is flowing all day, let’s connect as I have options that can help you close more loans. My passion, excitement and purpose is to help others daily, why not have additional options to close more loans…Persistence and Taxes the two things we have to have done.

Click here for Motivational Monday VIDEO

Who needs a change? Non QM products?

We all do, as all change should be viewed as good, and should be embraced.  I have some great news for my business partners, and anyone originating mortgage loans.  I have partnered with a new wholesale lender that offers a WAVE of new products on the NON QM market side, and provide all the agency loans your used too with NO OVERLAYS!!.

Manual underwriting and manufactured properties available on all products.  Even a 1st/2nd combo (Double WAVE) loan that goes up to 1,125,000.  NO DOC investor loans are back, up to 75% LTV.   1 Year self employed program, and 12-24 month BANK STATEMENT programs are available.  A 70% LTV Foreign National program, and a program that requires NO SEASONING on BK’s/Foreclosures and Short Sales.  WOW!  And the list goes on…

85% LTV with a 560 FICO up to 2 Million.  Yep your reading this right.  THE LOAN WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET JUICY!  A program that allows for 60% LTV on loan amounts greater than 1 Million with a  500 FICO!  Did I mention 80% LTV on a non owner occupied home with 12 month Bank Statements?  Up to 2 Million.  There is even  a program up to 90% LTV on a bank statement program available.

In all my missions I have in life I carry the passion and excitement to help others. This specifically helps me partner with Broker’s and relationships I’ve had for over a decade in this industry.  The Mortgage Juice is flowing, come Join Us In Creating Excitement.  Accepting resumes for sales candidates and Broker packages now!!

I can’t wait to help you close more loans.  Happy Originations – The Juiceman



The mortgage insurance was not lowered! Get over it…

Why oh why did Mr President do such a thing to the mortgage industry…. Boohoo…

How about GREAT JOB TRUMP!  You probably positioned the GSE’s to last a few more years instead of going broke.  While foreclosure rates are lower, the median rates are rising and the planned deduction to Monthly MI on FHA loans was cancelled, in what I see as good reason.

Expect this, expect more of this.  Where finally we have an executive in the White House that’s going to RUN the USA and all entities like a business.  And frankly I think the MI rate is just fine where it is, I even locked on a FHA loan recently at the current MI position.  Heck I remember when MI monthly was double what it is right now.   While a boom of refi business could’ve been stirred up with FHA streamlines on this reduction, the focus is to make sure the GSE’s function stays around.  Or at least in the best financial position to move forward.  There was a time not so long ago I remember reading industry buzz that the GSE’s and HUD where on the verge of bankruptcy.  Let’s hope the Trump Administration helps keep loans affordable and available as a whole.  Look at the positive side of changes and the reasons for them.  I think this was a great move by the president.

In fact, I think he may have more in store for us in the wonderful world of mortgages as we are always under scrutiny of “change”.  I also think that the market is shifting again, and when rates are going to go up slowly but steadily, the market and products offered will expand.  I believe a new era of NON QM products is on the verge of really exploding.  Not necessarily the “stated” aspects and “negative amortization” loans of the past, but perhaps variations of good lending programs designed to stimulate the housing market will be born.

And I bet, that the Trump Administration will address certain aspects of our laws in the coming years to forward focus, not just consumer protection anymore, BUT FREE ENTERPRISE.  I think more small business will be born in the mortgage industry in the next 5 years than any other time.  I think Trump will make the barriers to entry less restrictive, and more advantageous for those that do this industry right.  Maybe that’s in the form of tax breaks I don’t know.  But I what I see is he’s already protecting our industry for good reason.

Keep calm and Mortgage On.  I’m here to provide sales JUICE if needed.  Join Us In Creating Excitement on Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s group on FB.  Share, interact, Like, Repeat.





I’m back Jack, and will do my best to serve the wonderful community of Mortgage pro’s every where in 2017 and beyond.  As I always have I’ve come with passion, excitement and the inherent feeling of success in helping others succeed.  I’ve been blessed in so many ways in this wonderful mortgage industry for over a decade now.  What I know is I have created a band, a following of BAD ASS LO’s that seek guidance and help on deals.  I became known as a go to guy and always kept it real.  If I don’t know something I will find out.  I set the expectations correct, and deliver for my mortgage partners.  And I always surrounded myself with others that looked to do the same.  In the last 10 months I’ve been challenged and created more for myself than imagined.  And now it’s time to share.

Expect videos, my youtube channel is coming back, we will do Motivational Monday, Two for Tuesday (guideline tricks) and Whacked out Wednesday (mortgage pains and how to avoid them), to Thankful Thursday and TGIF again.  I am on a mission to grow a mortgage group of badassery for loan originators to over 10,000 people by the end of the year.  On Facebook that group is called; Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s.  Come join in on the fun.  I have some heavy hitters in there that offer training, to tools and success stories to help you get more deals.  I have a file folder with scripts to condo cheat sheets and much more.  It’s a community of people who are on a mission to help others with the biggest purchase they have.

RE agents, lead buy companies, credit repair guru’s, commercial leads, CRM companies, mortgage education, CPA’s, insurance pro’s you name it.  We have a great foundation with over 2500 people in there now.  Come Join Us In Creating Excitement (JUICE) and let’s help as many homeowners as possible.

Follow “The Mortgage Juiceman” for the latest industry guidelines, tips and tricks.  I look forward to serving you, the industry leaders as we embark another year full of change.

Got ideas or topics you want to see written about.  Feel free to comment.

Shawn -“the mortgage Juiceman” for life – Devlin.

Qualified Mortgage (QM) 3 points to remember

Well here we go again, DU is about to be updated again in June this year from what I hear.  Again we see the implementation of QM rules into the approval engine.  Ever notice how every 6 months or less now, DU is being updated?  Let me explain why again.

QM is making all loans backed by the Government Sponsored Entities eventually be 43% DTI too.  They were/are just exempt from that rule for 7 years.  It will be hard to fathom for some that do FHA/VA loans at north of 50% DTI all the time, that they will be capped at 43% in a very short time.  QM is half way through that 7 year period.  And every time DU is updated it is lowering the risk thresholds on DTI.  Ever notice that?

Well there’s more to the story.  In the next two years mark my word.  Correspondent “Lenders” are going to be regulated heavily.  More and more “skin in the game” reserve requirements will come to the land of mortgage lending.  It will more than likely require a fraction of a fraction of the overall business generated and funded monthly to be kept as reserves by that mortgage company.  More regulation for compliance of those “mini-correspondents” of the world will force them back to the “broker world”.   I see this trend now, more correspondents are going back to “brokering” to avoid compliance tasks.  There was a trend in emerging correspondent lenders since 2010, and now that the disclosures are the same on the front end as banks, that trend I see reversing itself as new regulations come to play in the next few years.  Yeah, you can still make front end and back end, but you still have to be at 3% total QM fees.  This is what I see happening, and of course not factual yet I do not think.  If your not closing north of ten million on your own lines per month it may not be worth it.  The dollar amount in fees and interest just to use the line makes it that your break even point may be around that same 2.75% that could be “brokered”.   Heck that break even point may be a higher funded volume.  And if new laws come to play that make a mini-correspondent hold more skin in the game as reserves, that extra “monies” is going to have to be held.

Now the third point.  The 3% rule.  I see it all day just because I do the math in my head so fast.  But LO’s you need to do this too.  For example, know what goes INTO the QM and then do the “math backwards”.  Commission, Underwriting fees, Points (unless bona-fide), Affiliated arrangement profit.  So if you are not affiliated with any AMC etc, and you “waive” or “buy out” the underwriting fee, then the only two things to LOOK at would be your compensation plan plus any points if any.  Now you can bona-fide 1 discount point if you have a rate that isn’t the top rate on the rate sheet or the bottom rate on the rate sheet.  Important to remember.  So if you are lending at 2.75% comp plan, and you have a final price of 97.5 after all add-on’s, you ARE going to run into an issue.  2.75% plus one bona-fide point would put you at 99 net pricing, and you would only have about a .25 or so left.  Not even.  So at that rate you could be at about 98.85 based on my estimation buying out the underwriting fee, charging 2.75% and bona-fide one discount point.   NOT 97.5% on final net pricing.  Do the math when  you lock.  Just cause the the rate’s on the rate sheet in most cases you can’t even offer that rate with a 2.75% comp plan and still pass QM 3% rule.  Know this in advance.

Here’s an insert from an article that quotes the concepts I was mentioning, made in JAN 10th 2013….CFPB Releases Final Rule on Ability to Repay, Leaves Back Door Open on DTI

“CFPB concedes there are instances where a debt-to-income ratio above 43 percent may be appropriate based on individual circumstances but believes these loans should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis under the ability-to-repay criteria rather than with a blanket presumption. Given the fragile state of the mortgage market however CFPB is concerned that creditors may initially be reluctant to make loans that are not qualified mortgages, even though they are responsibly underwritten. The final rule therefore provides for a second, temporary category of qualified mortgages with more flexible underwriting requirements so long as they satisfy the general product prerequisites for a qualified mortgage and are also eligible to be purchased, guaranteed or insured by the GSEs (while under conservatorship), HUD, The VA, or The USDA. This temporary provision will phase out as these agencies issue their own qualified mortgage rules, if GSE conservatorship ends, and in any event after seven years.”

QM Simplified

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

TRID still affecting you? Blast from the past that speaks the truth about TRID.

A Broker in Cali, that I have in my network asks me today;

How does TRID really affect me and what do I really need to know?

My answer is 3 parts of importance for you to know on how it changes the way the Mortgage Broker does business now.

1. The way Broker’s can switch lenders in doing business now changes.  The thing to know is the GFE and the TIL are combined.  So the fact the GFE isn’t signed now and it’s easy for brokers to “switch” lenders will change.  You will now need to “create” a new GFE if you are switching lenders assuming comp plans are different or the fee’s are different.  Then the borrower would need to sign that new LE (Loan Estimate). **re-post notes.  This is why the “Broker is bouncing back”.  The new disclosures level the playing field and Bank and Broker disclosures in the initial LE all look the same.  More and more rules are coming that will make more “mini-correspondents” have more reserves and mandate licensing etc if they “lend”.  Even more compliance laws to roll out in the next two years is what I see.  Why being a “wholesale Broker” is the way to go.  More new business starting daily.

2. The Tolerance items on the GFE as it is now are changing.  This could be a big movement in the industry.  And we could see “more” upfront fees on LE than we do on the GFE now a days.  The shopper will have a handle on Brokers that go skinny in the fees.  You know how the transfer taxes and owners title are a “ZERO Tolerance” item…. well guess what that section of the “LE” or new GFE if you will, is changing to include more items.  Pretty much all the items in box 3 right now.  What that entails is the Credit Report fees, the Appraisal fees, Tax Service fees, Flood Cert fees.  So, better make a new BEST PRACTICE as a Loan Originator in my opinion.  At the beginning you should disclose the cost of an appraisal and 1004D upfront at least.  Better disclose the credit report fee and at least two credit sups upfront.  Hope to see Flood cert’s and Tax Service fees more common on the new LE as well.  These would be mandatory to disclose in my mortgage company if I owned one.  Because if your fee’s end up 1 dollar more we all know that the 1 dollar becomes a Broker cure on the difference and shorts your income. **re-post notes; This is why companies are hesitant to send out CD’s in advance of CTC.  Continue to read 3.

3. The act that I preach now to all my network about “creating a HUD1” out of calyx or encompass after verifying fee’s is going to be a big deal.  At the end of the process under TRID there is a new disclosure called the CD (Closing Disclosure) that goes out and you have to wait 3 days from acknowledgement to get docs.  SO, that means no last minute changes.  About the time the loan is CTC’d Broker’s should be verifying fees from Title/Escrow and then having processors verify all those fees and structure with a HUD1 you create out of Calyx/Encompass/Byte etc.  Again the point is changes will delay loans and burn locks.  So it is important for all loan originators to adopt a new process that verifies structure and fees on a loan prior to closing.  Like a week before.  As the last conditions are sent in.

There are a few other changes Broker’s should know about, read about the full changes don’t go uneducated on how these changes will affect you.  Happy Originations.

**Re-post notes; You still seeing the affect of TRID or are you closing loans fast again?  If not call me I can help.