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You have a client on the fence and you stop pitching and be personable.  TELL them about a sales contest going on, tell them about your CULTURE.  The “pillars” as I think Dan Gilbert “branded” across the mortgage industry, are these foundations of “client centered focus and service” that most companies in the mortgage industry have plastered on orange walls somewhere.  **Note to self, paint walls.  Motive does have pillars much like other past workplaces of mine such as UWM.  The area in Detroit is saturated with high end mortgage company training dominance and the training most LO’s/AE’s come out of in this area are of top notch.  Much love to my man Toe-Knee Knuckles.  Same with Matt Boshi at UWM.  Stellar coaches.  Most great coaches will tell you sell yourself.  Selling your company and their values is a part of that.

BUT in all the hard work in the call centers, you must ignore the noise, and take the roast out of the oven with intent to do the right thing…lol… These PILLARS are your BEST SALE and sit right in front of you.  Share your pillars with others in your sales today in whatever you do.  Remember in my article Believe In Better I say the first step is to BELIEVE.  And part of having that belief in sales is leaning on the “Pillars” that founded your CULTURE.

AT MOTIVE LENDING our pillars are AACC.  Accountability, Accessibility, Communication, and Consistency.  My management does the best job Motive-ating these through the company.  And live up to our pillars we stand for.  Love how Motive does this.  And today at the END of the month the time when relationships and timelines are tested, it’s with great pleasure that I get to lean on the foundations of Motive.

Sell well today, sell your CULTURE and Pillars you stand for! – Juiceman

Who is this Mortgage Juiceman?

Who is this “I got a guy” guy?  Who is

WHO is this Shawn “Juiceman” Devlin? A top producer at some mortgage company?

Nope. I once was, I did “been there done that”, but did retail and did it subprime. So I learned the hard way.  I learned actually how to read a title report and appraisal or inspection. Took a 1003 the long hand way without all the software we have now days.  I hit the cowbell 7 times in one day on multiple occasions. We would ding a bell when a “book” came back with all the TILA/RESPA disclosures with supporting income & assets for a mortgage application to be submitted.  The most mortgages I wrote in one day seemed to never go past 7… I just stayed consistent. And I have got boxes full of awards collecting dust. lol

So, where do I come from. Well in 1997, I walked into a car dealership a week from graduating high school from my small hick town. Went to a main street big city dealership with a smile, a suit, a great attitude and shit load of enthusiasm. Dressed in a suit with a clip board in hand holding my resume. I was there to report to the parts department regarding some clerical position I found in a Sunday news classified section. No shit. I can’t make this up. What happens next CHANGED MY DESTINY. And as I stood there in the middle of the showroom floor waiting holding a clip board in a suit, all the sales guys were smurking at me. I walked over the purple Plymouth Prowler in the middle of the show room floor and picked up the window sticker that wasn’t on the window but the front seat.  I placed it on clip board and started reading and going through in my mind what and where each thing noted was.  18′ Rims yada yada… All the sudden in deep reading a guy walks over with jeans with a hole in the knee and a white stained t-shirt.  The T-shirt had red stains on it that I just ignored and offered a warm enthusiastic hello.. Thinking I was waiting for him, not he was waiting for me…

In the proceeding next 4 or 5 minutes every sales person, parts person, clerical person watched me walk this guy around the car and do a formal 5 point touch.  (walking through each aspect of the car) With exception of actually sitting in it, starting it and driving it… I painted this guy the picture of the PURPLE Prowler going down his drive way.  When he asked me “how much does it cost?”, all I could do is smile and say actually, “I don’t work here!”.  KID YOU NOT.  I will never forget the next moments as the hand that touched my shoulder says “sure you do” why don’t you come in my office to the customer and I.  We walked into his office and the owner of 6 different chains of Marco’s Pizza buys it cash, and I get the “job”.

So that’s how I entered the world of sales.  And bought my first motorcycle.  lol. Key here; Enthusiasm is the key to persuasion without pressure.  Now I help others take 1003’s (Mortgage applications) and close home loans with my Motive-ating team.  Today I offer free consultations to LO’s to know how to drum up business.  I do free strategy sessions almost every day.  I do this all the time and coach broker owners to individual LO’s and help them add value to their clients and help them find more clients to help.  And as a result I have a ton of LO’s across the Nation that call me when ever they have a question that starts with “I got a guy…”  I’ve become a go to JUICEMAN for guidelines and tips to generate mortgage referral business and ways to put together mortgage loans.

My call to action today, is to like;

My call to action today, is to join a support group for those in the mortgage industry.  It’s Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s.

I will share what I see as PROBLEMS all the time in the mortgage origination world and provide solutions to these common problems.  I will share best practices, origination tips, networking, ways to handle objections, and ways to actually DRUM UP BUSINESS.  Hit me up with your next “I got a guy” question. I can’t wait to help to be your Juiceman.  – Shawn “Juiceman” Devlin

Top Questions for Loan Officers to ask!

There are a lot of questions/answers techniques out there for sales people in the mortgage business.  The one thing that stands out to me is the ability to relate, make the client comfortable, and aid/guide them to custom tailor their own mortgage.  You just give them choices.  The best way to do this is by asking the right questions during the application process.  Then paint pictures to appeal to the needs/wants of your client and walk them to the finish line.

Top Questions by Top Bankers;

  1. What type of mortgage are you currently in?
  2. What kind of programs are you looking into?
  3. If you can be 100% honest with me, how comfortable are you with your current financial situation?
  4. Who is the decision maker in the financial arena for your household, you?
  5. How many people are currently on title? (or will be on new loan)?
  6. What have you been hearing about rates?
  7. What email should I be sending information too once we are done? (foreshadow esignature process)
  8. What goals do you have for your financial future? (be careful here, but great lead in)
  9. How was your last mortgage transaction?
  10. Tell me about the family vision (how many kids, where do we want to have them grow up, retirement plans, geographic moves etc)
  11. Is the glass half empty or half full after you pay all the outstanding bills monthly?  Trick question, and they will tell you if they are struggling to  save money or consolidating debt could be option or if they have enough to get by.
  12. How much credit card debt or consumer debt do you have?
  13. What is your PRIMARY GOAL with this transaction?  (works great for Refi apps, as it helps you dig deep and find the why).
  14. As far as payment goes, what payment do you feel really comfortable with for a mortgage?  (ask for a range)
  15. Has the MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER /CO you did your loan with called you since the last transaction?

THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE MAKER>  When going through the application, have a conversation, plant the seeds that you may need more info, paint the picture of your process and what will happen all the way through closing.  Then foreshadow the use of their cc for appraisal/inspection means and or insurance if needed.  Once you have them engaging, the number 1 thing to say to help disarm any objections is…

“I don’t look to do just one transaction with you and your family.  As a mortgage expert I am looking to be your mortgage Pro for life.  Lots of people nowadays have CPA’s/Financial Advisors/Lawyer etc on their “financial team”.  I am the newest addition to your financial team.  Actually the average person will do 7-10 mortgage transactions in their life time, if they do this with one person/company, they can often help custom tailor their mortgage to help them hit their life goals.  Not to mention potentially have lower costs and better opportunity to take advantage of interest rates. I want to be that guy/gal for you and your family.”

Hope the application taking tip helps, now go make some phone calls, I’m taking all “I got a guy” questions today on my cell.   – JUICMAN


Easy go to my website; QUICK PRICE MOTIVE-ATION

However, what I find in pricing loans all day is that Brokers don’t see the QM math.  Maybe I just see it super fast as some number nerd.. lol  Here is an example, and my Broker didn’t see it.  His comp is 2.75% and after the LPC the rate sheet had from 4.625% to 3.25% available on the pricing engine.  We see the top rate paid back almost 1.5% after comp, and 3.875% was par on this 601 FICO FHA client.  BUT, the client needed a lower rate for qualifying, so the broker didn’t know he couldn’t go past  3.625% as a rate costing the client 1 point roughly.  (1.083 costs).  And when he hears me state that asks, “well why?”

GREAT QUESTION!  If QM limits to 3% then we don’t have a lot of room after the 2.75 you charge Mr Broker.  In the industry now it’s not really 3% of the loan amount, it’s like APR was and is 3% of the loan minus costs now basically is a great way to gauge it off the top of your head.  But think of it this way, YOU CAN BONAFIDE ONE DISCOUNT point on loans as long as it’s not the top rate or the lowest rate.  So, 2.75 + .083 = The top your going to be able to give client in costs.  Means the teeter totter effect on the rate versus costs bottom’s out.  You have to see that in advance before LOCKING LOANS!  3.5% on this loan was a cost of 1.509 and with that and the 2.75 comp it’s not passing QM.  I can see it, so should you.

Biggest closing issue this month is loans not passing QM and the LO should know how to figure this out.  You can’t have a 2.75% comp plan and then charge 2.75 in points, the most your going to get is 1.125% ish as cost to bonafide one discount point and have the .125 + your comp go into it.  THIS ASSUMES, you waive the underwriting fee, not in TX and you don’t have any other affiliated business fee’s going into QM tests.

As a cheat sheet, this is what goes into QM;

Lender Paid Commission/Borrower paid commission + Underwriting fee + TX attorney fee + Points (after 1 bonafide discount point exempted) + any affiliated business profit = QM 3% or less.  *note this is a fast way to do it in your head and not be off by 1000’s and is not 100% all the algorithms to use. Use your internal software and run the true test.  But with naked eye this hopefully will help some “see it”.  – Juiceman



The second step in sales besides knowing how to vision the yes through belief is to handle the ask for more information.  This is often called objections in the sales world.  It’s really the prospect asking for more information.  View it that way.  The best TRICK with any objection is to stop and rephrase the “objection” as a question in your head and then answer it.

There are THREE (3) main reasons why someone objects to something.  1; To DEFEND themselves.  2; It’s a VALID EXPRESSION of where they are in life. 3; They are FEARFUL. Yes, they could be that broke.  Yes, they could be having a bad day and your timing is off selling them whatever, or it is fear and they may not see the value your adding.

Remember people buy from people they like.  So stand up if you sell over the phone, MOTION CREATES EMOTION.  Too many times I’ve done a sales seminar or free strategy sessions with Brokers and Mortgage telemarketers and they don’t have any type of persona while on the phone… they sound like plain Jane.  WHAT?  Your in the telemarketing sales and you don’t have a PHONE CHARACTER that you develop while on the phone? How do you get people to like you with such a silent “charm”?  Create that energy, create that phone voice that is fun to work with and others will be receptive.  Smile as you do it, even if it’s over the phone, it’s amazing how others can “see” it.  And respond to objections with energy and with enthusiasm.

ENTHUSIASM is the key to persuasion without pressure.  Minimize your objection time and work the head not the wallet.  Do this by selling value to the client first, ask questions to uncover their wants and then fulfill them with your product or service.  99% of the time a sale is made, either they buy from you or you bought why they can’t.  That’s why the best of the best sales people tell lots of stories.  FACT TELL< STORIES SELL.  Paint a picture with your client while answering their questions and presenting value.  Assume the sale, paint the picture of better credit and less monthly payments, paint the picture of the new house with a red door and blue shutters.  The use of painted pictures in sales should help describe in more detail your products/services and values or your clients using them.

One of the best “canned objection” responses is that of FEEL, FELT, FOUND.  This technique can uncover the real objection fast (if there is one) and help you be a natural at adding value, answering their need for more info and paint a picture to aid the sale.  Telling the client you understand how they FEEL, it helps them see you are not emotionless.  Telling the client you’ve FELT that same way, or add familiarity in some way.  Then tell a story of how you FOUND a solution to X Y OR Z as their concern that will help you portray the added value in your pitch.

Happy selling this afternoon, I’m posting a bunch of “canned responses” to various mortgage objections all day on the face book group, THE MORTGAGE JUICEMAN GROUP


Impulses to buying

To sell something really anything you have to know your audience.  Most then don’t fit them into some category to help aid an Impulse for a buy as quickly as others.  This is a sales skill that develops over time at any place.  And the top 5% producers at any sales company have it down “canned”.  Responses that appeal to one of these impulses or multiple ones and then drive it home for the sale.  They are; Fear of loss; Urgency; Greed; Indifference.  These are the things that make up FUGI.  And is an acronym that all in sales should know.  These are IMPULSES that help a client buy.  Understanding them and then applying this while selling will help you actually SELL.  Or at least know how to respond in the act of pitching your product.

Fear of loss is a big one.  Fear of loss and missing out on the lowest rate is akso the “why” when someone is shopping you.  Urgency is created with a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME or LIMITED NUMBER of widgets for example.  But how many of you mortgage experts push this, it seems NOBODY PUSHES URGENCY like they should.  Loans shouldn’t take 30-45 days to close.  Rates change daily, did you forget this?  Greed is playing on what got the clients in this mental state.  They want what the “Jones’s”have, the low low rate talked about at the water cooler at work.  Then there is Indifference.  Indifference is where the consultative sale is.  The key to indifference is asking questions, and using the information to guide your sale.

People buy from people they TRUST.  In order to get them to trust you, they have to like you.   So be personable, relate to them.  HECK MIRROR them if you can.  I once wrote a loan at Quickenloans because the man thought I was a woman.  Seriously, I spent hours on the phone with the wife upfront and she knew I was a guy.  She just let me know how to appeal to the husband.  I never told him otherwise, he just thought I was a girl because I appealed to those wants he was looking for.  He found out after we closed, he he…

To get people to trust you on the phone use this technique to get them to like you, it’s called FORM… Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation.  These topics can expand to other things, but is the root of what to talk about.  NEVER TALK POLITICS or RELIGION on a sales call.. Golden rule.  Now today appeal to those impulses sent to you over the phone or in person and address the prospects questions and concerns, paint pictures and respond with energy & enthusiasm.  TODAY I WILL POST A BUNCH OF OBJECTION RESPONSES TO MORTGAGE OBJECTIONS ON MY FACE BOOK GROUP.  My ask is to follow me if you haven’t already.

The Mortgage Juiceman Group

-The Mortgage Juiceman

Believe in Better

Lesson One; Believe.

Your imagination along with positive thoughts can quite often produce the right reality to match your wildest dreams.  MILLIONAIRES Believe, have faith, constantly tell themselves in thoughts and deep within their heart with positive repetition that they can do something.  Thoughts negative or positive grow stronger with repetition.  Many of the things that I have started on my dream space collage that I made as a kid.  Everything I have started as a dream or thought.  Now today in professional sales I do this all the time.

My LEGACY; I am the possibility of people living the life they desire, through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.  MY GOAL IS TO SHARE HOW TO’s that are NOT TAUGHT in grade school or college classrooms.

I am a master a sales, and want to help others in sales take concepts, skills, and actions and bring them to life.  The first thing to remember about this is how to channel positive energy and thoughts and bring them to life.  Lesson One; If you think positive, positive things will happen to you.  If you think negative, negative things will happen.  If you constantly envision a positive plan to better yourself and write down your goals, you will get there.  Have faith in believe in the end before you get there.

I have heard a thousand times, these leads are terrible.  So picture the prospect picking up the phone so you can see they are a potential customer.  THIS IS NUMBER 1.  I can’t tell you how many times I smiled and dialed some mortgage lead that was saturated by other telemarketers for months, but envisioned the YES before the call, and guess what happened, I wrote that mortgage.  Have faith, and belief in your goal, this is step one in sales, tell yourself that client will pick up and you will have a great conversation before you even dial.  Envision it.  Believe.  It will help your goals and dreams come alive.

AFTERNOON JUICE ON A MONDAY / Motive – Where we believe in Better. – Juiceman


Whom am I you ask?  I am the mortgage JUICEMAN.  I have a big foot print in sales of all types.  Specifically mortgage origination.  I once wrote 47 mortgage loans in one month.  The first car I ever sold was a Plymouth Prowler (great story if you ever want to know how I entered the world of sales), and I have grown many different teams of sales people.  I have developed training for Loan officers and help mortgage companies double in size.

What do I do best?  I help Loan Officers grow their business.  I consistently give out major JUICE to help with handling objections, to options to pitch a client.  I help Loan Officers put together loans, take a full 1003 asking the best questions, and gain approvals through automated underwriting systems like DU or LP.  Now more than ever before especially with this main stream media you are reading, I brand and teach other’s how to do the same thing.  I help custom tailor business plans for Mortgage companies across the US all the time.  In my position I’ve heard not only all the objections to doing a mortgage but see and hear all the PROBLEMS with loans.  What I do is share and provide solutions and help everyone succeed. Then my MOTIVE-ATING team of underwriters helps me close the loans of the partners I have all across the US.

Why should you work with me?  I AM FOR HIRE.  For any Mortgage company with engaging Loan Officers that want close more loans and know how they can drum up more business two ways.  1. The organic way.  The way of referrals.  I can show examples and ways to drum up business by moving your two feet, or picking up the phone more effectively with targeted marketing campaigns.  Watch one of my video’s I put together on Friday for my infamous “weekend call to action”. for example.  2. I have ways on social media to even lead buys where you can spend money to make money with high ROI.  Weather it’s a social media funnel that directs the consumer right to you, or a lead buy service for live calls, I help mortgage LO’s grow their business.  Partner with my team and I, we will add more value to your company by being responsive, answering guideline questions and helping your team get paid on loans.

Partner with Motive Lending and THE MORTGAGE JUICEMAN, I  am a different kind of Account Executive.  I can even provide leads to brokers.  And do it all the time for those in my core groups.  What value does your AE give your Loan Officers?

-Call the JUICEMAN today for a free partnership for 12 months.  I will earn the right to stay in your lender arsenal.

Are you the “sales badass” you think you are?

Are you the “sales badass” you think you are?

Part of my continued education into the new year was to commit myself on working on SALES.  I’ve been reading more books (heck I haven’t picked up a book in a hot second), I’ve been researching BADASS sales organizations and looking for ways to copy, make myself DUPLICATEABLE as well hone in on my own strengths and expand my own horizon again on the very skill that I have that pays my bills.  $$SALES$$

Like professional athletes they train their muscles and expand their skills by practicing their craft.  Let me ask you, when was the last time you PRACTICED a close.  Or watched a video on strengthening relationships in sales or did an elevator speech in front of a crowd just to perfect it?  Most sales people think they do this every day while “working”.   When was the last time you flexed your muscles and handled more than 5 objections with one client, and asked for the sale more than 5 times?  In a lot of sales I see it’s about relationships in my world and a great bit of knowledge on guidelines and a great support staff at Motive Lending that allows me to offer what I can for my group.  But a lot of what I do is follow up, calling the “key contacts” that I have in Broker shops across the Nation.  Almost 100 accounts right now.  And that makes the exposure and amount of time I need to call through those contacts a LAW OF AVERAGE for me.  The more I call (about 5 times) and attempt to add value answer guideline questions and get a loan to help close and make them money, the more loans I get.  LAW OF AVERAGE is different for everyone.  When was the last time you evaluated your LOA?  Can you increase it by “working your muscles”?

Being prepared, having a plan as well as the RESOURCES to back you is all it takes.  I recently have done more on FB with sales and am looking to do a lot more in creating my business on FB this year.  While LINKEDIN is like flexing my muscles for me to do research on people, and news, I then apply my knowledge on FB and these two definitely play a role together.  More and more I see how FB especially those sales B2C are so beneficial of having SOME SYSTEM of duplication on FB to cash in on.  That actually DRIVES PEOPLE wanting your service directly to you.  Not just networking, I mean funnels to leads for borrowers’ LOOKING FOR MORTGAGES right through FB and that lead instant messages you.  Or want to BUY A CAR for example. Or NEED HEALTH INSURANCE TODAY.  Just about everything including SEO to GRAPHIC DESIGN can benefit from having FB drive business to you. Even B2B sales can benefit.  If you have taken me up on any FREE strategy sessions and are up to implementing action plans that can drive people to you call me, I have something for you heavy hitters.

Are you the “sales” badass you think you are?

Holly smolly.  But on FB it’s more like HOLLY F*&^% SH*&, these sales groups and those doing this right make those on LinkedIn look like elementary school kids.  The groups I’ve seen that have some major players in sales known Nationally are KILLING IT>  And they show you how to do this.

Today network with me, The Mortgage Juiceman Group .I have gained over 10 leads for mortgages in just 2 days and passed them out.  But reason I suggest to do so is for support.  The questions above all stem to having some real support on a “live” objection a sales person has 10 minutes ago and then has instantly 100’s of responses from people that could help the person rehash his client so to speak.  Totally wow’d on the power social media has for those who work it right.  What I ask today is have you researched this?  Are you flexing your relationship muscles, studying your products, actually practicing your closes?  And what BADASS SALES QUESTIONS can you ask to gain a sale today?  When was the last time you practiced your pitch?  – JUICEMAN

Mortgage Originators CALL TO ACTION

Want to gain some business on a Saturday?

Have a turn down file from 6-12 months ago?  Call those clients back, 99% of the time, if the denial was credit related, there is a chance that the client took your advice to improve their credit.  I see this all the time, LO’s forget to call them back down the road.  Go through all those files from last year on one Saturday afternoon and make a list of people to call.   Bet you find a deal you were waiting on the client to fix their credit any how.

Want to gain some business on a Sunday?

Got a lot of Brokers that are like the “good ole Boys” and many in my network are Church bound on Sunday morning.  Or most have a routine at least that may include a social setting.  What I suggest is to get out of your comfort zone, the best part of what we do is helping people you know in your community.  How much did it cost to “advertise” on the church program they hand out at the end?  Or when was the last time your pastor mentioned more about a member of the church and what they do in efforts to give back?  Most Churches even have one of those “pin up” boards right when you walk in.  Or even your local ACE Hardware store, they have pin up boards for homeowners to check out as they buy things they need to improve their homes.

Call to Action

**Think demographics, where can you leave your card to have the most impact to homeowners, a place where they all go on Sunday (coffee shops are popular, I don’t know many renters that go to church)?

Or Think how can I “advertise” for cheap regardless of my ROI…. Bowling Alleys are great, ask a local bar if they have any advertisements over the stalls, GOLF COURSES are actually a good place to do pin up flyer type thing for free, or how about a laundry spot in the local chain of Apartment complexes or the common area (They always have one of those pin up boards basically empty)…. Pin up some cards or a flyer somewhere Free.  The more acts like this that help plant seeds for you now the more leads you “could” have in months to come.. Who knows someone that calls you or you call back may have a 580+ FICO now that can help them become Home owners!

*Who knows you won’t win the lottery if you don’t play. – JUICEMAN