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Whacked Out Wednesday – Stay Consistent

Beginning of the year, you made goals right?  You made it in early for the first two months, how did March go so far?  March 22nd, and mark my word, some are letting off the GAS.  They are getting burnt out, or they are not as EXCITED as they were at the beginning of the year…. I challenge yourself to ignite that passion again, make new goals for next quarter and work to stay consistently increasing business.  Watch the video to find out how!



WEBINAR THURSDAY THIS WEEK! @ 3PM EST.  I have developed the name the Mortgage JUICEman for a reason.  Join Us In Creating Excitement as I go over a year long campaign that anyone can do.  It doesn’t require a lot of capital (in fact most do this campaign with little to no money out of pocket) and will be a JUMP starter for many to double if not TRIPLE their business as a result.

Sure there’s all this fancy dancy stuff you see on social media, and anyone can say go buy some advertisements, or make a Facebook FUNNEL.  Most just don’t have the time for that.  I am keeping it real, and what I will show you is;

#The number 1 marketing campaign that I’ve helped over 25+ Brokers personally execute and make six figures with.

#The secret to using trends and timing to your advantage.

#The number 1 way to diversify your reach and set a foot print in your own local market to be the go to guy/gal for referrals.

In a RISING RATE environment, you will need to learn to diversify, and how to make an impact to your own business.  If not a year from now you could be wishing you did some of the things I will show you HOW and WHEN to do.  Most of these suggestions are “organic” and are the ticket to helping you sustain, and see market “GROWTH” in times of a squeeze.  Check out the WEBINAR THIS WEEK ON THURSDAY @ 3pm EST.

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Whacked Out Wednesday

Hey y’all, the mortgage JUICE is going to flow today.  Let me say in sitting with a set up team member and asking ops today about what is the most Whacked OUT things broker’s do to their loans, so we can avoid them… Two things came up, both center around FEE’s.

First and foremost, make sure you are OVER-DISCLOSING your fees.  For example, in the appraisal area, put the cost of an appraisal and one re-inspection, in the credit area, put the cost of a credit report and the cost of one credit supplement.  I would go to the length of actually rounding up title fees’ if I was disclosing.  It’s easier to over-disclose and go down than the other way.  It sets you as and LO up for success.  TO under promise (setting worst case cost expectations up front) and allows you to OVER DELIVER (and in the end the costs are less).

Now here’s the biggest mistake I see others doing.  When you are disclosing or having a lender disclose, make sure on a LENDER PAID LE, that the BROKER COMMISSION AMOUNT IS NOT ON THE LE>  Some are just so used to disclosing their income and now with the new disclosures it actually levels the playing field for originators.  YOU NO LONGER need to have your Broker fee on the LE unless you are going Borrower Paid.

Monday’s Motivation – Creating Urgency

Go big or go home.  Create urgency in a rising rate environment is so imperative.  What you send a client today, may not be the “same” price tomorrow.  Heck even mid day.  You and I know that in the mortgage industry, clients do not.  Explain how the rates work and use the rising rate environment to create urgency to get your “books” back.  #SellWell


Weekend Call to Action – The JUICEman asks for your help!

This weekends call to action I have to ask that my network help me.  I’m setting the foundation right now, and Broker’s across the US are partnering with me to help them close more loans.  I have a want to diversify my presence in many different states across the US.  And I need to ask you for your help.  Please, Share, Interact, LIKE and repeat!! I say this at the end of every video, but today, I am asking for referrals to great mortgage Broker’s that you may know.  Refer them to the Mortgage Juiceman, and I will be the best Account Executive they’ve had in a long time.  I helping structure loans, close home loans, and ultimately gain more business.  Thanks for your help in advance!  #JoinUsInCreatingExcitement (JUICE) #SellWell

**PS, don’t forget to ask your own network for referrals this weekend. 🙂