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Mortgage sales guru here to help! I get "I gotta guy" questions all day long and help Loan Officer's close loans. Not just take an application correctly. Or let alone manipulate DU (desktop underwriter) to give approvals. A business coach to Brokers.

Thursdays Thoughts – Thankful Thursday!


#ThursdayThoughts – Raw unscripted #ThankfulThursday – Wow what an honor to be featured in National Mortgage Professional magazine this past March.  They did a special diversity issue, and my article is titled; “Creating Excitement for Inclusion and Diversity in Lending”.  Check it out HERE!

I also was featured just at the end of last year in Success Profiles Magazine with my article: “Broker’s Are Back”.  Click HERE to read the issue, my article is on page 35.  My thoughts today are to say thanks, to you, the small business owner #MortgageBroker across America that contributes to my end goal.  Closing loans and making a difference.

I ♥ doing this blog/vlog and having fun with the group.  If you ever want to suggest a topic for a video, or guideline you want me to high light, shoot me an email – CLICK HERE!

My goal is to impact my business partners and provide value in many ways.  On the left and right of the blog/vlog you”ll see all the banners to the “Tools” I suggest.  I endorse these companies for a reason.  #JUICYList And in many cases they may be a necessary for your business or required for you to stay in business (Cont Ed).

We’re growing our partnerships now, and want to help you anyway we can in closing more loans.  Let’s do business! ↓ As Always – #SellWell

Whacked Out Wednesday -FHA DTI Buckets!!

#WhackedOutWednesday – FHA DTI Buckets are the most commonly asked about question in the last several months.  It never gets old going over this.  DU has these numbers embedded in it.  So if you follow the general rules here, you can look at a 1008 and determine if you have a loan without even running DU.  Know these three buckets inside and out.

Sure FHA allows up to 57 DTI, or 56.999, BUT, that’s not going to fly with a 585 FICO, it just isn’t.  The second bucket would be your magic number more than likely, or something close to it.  ↓

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Two for Tuesday – Manually Underwritten or Approved!

#TwoforTuesday – Manually underwritten or Approved/Eligible!  The loans you have are one or the other.  Today I want to remind all LO’s some reason’s why loans are manually downgraded.  And that options exist.

Bonus reminder, Two 4 Tuesday style, VA loans can be DU Approved/Eligible or LP Accept.  Often times LO’s forget to run LP on VA loans.  That’s one product that can be either or.  ↓

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Mondays Motivation – Set new Goals and Action plans! Q2!

#MondaysMotivation – Set new #Goals and #ActionPlans to achieve them.  It’s a new month and new quarter, time to REACH and create a STRETCH for yourself!  What I see is LO’s turn in goals (same with AE’s) but they are all worried about “hitting” them and don’t push themselves.  A goal is sometimes NOT going to be hit.  Is that ok?  Yes.

Don’t fall into the trap of just putting numbers on paper without an action plan to go with it.  If you want to increase your business focus on the “how” you’re going to do it.  Not just the number you write down.  Break your goal down into action-able steps to achieve the goal.  Then go hog wild at trying to hit it.  You’ll see more success that way!

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Weekend CALL 2 ACTION! -Do the work!

#WeekendCall2Action – Do the work!  Sounds simple, but I challenge you to look at your daily routine and what your striving for.  In all sales there’s a number’s game.  Are you working it?  Literally – are you making the calls?  Are you visiting the Open Houses?  Are you putting in the work?  Or are you letting email dictate your day?

Are you really PUSHING yourself to be all you can?  Law of Averages are something I strive for each day.  But recently I’m increasing my numbers game.  WHY – Because skill and effort weight each other on a scale.  The longer your in the business the more skill you have.  The more skill you have sometimes the less effort you place.  I CHALLENGE YOU – Go back to your roots and work the effort train.  Put in the work! Do the work you used to do.  Just so you know – my LOA was 100 calls, 4 credit reports, and 1 deal – PER DAY! Are you putting that kind of work in?

As an AE or B2B sales, I strive and absolutely LOVE ♥ LOVE expanding markets and opening new relationships.  IF you’re a mortgage broker and NOT signed up to work with #BluePointMtg – Let’s do business – CLICK HERE!

Simple CALL TO ACTION – Evaluate your own LOA (Law of Averages) – in comparison to your results.  Are you really truly pushing yourself right now with the efforts you are taking?  And is what you are doing daily as productive as you want it to be?

Plan Do Check Act – All your “daily activities” this weekend.  Then start next week with a bang, by doing the work!

As Always –


Thursdays Thoughts -Building an Audience!

#ThursdaysThoughts – Building an audience is the name of the game.  It’s all a LAW OF AVERAGE numbers game.  The more people you market too, the more opportunity you may find.  OK, so Facebook is changing the targeting parameters and has taken away Zip codes, Gender and Age in targeting for Housing ads.   This in my opinion is a good thing.  Read on to find out why, besides doing all the targeting was like “Digitial reverse red lining” really anyways.

Just like the day of the cell phone being for your friends and family (long gone), the day of Facebook being just for your friends and family are now gone too.  Facebook gives you the ability to “build an audience” of people that “like” and interact with you.  Heck they allow you to have up to 5,000 friends.  If you like local pages of businesses you go to, and get into local groups, what algorithms do is suggest friends with similar likes and interests.  And when they are identified to be in a reasonable distance from you, based on their location – Facebook suggests them to be your friend.  Seriously, you can actually cherry pick suggested friends and add people you think are local to you.  (ie in your state your licensed in)

The idea here, is that you can leverage your friends, to like your page, then run ads to those that like your page and their friends.  You can run an ad to a custom audience (past client list) and you can run an ad for those within a certain radius of where you state your “business” is.  50 Mile radius, 30 mile radius etc.  So in theory if you wanted to target a specific “zip code” without having that parameter to target, you could create a name of a community page that coincides and represents that area, and then run an ad with a 50 mile radius from that “place”.  You set the address, so enter away.

Does this change things, yes.  It says to me all day, that those utilizing “ORGANIC” reach to help them run ads, are going to win.  More, and more this is becoming relevant that you need to be building a “BRANDING STRATEGY” online.  You can’t just throw money at FB ads and see instant success.  You have to have parameters in place to help you.  Starting with your organic game, can help you increase your page likes, which in turn can be targeted.

I have solutions for both organic marketing for those needing help to start a branding strategy or for those that want a Done4You solution.  Even with that, you still have “organic” reach you should be taking advantage of to help your “paid ad” drive home more conversions.   Think about it, the more eyeballs you drive organically to a paid ad, the HIGHER the CLICK THROUGH rate, and the LOWER the COST PER CLICK.

My training – The BLUEPRINT can help with those struggling to start to use Facebook for a lead source.  The BLUEPRINT Option

My partners – ROBOTS LLC – Can help with those wanting to have a lead generation source and turn it on now.  DONE 4 YOU Option

My advice, personally I see it all the time, where people FAIL miserably at ads and claim the leads were crappy credit leads with no money.  There’s ways to make small campaigns and big campaigns.  You should be running a “big campaign” where you advertise a home (everybody wants a home, nobody wants a mortgage) on a community page.  Then run small campaigns of various targeting for various products you may have on your business page.  (ie VA loan ad, Investor loan ad, USDA loan ad etc) You will see the best results to any campaign strategy you do if you have a well rounded plan to PUSH and to PULL your messages BOTH with paid reach and ORGANIC EXPOSURE.  You can’t just rely on one side any more.  You must have both.  That’s how you’ll see the best results, and that’s what this all means.

You push and pull your ads/messages by sharing, liking, engaging, tagging others pages etc.  There are several ways to gain exposure all FREE!  You just need to take action.



Whacked Out Wednesday – LOE/LOX

#WhackedOutWednesday – LOE/LOX – I don’t care what you call it, I call it a story.  Each loan has one, and sometimes individual conditions require more explanation.  Why not LOE/LOX it?  More LO’s need to do this with conjunction with their processors.

It’s “Whacked Out” that more LOE’s are not in loans.  I’m a fan of making sense out of things, and helping the underwriters “see the light”.  Help them by telling the story ya’ll.  The more you do this with your loans (easy one’s or hard one’s) the more loans you will close.

In some cases, less is more, see your AE if you question what information should be inside a LOE/LOX.  I’m always here to help!

Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close! That’s the theme right, LOE/LOX it! Maybe it will make the underwriter feel all warm and fuzzy!  GOT AN I GOTTA GUY QUESTION??

Text the word “Juiceman” to 33655 and download my app.  Then submit away on any scenario and I will help you.  Or just CLICK HERE and send me an email! 🙂

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#LOEwell #SellWell

Two for Tuesday – Credit Counseling and O/O

#TwoforTuesday – Back to our regularly scheduled program and Tuesdays’ a guideline day as always! I go over two guides today, one on Credit Counseling and one on Owner Occupied Principle residence.

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Monday’s Motivation – New Month!!

#MondaysMotivation – It’s a NEW MONTH!  Yep, LO’s and Broker’s from the world should be looking at their pipeline from the 15th to the 15th every month.  What apps you take now are closing in April.  Yeah still a few “might” close fast, and that’s a good aim, but generally speaking this is how the most successful look at the month.  AE’s included.


Time to #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg!  Got an “I gotta guy” scenario, or guideline question(s)???  Reach out to me HERE! For those of you not approved yet, the full Broker Package is only a click away — GET ON POINT CLICK HERE!

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St. Patty’s JUICY-NESS!!

#TGIF It’s St. Patty’s #JUICY-NESS – I hope you enjoyed the #JUICYWeek all week we went over tools and systems and companies we endorse to help you LO’s grow your business!!  Today we wrap up the week with some training and “Done4You” solutions that you can take advantage of to blast off this year!!

Seriously I think you already know, you need to have a BRANDING STRATEGY and way to leverage social media for both referral partners and new leads for home buyers.  Those that are doing this are going to have the best summer ever!!  Today I provide two tools that can help you get a jump start to getting your pipeline JUICY!!

GET ON POINT – I say it all the time, let’s do some business this year.  I personally help my clients get “some of this branding stuff” and help LO’s get closing loans.  CLICK HERE to #GetOnPOINT with #BluePointMTG

When it comes to learning social media and building a brand, a following and an audience to engage with you, there’s several ways to use the information you already have in front of you.  I break this down in a my organic training called #TheBLUEPRINT and is a 3 day workshop designed to help LO’s get started.  That way they can gradually get involved with “paid funnels” and actually see results.  The biggest problem I see sometimes is people try ads and just don’t succeed like they want too.  This bridges the gap and helps you gain better results on your paid ads.  Get THE BLUEPRINT HERE!!

Last and definitely not least we have “DONE4YOU” solutions for brokers and LO’s to turn on an ON SWITCH for leads.  No joke, complete system of follow up, advertisement, CRM, pages to run and market, the whole nine.  Want to know more to increase your business and have a complete done4you marketing system? CLICK HERE

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