Wonderful Wednesday – Happy National Mortgage Broker Day!

#WonderfulWednesday – I ♥ serving mortgage brokers! Happy National Mortgage Broker Day!   – For almost a decade now I’ve been serving mortgage brokers to help them close more loans, and the relationships I’ve developed are #Priceless!  It’s great to help a broker increase business and help them close more loans with options.  In fact, I have 9 different Non-QM loan options and can serve FHA/VA loans down to 550 FICO now.  Let’s connect and work together to help you close more loans, CLICK HERE!

Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your Pipeline all week I’ve been highlighting companies and tools that help mortgage brokers grow their business.  Today’s video and blog is filled with three different ones.  While they serve the same function, each one is slightly different in what they do and I see they compliment each other more than anything.

  1. Lead Pops – A great templated landing page with some customization that allows you to gain leads.
  2. ClickFunnels – The most advanced landing page builder with ton’s of functions.  You can embed just about anything and my advice is that your also the creative type.
  3. Phonesites – The newest of the three and designed to be for those not tech savvy but want ease of use and simple to create custom landing pages.

As always #SellWell

Two for Tuesday – Two JUICY Tools!

#TwoforTuesday – Get JUICY all week.  Join Us In Creating Excitement for LO and Broker company tools that can help you grow your business.  This week I go over and highlight the best tools for mortgage pro’s!   Today is no exception and have two very JUICY tools.  Join Us in Creating Yes’s for your pipeline.

The first is noted as the way to Retain Your Clients big time.  In wholesale you do need to know whom is BRAWL friendly and whom is not.  But regardless of whom collects the payment from your past clients you should be setting yourself up to be a LENDER FOR LIFE!  Get notified when your past clients are searching for a mortgage.  Have marketing letters go out with your picture and logo on it to remind the client! Get Retaining your clients today, with RETAIN YOUR CLIENT!

The second tool is a necessity.  While a lot of marketing is always a good thing, landing pages and good websites to use as a redirection in an funnel are needed.  You know after your thank you page it redirects to a website that’s compliant, has privacy notices, mortgage calculators and other tools for your clients/prospects to access.  Get a LENDER HOME PAGE that can help you have an online presence.

I’m here to help you grow your pipeline and help you close loans.  If you’re in need of a lender that can help you where others have overlays, I have got the answer.  Get on point with BLUEPOINT today! Fill out a Broker Package and let’s truly partner with one another.  Through the use of tools and ease of use to work with, we’ll help you get on point with your files.  #SellWell


Mondays Motivation – Get JUICY all week!

#MondaysMotivation – Join Us In Creating Yes’s all week long.  This week I will talk about tools that help my Broker Partners grow their business.  As part of my career in Wholesale Mortgage’s, as a lender rep, I always looked to add value to my Broker Partners to help them grow their company.

Over the years, I endorse or helped others with use of certain tools.  Weather it be a website, or a way to build a list, a CRM, or a mobile application.  Credit repair or ways to retain your clients.  I looked to give recommendations to my LO’s to help them do more loans.  And in the process help them close some of those deals! #GetOnPoint!

Get on Point with #BluePointMortgage! – We are a great up and coming wholesale lender that is focused on niche’s to help Broker’s grow their pipelines.  We have over 9 different programs on Non-QM and we love government loans.  Yes our pricing is fantastic on Conventional as well, feel free to price us out on any program!  FHA/VA down to 550 FICO and our Non-QM rates are rock solid.  CLICK HERE If you want to price a Non-QM loan please reach out, I will do that for you personally.  Otherwise, get on point with BluePoint here! And get a copy of #PERFECTLO for yourself, you will take better applications that way!Click here to schedule a webinar/free trial Let’s partner together to get more done!

As Always – #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Cadence and Conversion!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Cadence and conversion work hand in hand.  In fact it’s proven.  Today I will share some “Inside Sales” dot com statistics & analysis of 100,000+ phone calls.  The facts are so true, and the 80/20 rule is a big player in this.  80% of the business is made by 20% of the sales people willing to do the work.  Funny how that works.  But when is it best, how is it best, etc.  Some of these answers I will provide today.  I will show you the best time to reach out, the best day to reach out, the best response time to have, and what exactly persistence does!

One this is certain, you must have a cadence follow up system in place with “internet leads” now a days.  But don’t rely solely on that is my advice.  If you’re a good sales person you should still be “working” the leads according to your plan of attack.  Any lead, any contact for new referral partnerships.  These all apply to the ability to get a hold of someone.  The old saying goes:  48% of sales people never follow up, 25% of sales people make a second attempt and stop, 12% of sales people only make three attempts at a “lead”, while only 10% of sales people make more than 3 contacts.  And here’s the stats, 2% of sales are made on the first call, 3% of sales are made on the second contact, while 5% of sales are made on the third contact.  So as a result for those that have a cadence plan, 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact and a staggering 80% OF ALL SALES are made on the 5-12 contact to a prospect.  Go figure right.  So today is a little 1,2,3,4 I shared with my sales team just yesterday.


Obviously Friday is still up there, Weekend Call to Action – Reach out to those you’re trying to get a hold of!


Funny thing is early bird gets the worm is true! And for those that “power hour” your time is 3:30-5:30 pm being the best times to reach out to anyone.  Go figure.


I’m an old Quicken Bot, and can tell you this is accurate 100%.  The faster you “get to” a lead from it coming in, the more immediate responses you will have.  The longer you wait after a lead is registered the response rate goes down drastically.  And is what Frank and Brian were talking about just today in the NREP.  Having systems in place to help you follow up is key.  Sly dial, text message and email drip campaigns are all 100% mandatory to have in a follow up system now days.  But what it doesn’t do, is pick up the phone and have an “attempt”.  #PersistencePays ↓


WOW, would you look at that.  The more times you “attempt” to call them and reach out the higher the rate of response.  Interesting! By the 6th reach out, the response rate has a potential to reach over 90%.  If you coupled your sales routine with follow up systems and then included social selling in the mix (commenting, and being present on social media with that contact) I know these numbers go through the roof.  #SocialSellingwithShawn

I’ve got access to systems and processes to equip any mortgage broker partner with these tools.  Bottom line, create a cadence for yourself, create follow systems to help you work smarter, and then put a little elbow effort into it and watch your conversion go up.  If your not on point, CLICK HERE! Let’s work together!


Whacked Out Wednesday – Protect the Client!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Protect the client! The client is your company, and is your customer, and is your ethics and license.  Remember as a member of the “transaction” you serve to help the end goal = to fund the loan and help the customer own a home.  At this time almost every year there’s that “one” transaction that blows up.  And someone involved seems to always blow things out of proportion.

It’s important to be reminded of one of my own philosophies of business.  One Client, One Team! – The client is your company.  Protect them first and foremost 100% of the time.  If you see something not right, point it out.  If you have a situation that’s heated and full of drama, react in your best foot forward to protect the companies reputation.  Not to mention your own License and ethics..  Futher protect the customer in all situations.  While we can laugh sometimes of the situations that occur.  When you live by doing the right thing, communicating with all parties, and exemplifying One Client, One team mentality – it’s amazing to see teams pull together with Team work.  You know the saying, #TeamWork makes the #DreamWork!

It’s my role to protect my company, the sales staff, the business partners, and the client.  I want to partner with you to offer options to help bring your loans come to life.  Let’s do business!  CLICK HERE for the easiest way to gain a broker package, fill it out, and email it in.  We would ♥ the opportunity to help protect your transaction and help you get funded!


#meme that prompted my blog today ↓


Two for Tuesday – Lessor of the Two!

#TwoforTuesday – Non-QM loans are fantastic.  And pricing is ON POINT! But what LO’s need to remember is as you structure these bank statement loans, you get the lessor of the two!  The lessor of the 1003 input value or the bank statement calculation once the underwriter is done analyzing them!

I give a great example in today’s video on how to avoid the pitfalls of this.  Make sure you do your own due diligence to the bank statements before you hand them in.  The 1003’s value of what income you use is set in stone at submission.  And never can go up, only down.  You get to use the “lessor of the two” when it comes to Non-QM.  #KnowThis

Non-Qm is definitely here to stay, and has a great function to lending now days.  If you’re not doing at least one of these per month, you’re missing out on opportunity.  Did you meet NIVA, NINA’s smarter sister?  🙂   These investor loans are fantastic and the opportunity to help investors expand their portfolio is fantastic.  With full doc, shorter times for waiting periods, investor loans, bank statement loans and more, NON-QM is a great product to start utilizing if you’re not.  It’s a great way to create options for your borrowers!  Get on POINT HERE!



Monday’s Motivation – Create Urgency!

#MondaysMotivation – Create urgency with your clients, now’s the time! Think about it, since Trump has been in office things have been “going well”! Stocks are up, unemployment is down, and the overall economy is booming again in the US of A! Explain this to your clients, while there are a bunch of things that affect “rates”, the predominant thing is the overall look of the health of our country.  And we’re kickin it in high gear across the Nation.

While there are other factors, such as the government buying less bonds, the trade issues with other countries that could “affect” business.  The general consensus is that appreciation is happening, inflation is taking place, and rates are going up! What’s that mean?  Well – If you wait to buy a home, the amount of home you will “qualify” for will be less in the future than it is now.  Rates are going to go up, and home values are going to go up.  Use this information to help borrower’s or prospects get off the fence.  Now’s the time to create URGENCY within your business.

Creating URGENCY is best done with a limited amount of “TIME” or limited amount of quantity.  Well in the case of homes this year you actually HAVE BOTH!  Use this to help drive business today!

And while your at it, partner with a Lender that can help  you #GetonPoint with your transactions.  Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close.  Let’s help you create options for your borrowers – CLICK HERE!

As Always #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Get on Point!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Get on Point with BluePoint Mortgage! This weekend call to action is for all those Broker relationships I’ve developed over the years!  This weekend print, sign and email me the completed Broker Package – It’s a trial period for 12 months, where before renewal is up, we will earn our right to stay in your lenders arsenal!

We have FHA/VA/Conventional and Non-QM product options.  And on the horizon potentially more products to help BluePoint stand out! 550 FICO is min on Government and options as low as 500 on non-qm! #WeekendCalltoAction

Want to see pricing –  CLICK HERE! – Price out BluePoint today! We want to produce and give no excuse, so there is no credit check and no commergence needed.  Just wet sign and let’s partner together, we will help you drive your pipeline to the finish line.  CLICK HERE for Broker Package!

I’m excited to help all those that we can! Let’s produce results together! As always #SellWell


Thankful Thursday – The Big Announcement!

#ThankfulThursday – The Big Announcement is here!! – Ok, first things first, I am super grateful for the opportunity and have big hopes and aspirations around this.  The ops and management team are fantastic and really set the stage for continued growth.  Such a solid opportunity and timing is just right I felt.  So challenge accepted!

Now I get to do what I do best on another level! And that’s teach Account Executives wholesale sales! I will have a focus on helping AE’s grow their client base while training them to gain more business from active account relationships.

What I know for certain, is over the years I’ve built fantastic relationships and have rebuilt a pipeline many times over.  Now I get to help others learn to do just that.  I can’t wait to teach Account Executives how to grow wholesale sales!

The best part! – Is this is truly ground floor opportunity for growth to any new or experienced AE that starts now!  So starting today, I’m on the hunt for GRIT!  Those that have a need to achieve, a desire to be competitive and are optimistic in their approach to life! Here’s a short form for now, if you have GRIT – CLICK HERE For those of you AE’s interested that read my blog all the time, I will have the direct ability to train others to add a ton of value to their mortgage partnerships.  Let’s chat – Opportunity is knocking.


Two for Tuesday – Two great products!

#TwoforTuesday – Two GREAT products I absolutely ♥!! FHA loans & VA loans!! Helping first time home buyers and Veterans are a passion of mine for sure.  It’s great to see those types of transactions go successfully month in and month out!  I have learned in doing these types of loans, how to manipulate DU/LP and what guidelines stand out to help you and which to avoid.

No matter what I am always going to have my hand in helping first time home buyers and Vets, by far the best two products to get involved with and know inside and out! While I am fortunate to be able to help with “other” Non-QM options for my broker’s, these two products are my strongest suits.

One thing is certain, if you want to gain success with these types of loans, make sure you partner with a lender that knows the guidelines, and offers the service they deserve.  #GetOnPoint – Reach out to me with any “I gotta guy” questions as I ♥ guidelines to make them happen! CLICK HERE to partner with me!

As Always – #SellWell

Mortgage sales expert. Helping mortgages close everyday.

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